What name on the coffee? Jean Harlow?

OK, fine, I’ll pass on the news, I didnt get the job. As seems popular at the moment, I was the bridesmaid, but would have been nice to be the bride. Still, I know the ‘old girl’ still has it in her, or almost does, anyway.

So no, sadly, back to economy class for the flight to Hollywood. Ah well, it would have been fun flying in luxury, maybe one day…?

But fine, the amusing moment, or should I say 2 amusing moments both occurred in a Starbucks, one at Leeds station, the other, by the hotel where I was being interviewed at Paddington.

If these places are busy (and both were), they ask you for a name to write on the throwaway cup, not that they check these things, but anyway… Let me add, the amount of times I buy a coffee when travelling like that is rare, because most of the time, I’m on my way to work, where I can get a free coffee so…

I know, its childish, maybe, but I’ve always wanted to do it. So when asked my name, for the guy to scribble on the cup, I said ‘Harlow’. Coolly, I would have fluttered my long eyelashes, had I got any! No, he didnt ask a first name, but I would definitely have said ‘Jean’ in that mood.

So fine, when I got to Paddington, close to where the interview was being held, I did the same thing.

I’m sure, somewhere in heaven, Jean was roaring with laughter at the time. But yes, if I get the chance again, and its somewhere they’re not doing identity checks, I will definitely do it again.

So yes, when it comes to coffee buying at least, Jean Harlow lives lol!

The video, well, its a tenuous thing. But it is Bowie, and Ronson at their best, so forgive me

My possible treat to myself

They say these things go round in circles, and maybe its true? Anyway, when I was made redundant 6 years ago, from my previous job, I made a promise to myself, that if I found a new job quickly, that I would treat myself from the money, and get the ‘old body’ worked on a little, just to improve things for me a bit, if nothing more.

And lo and behold, it happened, within a couple of weeks, I had found a new job (my current workplace), so the face got a bit of extra special TLC.

Well, this time around, you could say the face has already had that treatment, so what can I use as that special incentive, given that I have an interview on Monday, for a job I’d love to get! Today, I decided.

As some will know, I suffer ‘a bit’ with my joints, and general health, which is my main concern about the long flights, to and from Los Angeles. So what better incentive, than to make those flights so much easier!

Apart from one occasion, a return flight to Toronto, with Air Transat, I’ve never flown anything other than economy class. The only reason I did it then, was that it was only £99 extra each way, a snip compared to the normal price for such an upgrade. Yes, I loved it.

So, given that I know that my pay off package will be just over £5K, if I take it (there are internal options for jobs, if I so desire), I have promised myself that if I get this job (or another involving getting the redundancy package) that I will fly business class to Los Angeles, and enjoy that extra comfort, and more importantly, especially on the flight back, the extra personal space. Talk about flying like Harlow…

(The irony with that comment, is that Jean seemed to prefer to travel by train. Not that I blame her, planes were a lot less safe back then, than now, but…)

So yes, thats my planned present to myself, if I get this job. The extra cost, about £1800. I know, but while I can still enjoy it…

Wish me luck, it would be wonderful, just once, to fly in luxury.

Oh, the video. Very 60’s, and some would say not a good thing. Still, I will be going up, up and away…

Its been a crazy world

Yes, I am back! Sorry, but the last 10 days or so have been a bit crazy (to put it mildly), and I really havent felt in the right state of mind to post things, for various reasons. Hey, I’m not sure I am now, but lets give it a whirl.

Firstly, the body work job! Yes, that worked wonderfully, really, really pleased with it, though I must admit, it was a few days before my lips recovered, even after the rest of the body looked fine. But everything is great now, in that sense, and as promised, I will post a photo at some point, just havent got any at the moment that I can use, so… But yes, the whole thing made me realise maybe how physically frail I am, as on top of the bug, the whole thing just knocked me over completely. Lets just say I slept well, and leave it at that.

