Planes, and buses, and thinking I’m Jean!

So fine, lets start this off with the news that I will be getting to ride the bus, but only one in each direction, instead of two. Yes, the past life regression, and other matters will be happening, on Monday, all sorted and confirmed! So its fair to say, that regardless of whether I really was her in a past life or not, on Monday, at some point, I will be thinking I’m Jean lol. Of course, there is that one in a million chance that I really was, but…

Anyway, more on that nearer the time, and definitely after the event, either from me, or from Jean, depending on who I’m left thinking I am. Me, I’m sure, but…I suspect I will get to see life through her ‘eyes’ at least.

Before then, I get to have the long flight to Albany, via Philadelphia, with US Airways. Should be fine, but that 2 hours or so connection between planes, dealing with Immigration, Customs, and a walk back through security, before a bus ride to the other terminal, it will be tight, I suspect!

I’ve been to Albany twice before, in 1988, and then again, a couple of years ago. Neither time have I seen a lot of the city, something which I plan to put right this time around. No, I suspect I will not get experimented on at the Nanotechnology building, but if I do…Even with the side trip, and all, I hope to get to see a few of the landmarks there.

But principally, the big thing for me on this trip, is my first ever Thanksgiving dinner. My huge thanks go to James for letting me experience this, should be amazing. And no, I have no intention whatsoever to go shopping on Black Friday! Thankfully, given the current weather, I’m going nowhere near Buffalo!

Fine, to the video, and yes, its Jean. I was tempted to make it from Saratoga, given that town isnt a million miles from Albany. Sadly, she never managed to complete that film before her death. it was completed using doubles, and the like, by public demand. But as I used that elsewhere, lets have a snippet from Bombshell instead.

Even if I get to think I’m Jean, I’ll never be the bombshell she was, thats for sure!

US Airways, take on me

Yesterday was progressing just as a Saturday generally does at work, in a sports related industry, it was busy! But I was getting by, waiting for 10.00 to come around, especially as I had the next 2 days off, when an email arrived in my box, from home.

Seemingly, in their wisdom, US Airways had decided that the plane scheduled to bring me back in November, from Albany to Philadelphia, was no more, so Expedia were desperately trying to contact me about this. Fine, even in these times, on a Saturday afternoon, there is a good chance that people will be at home when they call, not slogging themselves silly at work. But in my case…

Thankfully, calm logic is a good point with me, even with news like this, so I dived onto US Airways website, to check for myself, and yes, it was gone. At this point I had 2 lines of thought. One, the serious one, was that there was a lunchtime plane on the same route, with vacancies, so there had to be a good chance of getting on that. The less serious one was the thought that would US Airways be duty bound to offer me a job in the area, if they couldnt get me home?

Yes, fine, I know the answer to that!

Anyway, this morning, I took on US Airways, rang Expedia, and sorted out the whole matter, I’m on the lunchtime flight. In a sense, the inconvenience is minimal, as I would have to have been out of my hotel room by 12.00 anyway. Now, for a 1.35 flight, I have to be regardless. I gather the main reason they needed to get hold of me was because the difference in time change was over 3 hours, and I had to authorise it.

But yes, US Airways took me on, and lost of sorts, though some might think that 6 hours at Philadelphia airport (my fate now on the return route) suggests I was the one that lost. Delta Airlines (just 3 weeks), dont get any ideas! Because for you, I will demand being set up as Jean Harlow, or Harlean Carpenter, spinster of Kansas City, complete with job! 😛

The video, a wonderful spoof on the A-Ha video suggested in the title, by the British comedic genius, Harry Hill.

Cold for Cats (or Packers at least)

Anyone in the mid west, or the north eastern corner of the US at the moment? Yes, I know its ferociously cold, plenty of snow in places, and you have my sympathies, I know what its like. Thankfully only briefly, about 11 years ago, when I was introduced to the temperature of minus 25, in North Dakota (daytime) and Minneapolis (about 7am) when crossing the US by train. I’ll never say never again, but its not high on my ‘must do’ list, despite my hope to visit Nome some day!

