Texting Tantrums

I’ll be honest, in an ideal world, my collision with trying to operate technology would probably stop at my laptop, and the computer I need to use at work, and that would be it. Being controlled by technology, whole different matter, lol. Lets face it, if that sensory deprivation tank decided to brainwash me, or something like that, I’d absolutely love it! As for being turned into a robot, well… šŸ˜‰

But fine, this is something far more mundane, the mobile, or for American readers, the cell phone.

No, I dont have anything smart, in any sense of the word, it would be wasted on me. I had to be dragged screaming, into the world of cell phones in the first place, only submitting when it really was a case that I really needed one because of all the damage to my back, in case of emergencies. Fine, its useful for teleconferences relating to work too, but beyond that, no thanks!

Well, until now… Today I was due to have Physiotherapy done on my wrist, and the guy doing it insists on using texts to keep in touch with me. So yes, I got one this afternoon giving me the appointment time, which was different to the one mentioned before. So I tried to reply by text, querying the time, with moderate success. Mainly in the sense that I had to ‘shout’ as I had no idea how to change it from Capital letters, which was presumably the default setting? Fine, he’s sorted it out for me, but will now be no capital letters, ever. Mind, as he’s the only person I ever plan to text, lol, I shall live!

Oh fine, I guess its like short emails, or tweets, but typing them, on a phone keyboard, I hate it! Lets just say I had to clear, and retype numerous times! So no, please dont even think of getting me started with a phone that does the internet thing, or takes photos, or anything like that, please!

So no, beyond the obvious of a TV, and a computer, no, dont try to get me excited about technology that I have to control, ever. Technology controlling me however, the sooner the better!

Right, video time. I havent done much Christmas stuff this year, so lets break that streak for now. Dont remember ever using this one before, in truth.

I hope that something good is going to happen

Yes, fine, I’ll get to that blog title in a moment, but firstly, lets remember the awful events that happened in Boston, 3 years ago today. Yes, the tragic explosions at the end of the Boston Marathon, that saw much loss of lives, and limbs. Not that it was hard to forget it, given its the only day I can remember a baseball game that starts in the morning! A bonus for me, of course, given thats a 4 pm start over here, but anyway…

Ironically, 3 years on, Boston managed to conjure up defeat, from the jaws of victory today, but thankfully everything else went off without incident, and thats the main thing.

Oh, the hopes of something good happening? Yes, I’ve done it again, I was quietly sat, with only one job interview lined up for the week, Friday lunchtime, on the other side of Leeds. Ironically, that would see me working at the Job Center, instead of signing on there, should I get it. So yes, you’ve guessed what happened, an email asking me if I was available for a job interview, as I’d impressed a potential employer. Fine, except they want to do it on Friday too, and its not close to Leeds! In terms of places that my North American friends might find on a map, its just outside Dewsbury.

I offer back, is any other day possible, but seemingly not? So then I try to plan it, so that I can just about use my day rider pass (only good after 9.30, when rush hour is over) that I’d got for the other job, but again, no. So fine, I’m doing it, at 10.00 in the morning, so I’ll probably end up with a gap between the 2 interviews, when I cant do a lot, but…Yes, hopefully something good is going to happen, through all this.

Oh, and if you ignore the difference in time zones, at this time, exactly 1 year ago, I was a thoroughly 40’s girl, at the Film Noir party in Hollywood. Yes, heels, dress, the works! Heels were fine until I ended up walking nearly a mile back to the hotel, anyway! That was certainly something good that happened!

Right, the video. Yes, a few clues thrown in, here. I did actually find a live version of this, but its a very abbreviated version, and lets face it, this is one of those songs that could never sound as good live. So, instead, last years remastered version. Now, I find it hard to tell the difference in these things, but I’m sure there is some?

Something good is surely about to happen?

OK, fine, first part of the duty is done, I did the interview earlier today. For me, it went fine, but then again, I’ve thought that before, and not even got a message of rejection from the company/agency involved. Hey, half the agencies (or more) that required me to register, so they could put me forward for a job, never heard from them again, post registration. I suspect they got their KPI target by doing the registration, and that was that. Some of the time, thinking especially of a couple of agencies, I’m not even sure the job ever existed in the first place. One at least I’m sure was just getting people to go on a course, to claim money from the government. Given I never even got the course certificate I was meant to get from that course, I’m pretty sure of that.

No, I havent booked the flight, and accommodation yet, not quite sure why? I suppose there is something at the back of my head saying that I’ll get a call, telling me I’ve got the job on Friday, but given its 1 position, I doubt it. So, should I wait, or should I book? Are 2 midweek flights likely to increase in price before Friday, I doubt it? The choice of apartment is made, and I’ve been approved, so just a matter of transferring money on to my card, and paying now.

Alright, in the end, its not a Hollywood address, though its not too far away, just a little way south, towards the centre of the city. Yes, its practicality, and reality, its about Ā£200 cheaper for the month than the Hollywood one which had taken my eye. But then again, part of my thought behind this was to see more of L.A itself than I did before, so its hardly critical. And I can see the sign on a fair day, so definitely not that far away. But it looks nice, its a 20’s building, so it works in that sense. And besides, Jean lived in Beverly Hills, so living outside the movie capital isnt cheating in that sense? šŸ˜‰

I know, part of me thinks I’m taking the easy way out with this, and I’ll almost certainly still need to find something when I get back, though I will still be job hunting for something that starts when I get back, while I’m here. There is also the logic that 3 (or even maybe just 2) weeks might be enough to work out the mental knots that have formed, but I suspect that by now, I’ve got that 4 week trip in my head…and its going to happen…unless? No, realistically, its just whether I book it tomorrow, or wait formally until Friday, then do it.

