Something about the way I look…in November

Fine, I admit it, there is one element of the whole Harlow look that doesn’t appeal to me, those eyebrows. I know they might have been the ‘thing’ in the 30’s, but seriously, I think they look scary! For example

jean harlow preen

But equally, if I truly want to be a Harlow lookalike, and a 30’s girl, well, you have to give them a try, I guess? So…I’m going to need a make up session in November, for someone’s birthday, just before I go across to the US. Well alright, his birthday is actually while I’m away, but we are doing the group dinner before I go. So, thats the day I will get my hair done, my body prepared, and yes, made up for the evening out.

When I went to Manchester, Abbi was quite keen on the idea of giving me those 30’s eyebrows for the evening, given how I was dressing, and what I was going to, but I declined. She wasnt going to strip me of my natural eyebrows, just totally conceal them, using concealer for the night. But even so…However, since then, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really ought to give them a try, once, as I can get my natural ones back later that night, if I so desire.

I might like them, but seriously, I cant see it! If I do, I know someone who does those permanent make up things, and I could get her to do them, I guess? But lets see, err, no? But hey, for one night, might as well do the whole Jean thing! Yes, even the eyebrows. So, I will definitely have to dress in a 30’s style dress, and heels that night, for sure!

But one night only, I’m sure, unless Jean’s ghost mind controls me to keep that look lol!

The video, well it might sum me up that night, who knows?

Happy birthday, darling.

No, don’t panic, I havent yet found the love of my life, that title is definitely a Jean Harlow moment. And despite my lookalike status, and at least one person thinking I’m Jean reincarnate, lets keep on safe ground for now.

On this day, in 1892, William Powell was born. Yes, thats right, the man who was the love of Jean’s life at the time of her death, the one who bought her that amazing sapphire ring, that Jean at least regarded as an engagement ring, and Powell never to our knowledge minded her thinking of it as that.

The funny thing is, long before they met, and became romantically involved with each other in Hollywood, they lived a mere few blocks apart in Kansas City, Powell’s family having moved close to where the Carpenter family would live, in 1907. There is no record of how much interest the 19 year old Powell took in the birth nearby of a baby, Harlean Carpenter, I suspect little, or none at that point. But in hindsight, its amusing to think how close they were, in one sense, even then.

History shows they never met until Hollywood, 20 years later, but given the age gap, at that point in her life, thats hardly surprising. He might have seen her in her pram, but never imagined what history would have in store. By the time they got together in the 1930’s, she’d been married 3 times, him twice! He was in fact to marry again, and this time around, it lasted 44 years! Would he and Jean have been married that long, who knows, but from all reports it does seem to have been a happy match. Of course, we were never to know.

Its said that Powell paid for the palatial resting place, where Jean has been since she died, and its known that it was built with 3 people in mind, Jean’s mother (who did end up there), and Powell, but of course, in history, he was buried elsewhere, with his 3rd wife, after he died in 1984. Is that space still free, hmm? Kidding, kidding!

As to Powell, and Jean, and the biographies, and films of her life made in the 1960’s, Powell lacked for kind words. To quote, ‘The only things they got right were her birth, her death, and the movies she made’, a pretty damning indictment, I would say.

So, on this day, lets spend a few moments to remember the love of Jean’s life, the one man that she was supposedly truly happy to be with. There are tales of an abortion, after getting pregnant by Powell, but no concrete evidence. The comment she made shortly before her death that she wanted to stop making films, and have children with him, suggest that the opportunity hadnt already arisen, but that may just have been a press thing?

Also, on this date, in 1905, Clara Bow was born, and in 1914, World War 1 officially broke out. 29th July, quite a day.

The video, what Powell and Harlow were, back in Kansas City.

This video just seems so right. Most of it is in black and white, the girl has a beauty spot, so all in all…

Rest in peace, William, Jean’s darling.

Me, on a date?

