Money, thats what I want

Firstly, before we get to the serious part of the blog, for those who wish to know. The dating agency is fine for chat, but anything more than that, not very likely. I’ll give it a few more days, then either dip in, and see if the sapphic side brings any more joy, or just give up. I suspect it being a free site means there is less need to move things along, but anyway…

So, if anyone happens to know a wealthy (or moderately wealthy) person looking for a 57 year old partner in LA, either as an equal, or as a submissive, let them/me know, because that would be my dream!

Right, to the blog title.

Just after Christmas, I got head hunted (yes, even 57 year old people get it sometimes) by some financial advisory company. Not because I’m brilliant with money, but because I have good telephone, and person to person talking skills, so I was told. Where this was different, was no telephone interview or anything like that, just a request to watch what they call a webinar (Yes, I might like to be technologically controlled, but what I know about tech stuff, hmm?) yesterday lunch time about the role.

In fact, it was quite entertaining, partly because the guy was not only passionate about what he was talking about, he threw in moments of levity too. But yes, in the end, his main selling point was how much you could earn as a financial advisor with his company. Yes, seriously, 6 figure sums, and I do mean in pounds! And not small ones, either. And the opportunity to work around the world, which yes, I’d love. No, sadly, they have no LA office at present, but anyway…

In truth, what it would come down to, is getting people to put money into this company’s investment plans, and seeing their money grow. And I guess, with the commissions they get, both sides prosper? But yes, sweet little me, talking people to invest that way? No, I know…! I mean, I swing it around the other way, if I use a little female charm, flutter an eyelash or two, could I do it by sweet talk? I’m pretty sure if I was 25, and good looking, then I probably could. But I’m 57, no stunner, so I dont know? After that, I got sent some personality test (McQuaig?) to do, but I’m sure my results arent aggressive enough for them, but I’ll find out in the next few days.

But fine, the thing that amused me the most? If I get selected, and if I get through a face to face interview, its 5 days of intensive training in Malta, before you head off to wherever in the world you want to work. Me, with the choice, I’d probably pick San Francisco, and hope they eventually open up an office down the coast, and I could transfer! But alright, I suspect my vision of intensive training, and theirs, might be miles apart. Oh yes, ‘educated’ by a fast learning machine, downloading information directly into my mind, oh please! No, I know, boring learning stuff from paper, but I can dream. Especially as I cant wildly imagine reaching that point, anyway.

But yes, the focus of it all, how much money you could earn, which led me to this video

A new way of learning languages

Yes, a blog inspired by a Facebook passing of words, with a company I’ve followed for a while, where whoever does their social media, seems a good person. Hager Group, stand up, and be proud.

They are a group who design and create equipment for electrical installations, a subject matter of no interest to me whatsoever. Yes, that comment is very tongue in cheek, though maybe the type of electrical installation I’d like to be connected up to, isnt one that they design lol!

In the last few days, they’ve actually been advertising for staff on Facebook, the snag for me being that none at present are available in the UK. Plenty in France, and Germany, but I’ve never learnt German in my life, and its about 40 years since I used French on any sort of basis. Frustrating, I know, but such is life at present, I guess? But yes, wouldnt it so appeal to me, in so many ways, if I could just get a neural download, in either, or both languages, and get a job that way? I know, give it another 20 years or so, and you probably will, but for now…

Oh, and fine, I might be one of very few people in the world who would really enjoy that being downloaded into their mind, but besides all that…As they told me, I dont have to go ‘into the Matrix’ to get a job with them, though I wouldnt mind doing so, all the same. Fine, I’ve sent my CV to them, on a chance basis, in case any UK jobs come up, but for now…

Also, given the current imbalance in what jobs people can do, and what jobs people are needed to do, wouldnt it be great if I could be trained in that way for a new career? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh, I’ve got an interview on Thursday, another call centre job, hopefully, assuming I get it, it works out better than the last one, which I’m trying to forget! No, I’m sure its not my dream job, but I’m not sure what is at the moment. Well, mad scientist’s guinea pig, but beyond that…

Oh fine, you know me, any excuse to play some OMD. I guess this fits in more with forgetting the last awful job, but its fair to say that the same machine that makes you forget everything, would be the one to reeducate you as well. Interesting combo, the extended Part 1, the normal length Part 2, and the much less heard parts 3 and 4, far shorter than the others. Just listen to as little, or as much as you wish.

And yes, if anyone does know of a way to brainwash, upgrade my thoughts, or both, let me know, I’d love the whole journey! ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Part 1 is the best, but part 3 especially sounds like a brainwashing machine being used, so…)

Just connect my brain to your computer system, preferred option!