Right, so to the video. Given the drought situation in Southern California, they’d probably love a machine that could do this. Preferably not while I’m there, though for the odd day, in 4 weeks, might be fun? And besides, its a brilliant song

Running up that hill in personal life

Yes, as I mentioned not so long ago, its got to the point where the job hunting thing has got to me, and turned into a battle that I need a break from. Well, at least now, all my plans are seemingly sorted out, just have to see which way the wind blows over the next week.

I had an interview on Wednesday, for a job in a travel company call centre I’d love to get. Snag, it does involve some up selling, and I havent sold anything for 6 years, so I suspect I’m running up a metaphysical hill, in hoping to get that one, but fingers crossed. A couple of other agencies (one after a couple of weeks, another after a couple of months!) seem to have interviews potentially coming up very soon in the next week too. On top of that, a couple of possible council openings in call centres, so we will see. The one thing all of these have in common, they want me to start on Monday week, the 24th August. So I’ll need to know whats happening by the end of next week…presumably? And a week today, in the morning, is signing on at the Job Centre. There will be another, a fortnight later, but given that my contact knows I’ll be going on holiday less than a week later, well, I can hardly look while abroad, bit hard to contact me lol.

So, all in all, its settled. If I have nothing positive by next Friday lunchtime (stop laughing!), I’ll be booking that stay in Hollywood, providing prices dont go totally against me in that time. Only question now, in that sense, is how many weeks? I’m still tempted to make it 4, but reality might kick in, and I’ll cut it back to a fortnight. But for now, yes, I’m planning on 4. Cant be any harder finding a job lol! Yes, flights selected, preferred apartment selected, so now its just waiting a week, and seeing, and…

Ideal world, I get a job offer starting mid October, or early November, and the matter solves itself, but that would be way too easy!

Right the video, a real rare gem for you, Kate Bush live! The song, as so often, look at the blog title

I never thought I’d wait 35 years for the chance!

Back in the late 1970’s, a female artist took the music scene by storm. Her name, Kate Bush, the single, Wuthering Heights. Number 1 in this country for 4 weeks, I have no idea whether it was a hit in the US or not, but should have been. For those who havent seen it, the original video is

Much to many fans delight, she announced a tour in 1979, which in all, lasted about 6 weeks. For some reason or another, I didnt go, probably sold out before I could get a ticket in all honesty. But, I thought, there will always be another tour, and then I’ll go. But there wasnt! I suspect the tour was so exhausting physically, and mentally that Kate bailed out from touring, as she put it at the time, for a while.

But then, as the years moved on, it didnt happen, and eventually she totally disappeared from the scene musically. Her private life had been pretty private all along, even when the music was still being released, but…

Then finally, around 2005, a new album was announced, and released. No tour, no follow up, not a word! 2011, another new album, remarkably one with just 7 tracks, but lasting over an hour was released, but again, that was it.

Until today! This morning, the news broke that Kate had announced a tour for later this year. Great, you might think? Well, yes and no. Yes, she’s doing 15 concerts, but all in one venue, nearly 200 miles from me, in London! So no, I doubt, even now, I will get to see her live, especially as the bulk of it is in September, a month when I will be going to the US.

At least there is one consolation now, that wouldnt have happened in 1979, that part of the concert (or more) will probably end up on You Tube…with luck! Kate, its great to have you back live, but a nationwide tour would have been so much better!

Autumn weather

I’m going to keep out of the whole climate change argument, just make a brief comment on the crazy weather in the North East US this last weekend, given that I’ve got a few friends and contacts in that area. Thankfully some got away with a mere 2 or 3 inches, but what other areas got, before October was even out, was just incredible. I’ve seen 20 inches quoted for some places, and even living whereĀ I do, on the edge of the Pennines, thats still hard to imagine.

I saw some pictures on the news, and for once, I was glad I wasnt there! I dont know if trains were affected by it, I know the planes were in some places, but clearly we dont get too much details on these matters over here. The comparison that makes me laugh is that if we get 20 flakes of snow overĀ here, everything grinds to a complete halt, probably for days. Over there, by the next day…yes, things were returningĀ to normal! I hope by now that everyone has got power back who lost it, but again, our news doesnt tend to focus on such matters.

I have one advantage, I do know what its like, I travelled across the US in the winter of 2003, and experienced low temperatures and snow en route, but just now, I’m quite glad to be over here, I must admit. I know,Ā James will tell me I’d never even know it happened now, but all the same…

I could say there is something even more scary thisĀ autumn, but maybe thats not the right thing to do. But seriously, Buffalo Bills, 5-2, top of the AFC East, frightening stuff! Our firms spread on wins before the season started was 5, and we’re there with 9 weeks to spare, would never have dreamed that possible. Fitzpatrick, Jackson, Johnson and Chandler, most would have saidĀ ‘who?’ before the start of the season, thats for sure. Hope it lasts, the dream is amazing at present.

Oh, the video. Well I had to pick something weather based, didnt I? And given its an amazing song, by an amazing artist, I’ll take my chance right now.