No, seriously, I cant remember the last time I went out on what would strictly be defined as a date. In a literal sense, I was taken out to lunch, by James, in Boston in 2011, but that was a purely platonic affair, so wouldnt qualify as a true date. Beyond that, no idea, but its a long time ago!

I’ve been chatted up once, or twice, most memorably on my train journey from Huddersfield one lunchtime, when hey, the guy even gave me his phone number, but I never followed it up. So fine, not going out on dates could be looked on as my own fault, but…! I guess I find the idea quite sweet, and something that would be fun, if it happened, but I cant see it.

Yes, I know, famous last words, and all that. I’ll meet someone in Kansas City, have him think he’s in love with me, and it will all develop from there. Kate and James keep telling me that the right person is out there for me, I just find it hard to believe. But… I agree, there, or Hollywood would be an apt place for a Harlow lookalike to find love, wouldn’t it?

So, 7 weeks or so from now, I’ll be being wined and dined, wearing a 30’s style dress, by a man. No, I’m joking, I think? Personally, I think I’d feel guilty for deserting Kate, but equally I suspect that if I got invited out for dinner, she wouldnt let me say no!

Yes, fine, this is what bought this little blog along, this picturejean harlow coloured 4

Seriously, if it wasnt for the eyebrows (and the quality of the jewellery), it really could be me! As in
photoshoot 9

So, who knows? 😉

No, I’m not planning the hen party yet! 😛

The video, well, I was looking for Baby Jane, and then I found this!

No, I dont think it relates to Harlow, but…

Ghosts, reincarnation, and regression

I have to admit, the whole issue of the supernatural, ghosts and things, is an issue I dont have any terribly strong opinions on, either way. No, as far as I know, I’ve never seen a ghost, though I know a number of people who say they have, and they arent the types I would have thought of making things up, or having had too much to drink at the time. And yes, if in the ‘other world’, you’re reading this, Jean, then yes, I’d love to meet!

No, I’m not getting involved on alien abductions though, as I’ve never met anyone who claims its happened to them, and most of the ones I’ve seen on film, claiming its happened, well, I wouldnt like to totally believe them, shall we say?

What brought this up, was something on Twitter. Yes, I can hear some groaning from here. There is a lovely lady on there (Spanish, Hispanic, or of that ancestry) who was feeling a bit down yesterday, so I did my best to cheer her up, with a friendly late night posting, in my good natured, and caring way.

I got a lovely reply, saying ‘thank you, Jean.’ even though she knows my real name, wonderfully sweet, and something I loved at the end of a 10.5 hour shift at work. I made a comment back about maybe I’d get a visit from Jean’s ghost (decent evidence there is one), and she might decide to stay. I got a reply suggesting I was already her reincarnation, highly flattering. She might be right, who knows?

Reincarnation is an interesting issue, indeed with some religions, its part of their beliefs. And looking at it in a sense, there is a decent enough gap between Jean’s death, and my birth, for her to have been given a break, before coming back as me! Mind, I would have thought I’d have been a better actress in that case, but anyway…You dont come back, literally as yourself in your previous life, I guess? But surely, if her ghost still walks the Earth, she couldnt be reincarnated?

Maybe one of these days, under hypnosis, I might find out. So far all I’ve done is therapeutic stuff, plus the session with Lex, which was definitely great fun, and amazing, but I’ve never done any of this regression stuff, into past lives and the like, but maybe I will sometime. Wouldnt it be amazing, if I discovered I really was Harlow reincarnate? No, I shouldnt think I am, but I might be! One friend is training to do it, so if I get the chance, then yes, I’d love to find out.

Who knows, maybe Jean’s ghost will tell me, in either KC in September, or Hollywood next April, wouldnt that be a way to meet your first ghost?

The video, my belief on these matters…maybe? 😉

Hairdressing methods, past and present

When you think about it, arent modern hairdressing methods wonderful? Safe colouring methods, relatively at least, clever curling tongs and the like, that given expert hands (and I put my hair in expert hands), makes it all look very simple, and safe. No, I have no desire to colour my own hair, I prefer to let someone who knows what they’re doing, do all that clever stuff.