I never thought I’d say it of a job interview process that it would be more pleasant, and far less time consuming to simply have my mind wired into a computer system (including electrode fitting time/invasive surgery, I might add) than go through a formal assessment for a job interview, but I can now! Hey, if it was for MI6, then I could understand caution, but for a call centre role…rolls eyes! And yes, I can comment accordingly, I already know I havent got the job, so…Hardly surprising, with what I went through, by the time I got to the formal interview, they’d worn me down totally!

It started off fine, with the guided tour of all the floors in the building that the company worked in. Ironically, the last one we were shown was the one where, if we got the job, was where we’d be working, but anyway… After that, we did a group exercise, what we didnt know until afterwards was that at least 2 other members (of the 7) had instructions directly in conflict with our own. So in 20 minutes, nothing practical got done, and we were all frazzled by the battle we’d been put through.

After that, the role play. What I’m discovering with these is that you are meant to know details way beyond the basic for these things, without providing us with any details. So you fight your way through, not knowing more than the very basic details you need to play with, its hard work. Fine, I still had more details than 1 potential employer wanted to provide me with, but anyway… It was at this point that 1 of our group decided she’d had enough, told her inquisitor that she was taking a minute out, and then told us she was walking out, she’d had enough! Seemingly I wasnt the only one who could see things her way, either. Anyway, the other 6 of us stuck it out.

To say the ‘two on one’ interview afterwards was a psychological battle, would be to put it mildly. Normally you feel that the interviewers at least want you to do well, but this time around, it felt like they were trying to catch you out. So by the time (this is after about 3.5 hours) they got to the competency questions, I was so beaten up, that I didnt give great answers, totally worn down.

In the email, it was suggested I could apply again in the future for roles, but I dont think I could face that again, knowing what would happen at the test!

Yes, fine, I would enjoy having my mind wired up to a machine, and having my thoughts tapped to deal with all their questions, and tests. Hey, even if it involved invasive wiring of my mind to do it, instead of having that again, I’d happily take it! At least I’d enjoy the whole experience far more that way! How anyone gets through that process sane, I have no idea! All for call centre work. I’d hate to apply for the CEO job at that place, in that case!

Yes, the only way they will ever get me back again, IS if they off to connect my mind to a helmet/machine, and tap my thoughts for the answers they are seeking. Job or no, I’d love that process at least. More than can be said for, that.

Fine, the video. One of my all time faves. Always In My Mind might be more apt, but anyway, close enough

Thoughts inside your head

So, given that tomorrow is going to be a poignant, personal posting, lets focus on science fact today, and all the mind controlling possibilities it brings about.

Earlier this year, someone pointed out this article to me, and it appealed no end, for some strange reason:

I tried a brain-altering wearable that allows users to change their moods on demand

No, not for the benefits it might bring in ending drug dependence issues, and entirely on the fact that it was zapping electricity into the brain, and affecting your moods. Oh, believe me when I say that 100% setting appeals to me no end, and of course I’d love to try 120%, what kind of girl do you think I am, lol? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, now it seems that the project has come to reality, as per an article which I saw about this in the last few days

Oh please, I so want to have that zapping things into my mind, so much! Sadly it works on you through a mobile phone app, and as my regular readers will know, I dont bother with such modern devices! But seriously, if anything was going to tempt me to get one, this would be it! Blow making calls, doing text messages, or anything else, I just want a phone, so I can zap my mind (at nice levels), with this lovely device, called Thync.

Yes, I see some irony in the name, given about the one think that you are less likely to be doing while your brain is being electrified this way, is thinking! Hey, with luck (and my mind control kink), the less thinking you can do while wearing this, the better!

Seriously, I’d love to experience this, and not the feeble 20 minute session that the original article mentioned, I want the whole glorious hour, or longer! Oh, purely for beneficial reasons, honestly…I do tend to take some time to go to sleep at night, so using that device to calm me down, and make me all sleepy…see, it is for beneficial purposes.

Oh, what? Fine, not entirely, but there would be good benefits too, so…Why do I never get invited to test something like this out? Ah well…But, if anyone from Thync sees this, and wants volunteers to try out, err, Mark 2, or anything, please, please ask me! Or even this one, on 150%, say… ๐Ÿ˜‰

The video, well, that proved a challenge, seeing I’ve used most of the good mind, or electricity related songs by now. So, I came up with this

Humans and computers, how long until total interface?

Alright, fine, I suspect some of you want to know how the hypnotherapy training module went, so briefly…

It went well, I have now hypnotised someone myself, as opposed to the more regular dose of me being the one in trance. So fine, yes, someone did put me under as their test, but the new experience was me, putting someone else into trance. It went well, and I’ve signed up for the full course. So by the end of next March, I should be a certified hypnotherapist, wow! Well, I wanted the chance of an interesting new career, and this would definitely be that.

