Starting young

Fine, so sue me, its Los Angeles baseball tonight, I wasnt inspired for much else. Feel free to suggest, believe me.

Tonight, unless something goes wrong in the next few hours, the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher tonight, will not have even seen his 20th Birthday yet. Yes, Julio Urias will be pitching in the Major League tonight, against the New York Mets, at the grand age of 19 years, and 288 days. For reference point, for baseball fans, thats about 4 months earlier than Clayton Kershaw started his career! Mind, thats turned out pretty well, so…

I cant even remember being 19, to be honest. And fine, obvious issues aside, I’m sure I wasnt at a point, mentally, where I could have even vaguely been prepared for playing in a massive game like this. So, kudos to the kid for this. I hope it all works out for him, I must say.

One thing is for sure, regardless of how tonight goes, its a certainty that before very long, he will be pitching for the Dodgers, earning a sum of money that would just blow my mind! Oh, and Clayton, darling, if you’re reading this, and have $50K or more, you could throw my way, you dont know how grateful I would be, could put so many things right. Oh, and afford to come and watch you pitch again, and have the chance to meet Vin Scully, and … Yeah, yeah, you get the drift!

Talking of Vin, I think everyone, and their army wants him to commentate on the All Star Game, in his last year before retirement. Its only down the road, so was possible. Sadly, for now at least, it wont be happening. Why? Because he feels it would take the limelight off the players if he did so! Vin, honey, I suspect most of the players wouldnt care about that, everyone loves you. Well, maybe Ortiz, in his last year, but even thats only a maybe?

If you, or anyone connected to you should read this, please reconsider, not just for me! Mind, I know there is also a campaign (if practical) for him to do at least some of the World Series, so please…

Fine, the video. Lets go back to Mr Urias, shall we? I have no idea if he is free, or single, but this song came to mind.