But, back in the good old days, things werent always as simple, take a look at some of these delights!

Some of those hair dryers, yes, fine, they really arent (apart from styling) that different from what we use today, but seriously, have you seen that interesting machine that was used to curl hair in the 20’s and 30’s! As is pointed out, one of those isnt actually a brain sucking machine, but it sure looks like one!

Oh, alright, fine. Yes, they look awful, but would I give it a try, if I got the chance, of course I would. Hopefully it wouldnt brainwash me, but…a price worth paying, hmm?

Thankfully Jean Harlow only went in for Marcel Waves, which was still more of an art to do than modern curling tongs, but less drastic than that! A picture, to show you what I mean

jean harlow hair waves

The snag for Jean was, even if modern colouring methods still rely on bleach, the stuff we use now is a lot safer than the stuff they used back then. Also, she had the hazard of having her hair coloured virtually every week (to keep the platinum blonde colour), whereas mine is only done about every 2 months or so. Therefore, reputedly, near the end, she had the problem that her hair was beginning to fall out, over use of bleach, wrecking her tresses. Of course, we never got to know what the outcome would have been, given her tragically short life.

So, however much of a 30’s girl I might like to be, I might be grateful that we use more modern, and seemingly safer ways of colouring, and curling our hair now.

The video, a tribute to one of those brainwashing machines, sorry, 20’s curling machines

Baby Jean…I wish!

Well, alright, you do get a delight, with the real baby Jean, just click on the video link, for those delights. Though warning, for those of a nervous disposition, there are plenty of shots with those crazy 30’s eyebrows, that even I, in full Harlow lookalike mode, refuse to copy!

But yes, most of this, just a brief review of a pleasant evening, wining and dining with friends from here, celebrating a birthday, and wearing a classy dress (known), and high heels (not so known), having a great time.

No, I didnt get whisked off my feet by some handsome man, or woman (I’d be bi, if I could bother), but didnt seriously expect to be. After all, this is real life, not a Harlow movie lol! And yes, Dinner was at 5.30, not 8, hopefully someone at least will get that comment. 😉

But it was fun, and I really must take at least 1 dress to Kansas City with me, just in case I find a man who falls in love with me (ha, ha), and wants to stylishly wine and dine me. Mind, Kate might object if he does, but seeing I think she’d love me to find someone, and settle down, hmm…? An American Baby, just maybe? High heels in the case, lets just see how much space I’ve got, as wearing them for a couple of hours is fine, but longer than that…?

To be honest, I cant credit the song, I dont know who it is, and no clue on the You Tube link. If anyone knows, let me know, its not actually a bad song. The woman in the video, yes, we all know who that is though, the original Baby Jean!

Me, I’m just the lookalike, thats all. 😛 Oh ‘William’, where are you? 😉

Stepping out on the town

Tomorrow night, I’ll be dressing up, and hitting town. As far as I know, no one in Huddersfield reads this, so they will have no idea what’s going to be hitting them! If they do, well they can take their chances, if they’re brave enough!

Yes, given that unlike Harlow, I dont get wined, and dined by gorgeous men (or women) every night, its a rare delight for me to do so, but its fun when I do. And tomorrow night, someone’s birthday, I get the chance to go out, looking the part. Well, not totally, unless someone is offering to do my make up (hand tremor makes it far too hard for me), it wont be the full works. But sparkly 30’s style dress, high heels, oh yes!

No, I wont expect to find men worshipping at my feet, kissing my hands, or lips, or anything else, but you never know? 😉 Nor, unlike the subject of the video, will I be chasing men myself, just not interested…I think? Well, I guess if there was a man with as little interest in sex as me, then hmm, but otherwise…

Of course, if there is a man who fancies me as a voracious, cougar type, I could put on a show, but…I’m really just a cute little kitty, though I do have claws!

Who knows, maybe I’ll take a dress or two to Kansas City, and see if ‘Baby Jean’ can impress any budding ‘William Powell’s ‘ out there, and see what happens? I might have to warn Kate mind, she might want to compete lol!