I know that most of my readers on here are across ‘the pond’ from me, but just in case someone is local to Yorkshire, I’m looking for volunteers to let me practice with my training script. Just a good feeling, and relaxation one, nothing more than that. Anyone who is able to, email me at, or comment here, and I’ll get in touch. If you email, use a title that wont set the spam filter off, pretty please.

But OK, this is the mind control/sci fi blog, so lets have a bit of that. Its hard to believe now, but just 30 years or so ago, mobile phones, were large, chunky, and the battery life was about 3 hours. Yes, things have changed a lot from those things, that could only do calls, texts, and nothing else! Nowadays we have tiny phones that do all that, take pictures, connect to the internet, and everything else! And thats before you get into tablets, and the like!

But nowadays, when you see some people on the trains, or the buses, it doesnt always look like people, and their phones are separate items, more like surgically attached. And yes, give it 10 years or so, they probably will be part of you, which leads me to this article

Yes, for now, you might think you have control of your machines, but at some point in the future, who will really be in control might be a moot point! Alright, fine, I might enjoy the machine controlling me, but anyway…OK, OK, I would enjoy the machine controlling me, so…

Just think, 20 years from now, the desire to be a robot, or at least be a cyborg might not be a possibility, but reality. Sadly, I’ll be too old (if still alive) to care by then.

OK, the video, no relevance to this whatsoever! But this is fun, and definitely proves Sting has a sense of humour, what more can I say?

Playing those mind games together

Well, I’m not sure that strictly hypnotherapy would be regarded as mind games, but it works for the video, so lets roll with it!

Yes, I will be doing some studying this weekend, which hopefully might lead to future employment, even if more as a part time sideline, but who knows? Yes, my first steps into hypnosis, and hypnotherapy from the other side of the couch, should be an interesting experience, thats for sure!

Seemingly though, I will be hypnotised at some point over the week, as it seems we will be practice partners for each other. And given how easily I go under, I’m sure I will be hypnotised quite nicely. How I get on hypnotising someone, we will see how that goes, will be interesting to find out.

And no, for all of you who have read far too many mind control stories, what actually can be done with hypnosis in reality, as opposed to mind control fiction, is quite limited! No, you cannot turn anyone into your hypno slave. Well, strictly you could, but only if they were willing to be so. Similarly, on a lighter note, you cannot make anyone cluck like a chicken, unless they feel the need. And if anyone does feel that need…well…?

But fortunately (or otherwise, if you’re so inclined) most of my readers here arent available to be victims, sorry, volunteers to test out my hypnotic skills, as the vast majority (as the stats tell me) are across the Atlantic from me. Lucky you, or otherwise lol. Shame, Mistress Stephanie has a nice ring to it, but anyway… ๐Ÿ˜‰

On another angle, if anyone can design, and create software that makes answering ‘competency test questions’ easy, then can they please do so, and download it into my mind for me! Hey, if you want to do anything else while tampering with my mind, I doubt I’ll say no, even if you give me the options to do otherwise. But yes, that interview passing software would be very handy, those questions are driving me nuts, and costing me jobs!

OK, the video. Yes, its the good old days, all the clues you should need are in the blog title.

You took the words right out…

Gives a clue to the video, though this is about something a bit more than taking words out of your mouth.

Mind, as this article does point out, the success rate was somewhere between 10 and 40% in various tests, so its hardly yet at the point of scariness, but give them time, and I suspect…those numbers will go up lol. The original idea for this was to provide a brain-computer interface for those unable to use a computer by more traditional means.

But of course, anything that links the human mind to a computer offers other options, especially to those unscrupulous folk who might be tempted to extract information that way. And that led to this experiment, clearly. Of course, if you have some idea of what you’re involved in, its a whole different matter to a covert attack on your mind, but… and as I say, efficiency results are hardly dramatic yet, but again…

Still, this is still not strictly mind control, these people arent being made to do something they dont want to, well not literally anyway. Strictly they are, giving up private information to people they would ratherย not know it! And of course, for those inclined like me, it still wouldnt be the computer controlling your mind, or transforming your body into obedient robot lol! Again, probably in time they will, just a matter of how long I suspect?

Oh, and yes, before you ask, I love the headset, would love to give it a try, with or without controlling a computer while wearing it. And as for knowing that it was trying to seek details hidden within my mind, well its a mind control fetishist’s dream, isnt it? Helmet would still be better than headset lol!

The video, well a few months ago I promised some Meatloaf, and finally, here it is.