Shocking happenings

No, not me getting a large voltage jolt through my body, but if the offer is there lol… No, this is far more stunning than that.

For those who follow me, and my baseball addiction, you’ll know I’m a Mariners fan, for my pains. No other reason than they are a Seattle team, a city I like a lot, but anyway… The first baseball field I ever saw was this one, on my first bus ride into Seattle nearly 10 years ago now. Didnt mean much at the time, but anyway…ironically, because of the long delay with American Airlines this April, I still havent seen them live, but maybe one day, that will happen.

Anyway, thats not the point of this posting. As any general follower of baseball will know, the Mariners are no world beaters. Indeed in 2 of the last 3 years, they have been more of a basement dweller than anything else. But I love them, all the same. But it has to be said, that when they go into Texas, to play the mighty Rangers, you dont expect good results. Yes, the last 2 games, I sort of nervously peered at the website, hoping the defeats werent too painful.

Err, either they didnt get the message, or the Rangers just thought they were going to get a stroll in the park, because when I looked on the 30th, at the previous nights result, the Mariners had won 10-3. Not only was the win a shock, the Mariners reaching double figures was even more so. So alright, the next morning, I was expecting the dragon to have spurted flames, and taken their revenge.

Err, wrong again. This time the scoreline was even more amazing, 21-8 to the Mariners! I didnt think they acored 21 in a week, let alone 1 game, especially against the Rangers! But yes, it was true. They had a night off last night, probably to get over the shock. Seriously, it was so they could move on to their next series, starting tonight against the Chicago White Sox, but they might have needed the shock recovery too!

It wont last, it cant possibly last, but I wanted to enjoy this one moment while I could.

The video is probably what the Mariners management might have said to the fans after those games, it so rings true, anyway

The video, for anyone of a nervous disposition, is from the New Romantics era, just to warn you lol.