Who knows, if you’re good, and if you’re lucky, I might even get a photo done, just for you. x

The video, what I really am not, but it makes for rather a good choice

Just the way it is, I guess?

Its always the way, isnt it, if you order 3 items, and 2 arrive promptly, its the one you really need to arrive thats the one not to turn up? Yes, I ordered a couple of things for myself, plus a birthday present for someone else, and no prizes for guessing which one I’m still waiting on.

OK, fine, as long as it arrives before Monday, all will be fine. Hey, if it arrives Monday, I’ll live with it. But…

Oh, and thats not the only amusant that way at the moment either.

Today, I got my hair highlighted, cut (barely, remember I’m growing it out to Harlow lengths), and curled 30’s style. Nothing extraordinary there you might think, other than that the next time it gets done, it will be 2 days before my holiday. Normal tactic would be to have had it done next week, but as I’m out on Monday evening (said person’s birthday meal), I lined it up early. But yes, its getting closer, 9 weeks Saturday, in fact.

After that, I headed across the road, with the idea of camouflaging a couple of lost gel nails, with nail polish, so that I had a full set on Monday, as the plan was to them a week tomorrow. So there I am, looking for Abbi, no sign of her. But Linda’s there, waiting for me, but she’s meant to be busy all day.

Apparently a mass switching of appointments, and a cancellation meant she was free, which was handy, as Abbi wasnt there, back problems! So anyway, after making a start on preparing them (and one other slightly damaged one), I asked when her next appointment now was. Two hours later, so it seemed. So, we switched things around, nails got changed completely, a full set.

So, all these things, just the way it is, I guess?

Which leads me to the video…

Incest, a kink I just don’t get

There is one popular kink that seems to run through mind control stories that I just dont get, incest.

Yes, I tend to fight my way through such stories, though generally only the shorter ones, and plenty have so turned me off that I’ve stopped reading them anyway. Of the various permutations, I can just about take 2 females, can sometimes stick with 2 of the same generation, but in all honesty, an older man, with a younger female is just a total turn off for me. Two men, dont even read any of that stuff! Sorry, just does absolutely nothing for me in terms of sex. To be fair, I equally have no interest in stories of females dominating males, other than the odd ‘sweet’ one, but unless its a writer I know, I probably wont go and find out!

But seemingly, for many, the idea of incestuous sex is downright hot! Mind, this is someone who switches off stories involving pregnancy too (another that seems popular with many), so maybe its just me, or maybe its a woman thing?

Is it the mind control thing, as in incest is something that no sane person would do in control of their own mind, so they have to be controlled? Who knows?

Me, thankfully I have no relatives left to be worried about incest with, anyway!

The video, rather apt for the subject matter, I guess?

Oh say can you see, ‘Jean Harlow’ arriving?

Well, 10 weeks from now, I’ll be getting ready to fly off to the US again, heading eventually to Kansas City on the Saturday, hopefully coiffed with Jean Harlow type blonde curls, even if I lack for a few other matters. I suspect that if Kate can find someone who can make me think that I am Jean Harlow (and look even more like her), quite literally, then a visit will be arranged lol! On a more serious note, I’m looking forward to seeing the city where she was born, and of course, Cherryvale too, where Louise Brooks was, will be one hell of a trip for me.

But today, in the US, is a different celebration, its the anniversary of the day when independence was declared from Great Britain, and America began its rise to the country it is today. What we would make of 1776 America, or they make of today, I dread to think!

Of course, today is the date on the declaration, but strictly, independence was achieved 2 days earlier. And of course, whether the declaration was actually signed on this date, well, who cares? It probably was, but…

So, to all my American friends who read this, have a wonderful day. I’ll see you for Thanksgiving, an event that has a whole lot more significant meaning for me, really looking forward to that. Fireworks, and the like, yes, maybe I’ll live without that, at least for now, but maybe some day…

Oh, the video, bit of an obvious one!