It only takes 30 minutes, girl

…to get home 45 minutes earlier. And today at work (much kudos), it only took a minute to change my working hours on a Friday, wow!

To be honest, quite honestly, when working 12-8, the last couple of hours can go quite slowly, phone call wise. Its fine, we get to do other admin work that needs doing, which is good, and suits me fine. And yes, on a Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday shift, it doesnt worry me, because the late start the next day, or in the case of Monday, a day off the next day, so battling home on the 8.12 bus doesnt bother me. Thing is, on a Saturday, we work between 9 and 4. Which means a late night on Friday, and an early one on a Saturday, not a good combination.

So last night, when we got very quiet, I asked if I could use some of the flexi time I’d built up, and go home half an hour early, given my shift this morning. Fine, I was allowed to do so, and because of the split, and things, not only did I get home 30 minutes earlier, I got home 45 minutes earlier! Wow!

Fine, I jokingly mentioned to the team leader on today, that if I could do 11.30 to 7.30 on a Friday only, it would be better for me, sleep wise, before Saturday morning. Next thing I know, she’s off to see her boss, and about a minute later, she’s back with a smile on her face, and the comment, sorted!

Yes, I know, I’ll lose that 30 minutes sleep on Friday morning, but yes, losing it spread over 2 nights has to be better, right?

Yes, has to be said, until the theaters, or Hollywood come calling (stop laughing, I know!), I think I’m in the right workplace! Quite amazing, took me so long to find anything, then I really fell on my feet like this!

You might be expecting Tavares, or Take That, but you’d be wrong on both counts! Its One Hundred Tons, and a Feather. Oh, fine, its Jonathan King, under one of his numerous identities, almost as many as Tony Burrows!