There had been rumours at work of changes being made in staffing, most of which didnt sound good to me. So, when I got an email late Tuesday evening, asking me to ring one of the bosses, I had an inkling, I didnt want to know. Due to my lack of mobile phone, and a lengthy delay on the train, care of Cross Country (over an hour, compensation requested, though nothing heard yet on that front), it was actually about 4.45 on Wednesday before I heard the news, that my section of the department would soon be no more. Various options available, so on to Plan B, more of which later.

Yes, that bug, virus or whatever it was, combined with everything else, has still been laying me low, until the last couple of days. Even now, the cough isnt entirely gone, just better, but…

But as I say, Plan B. A job had caught my eye anyway, that was just the push needed to really do something about it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I had a phone interview on Sunday morning, and I’ve got a ‘proper’ interview in London, on Monday. Would be quite something if I can get that, and get the redundancy money from my current job, but these sort of things dont usually happen for me, so…lets wait and see.

Looks like the black dress will be coming out again, though I’m not sure if I can face wearing heels all the way to London and back. Might take them with me, might just wear my wedge heels (no balance issues), or I might go mad! Suspect the first option is the most likely one.

Apart from all that, the only other big event was Nicole’s birthday, also on Sunday. Dinner out etc, had a wonderful time.

And really, thats it, or the edited version of it, anyway. As you can see, its been a bit crazy, a bit tiring on the middle aged body, but finally, I’ve appeared again.

The video, not the greatest Abba song of all time, but it seemed apt.

Due to work shifts, and things, its quite possible it will be next Wednesday before I write again. My only day off in that period is Monday, and well, I’ve got an interesting trip to make then!

Oh, I forgot, the wonders of online shopping, and the like. Due to the snow today, I didnt get out as planned. Therefore I thought I’d get my railway ticket online, using my pre paid card, once topped up. Only thing is, it didnt work! Got an error message on the East Coast website when I went to buy, but the system has taken the money off the card, but no tickets! Seemingly, it will be about 7 days before this corrects itself. So in the meantime, I’ve got to pay again for the railway ticket, and then I’ll have money on the card that I dont need! Aargh!

Princess Charming

Well, alright, fine, its a play on the video title, but given that its how I should be looking after the next days, seems quite apt for being turned into a beautiful Harlow swan!

Yes, tomorrow is the big day, when I travel down south, and come back looking a lot more made up (not hard), and all designed to help create the whole Harlow look. And produce the beautiful, stunning me. Oh fine, a much better looking me, but anyway…who knows? 😉

Yes, I’m really looking forward to it, though beyond a few brow pictures, I have little idea of what I’m letting myself in for. But I’m sure it will be quite something. And yes, I will provide pictures of Jean, sorry, the new me, later this week, possibly Wednesday, more likely Thursday.

And thats it! Sorry, but I have to be up reasonably early in the morning, so need to get to bed soon. But given my ill health of late (nearly better now), there isnt much else to say anyway.

Oh, the video. A man who used to wear make up, created an amazing sound, of whom it was said could do nothing outside of the music, and video studios. This live performance proves that wrong, though the music holds up slightly better than the vocals. But even so, pretty good

Days off work through illness – maybe I’m like London buses?

As in the sense of that I can go for years without taking any, and then they all strike at once.

As far as my current job is concerned, I had 3 days off in 2009, and that was it, until last month. Yes, thats right, the morning when a lack of sleep, and general exhaustion caught up with me, and I had to come home from work accordingly.

Well, today, I took it one step further, I didnt even get to work.

There’s been one of those ‘bugs’ going around the house at home, which eventually caught up with me. Pretty much on the way past it now, but still got a cough, and a bit of a sniffle (my wonderfully strong constitution, and all that), but anyway, due to that, and a few late shifts recently, I was worn out by 7.30 last night, so I went to bed. Fine, very early, but I was due up at 4.45 this morning, so at least I would get a sensible number of hours of sleep, if nothing else.

