21 (US States) and counting

I have no idea how many American’s have actually visited all 50 states, but I suspect, even ignoring politicians (and they are best ignored), there are a good number who have done so. Equally I imagine there might be a few who would fail to beat my total of 21! But again, a limited number I suspect. In my defence, I am British, living in the UK, so it is easier said than done. Oh, and in definition of our current counties, I have been through every one in the UK at some point or other, but we are a smaller country, so…

Oh, what, my initial target was 30, I thought I would make that at some point, 25 comfortably, but old age is catching up with me fast, so… but the lower target still makes a good goal. This year looks a good chance to do some ‘state bagging’ at least, was always going to add Kansas to my list (Mid West, and Deep South are 2 large blank areas), but now it seems I’m going to add Missouri to the list as well, given the plan is for me to fly into Kansas City in September, to meet up with Kate. Of course that holds special resonance for me now, given that KC was Jean Harlow’s birthplace, and where she lived for many years.

So that edges me closer, at 23…and yes, should I pass over the state lines, I have never been to either Oklahoma, or Nebraska as of yet. Originally, when I was doing this trip in May, and Albany in September, someone was going to take me to Vermont, to allow me to add that to my collection, but given that trip will now be November, and even more so, Thanksgiving week, I guess that string may not get added to my bow just yet.

No surprise, the 1 other state, not yet visited that I’d love to go to, is Alaska. Not likely to happen, unless I do a stopover both ways, as my body, even now, isnt up to that sort of long haul! Hopefully one day, though I fear my time for that, short of a lottery win, has passed.

Oh, and for those who think Twitter is an unnecessary issue, I posted about the trip to Kansas on there, specifically Cherryvale, and received a reply from the Chamber executive director, wow! The city museum only normally opens on a Sunday, but she can get me in, whatever day we get there, as they are planning a special birthday display for Brooks’s birthday in November, and I can get an early peek. A wonderful gesture, from a wonderful city, I’m looking forward so much to going to.

The video, all 50 states, and 50 capitals, from the Animaniacs gang, specifically Wakko. Why them, simple, Kate’s avatar at the Garden, is the cute one, Dot!

Happy birthday, ‘Dot’

Well, alright, its not strictly Dot, from the Animaniacs birthday tomorrow, but it is for someone who uses her as her avatar at the Garden. Yes, that wonderful woman, known better as Kate, or Kbug has her birthday tomorrow. No, I’m not telling on her age though, but if you’re a member at the Garden, you could find out!

Happy birthday, honey, I’ll see you in just over 14 weeks, really looking forward to it, I hope you have a marvellous day. See you soon, in Virginia.

The perfect celebration, 5 minutes of pure cuteness from Kate, err Dot, for your delight.

Folks, sorry for the brief posting, but I’m away, and my time seems taken up by other matters, just wanted to put up something, for my dear friend, and also for my readers