Ah well, fine in theory…

I first woke up about 10.30, with a pain in my side, that even women would describe as agonising. As in, however much I wanted to move, I couldnt. Seemed to be my hip causing all the grief, and I’m still assuming thats all it is, even now. Anyway, I repositioned myself (with considerable effort) and went back to sleep. By taking most of the pressure off that hip, I managed to get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Then I woke up, then I tried to move. Not a good idea! Several pain related expletives later, I managed to get up, and just about get to the bathroom. Trying to get back into bed, ah well…

I woke again about 3.00, 3.30, and 4.15 and tried to move. No go, well not without screaming the place down at least. So fine, I wasnt going to be getting up for work at 4.45! So I reset the alarm for 6.45, crawled down the stairs (not quite literally) and rang work to let them know, then crawled back upstairs into bed, where I got some semblance of sleep until about 9.15, when I got up, and surprised everyone by not being at work.

Given a few tablets (Cocodomol?) during the day, and a bit of concern, the hip is now down from agonising, to annoying, so unless it deteriorates badly again overnight, I’m going back to work tomorrow. But hopefully, this is it for health issues, aargh!

Mind, given my age, and fragile physical state, probably not! Ah well…

The video, well it mentions something about walking down the street, and I would certainly have been unable to do that this morning. Hard to believe, this is over 50 years old, eek!

My life in 2015 – a brief guide

So fine, a (fairly) serious look at what lays ahead for me this year.

January – Due to polio as a child, which left me with a slight tremor in my hands, I’ve never really been able to do my own make up. I mean, I probably could get one of those big powder puffs, and apply foundation, but doing anything that requires a steady hand (brows, lipstick, mascara), no chance! So I’ve been very lazy, and tended not to bother.
But, in just under 2 weeks, a friend, and ex workmate will be providing me with a permanent make up look, that with the exception of those crazy brows, will pretty much match Jean’s. Yes, including beauty spot!
Really looking forward to it, and who knows, the end of the year might be changed dramatically, as some man has swept me off my feet, and I’m lining up to be married (Oh yeah…rolls eyes)

February – I’m currently about 14 months overdue for an eye test, and I really must put that right. Due to the cost of above, and the Hollywood trip being paid for in January, it wont happen until next month. Ideally I can find a ‘leading optician’ with a selection of suitable glasses, that look like they’ve been wafted here from the 30’s. No, dont expect it to happen, but a girl can dream.
No, I cant do laser treatment cheaply, because
1. I’m really, really short sighted, and the cheap version wouldnt cope with that.
2. I’m pretty sure at my age that my eye sight is beginning to get worse, and will presumably continue to do so

March – About all I can see here is the old lady getting a year older, and beginning to get hopelessly excited about the Hollywood trip

April – Yes, Harlean finally gets to Hollywood, or I do, anyway. Flight plans will be booked when it hits the 3 month mark (and fares should drop drastically), but the hotel is done already. Should be an amazing trip, even if I cant get as close to Jean’s crypt at Forest Hills as I’d love to, given its in one of the non public areas. Ah well, I’ll get as close as I can, and maybe see her ghost at that famous old mansion of hers, if I get the chance.

May – August – At some point in this period, I’ll probably head to Ireland for a few days, meet a few people, and take in some cricket. But until I see what work allows, and when the fixtures are, its all a bit up in the air as to dates. Beyond that, its pretty much a solid work period, not too much exciting.

September – I will be back in the US…somewhere. At this point, a lot depends on how the body stands up to April as to how far west I go. If I’m fine, it will be Idaho, and to meet a lovely man I’ve known for a while, and spoke to while in KC. If I’m not so fine, Northern New England, with Kate will be on the bill. If I do the latter, I suspect I might try and visit S. in New Hampshire, so we can put me in a trance for a few hours, and do a full, lengthy interview with Clara Johnson! Hopefully he will be able to resist making Jean-bot my permanent state, or maybe, hopefully not!

October – December – At this moment, beyond the works dinner in December, no great plans. No, I wont be coming across for Thanksgiving this year…I’m pretty sure, really cant afford it! Of course, by then, ‘Miss Carpenter’ may be being wined, dined, and generally romanced by a wonderful man, or woman, but I wont hold my breath on that.

And thats it, or is as I see it now. Think its fair to say that there will be nice surprises, and not so nice ones between now, and the end of the year, we shall see.

The video, well, lets go back to April, shall we? Lets go with this