The blessing in both cases, was that shortly after, I could get back on the train, in the warm, and continue the journey. The train journey overnight to Pennsylvania was delayed by about 6 hours, by the time it reached Pittsburgh, I think the line literally froze or something! But anyway, I was warm, and safe on a train, so…

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, with the famous snowfest in Philadelphia, the NFL doesnt stop for bad weather. There is in fact a night game in Philly tonight, and it wont be warm! But even more than that…late tomorrow afternoon, San Francisco are visiting Green Bay, in the first round of the playoffs. The forecast high, is about 1 degree! And no, my European readers, I dont mean Centigrade! The wind chill factor will mean it feels like about minus 18. By the end of the game, that figure will be in the high minus twenties!

Seriously, I dont know how they play sport in those sort of temperatures, but they will. Back in 1967, in a frozen Green Bay, they played a game called the ‘Ice Bowl’, yes, it was that cold! Tomorrow, its suspected will be even colder, eek! But, however sorry I feel for the players, they arent the ones who get the most sympathy from me. At least they get to run around the field, though I doubt that will get them very warm at that temperature. No, the ones who have my true admiration, for their possible insanity, are the fans who will sit in the stadium and watch for several hours! I mean, I went to a Baseball game in Rochester, in April, and was frozen by the end. The temperature then, was 40! Some chill factor (no idea how much), but even so…

Rather you than me, Packer fans!

Oh, and ‘Miss Brooks’ would like me to mention that Kansas City are playing tonight in Indianapolis, and wishes them well. I know, they arent even in Kansas, but…

The video, well, it almost matches the blog title at least. Not just Squeeze, some Kenny Everett lunacy too

Baby, its cold outside

I know that not all of my readers are NFL fans, but hopefully some of you are at least, and others might live in the area, or indeed, both.

Each Sunday, care of Sky Sports, we get 2 NFL matches live over here, one of the 6.00 games, and then one of the 9.XX games to follow. I know, its 1.00, and 4.XX Eastern time, but for now at least, I’m still in the UK, so…

This weekend, the early game was, yes, you’ve guessed it, the snow fest that was Detroit at Philadelphia. I have seen as much snow as that, but then again, it was crossing the Rockies in January, so…luckily enough I was on a warm train at the time! So in that sense, the 8 inches or so on the pitch at Philly, was nothing compared to the several feet of snow up there, but anyway…Lets just say that I’ve never seen a sports event played in anything like that.

The football, well, the first half, in the heart of the blizzard, pretty forgettable in all honesty. Hardly surprising though, is it? Thankfully the weather eased off, and the second half was better to watch, and provided a truly remarkable comeback by the Eagles. But one thing, not a single point (and there were plenty) was scored by a kicker. Indeed, only one extra point kick was even attempted, and despite much Detroit effort (on a time out) to clear a mark for the kicker, conditions still meant it was missed. First time since 1957 apparently when no point was scored by a kick, and that was only 6-0! This was 34-20!!! Funnily enough, that previous time, yes, Philadelphia was involved too, losing to Pittsburgh!

But do you know what? However much you admire the players for playing in that, you know the real heroes? Those fans who sat in the stands, and got buried in snow. Now thats dedication! But is that worse than watching in Green Bay (11F), or a night game in Chicago (7F) this weekend? No idea?

Summer baseball, much more fun!

The video, apologies. Its not a great version, but given the cage, the potion, and the cleavage reveal, I thought this might appeal. And for those so inclined, Tom Jones too!

A bit of free time

Yes, the video tonight is pushing it a bit, but if you think about it, there is a connection.

Free time, thats right, already into an 11 day spell away from work, tomorrow will be day 3 in fact. Though tomorrow is the first day of actual holiday, the previous 2 having been my days off for the week.

Funny thing is, that tomorrow, I’m doing 2 things I swore to myself I would try to avoid doing again. One is flying with US Airways, the other is flying into Philadelphia! Thats right, I’m on the 11.00 flight to Philly tomorrow, landing at 13.50 their time! Ah well…

It comes down to this, I’m tall, almost 6 ft, and their seat space has never been as generous as some, including American Airlines, so I changed pretty much to them. But flying via Chicago, to get to Richmond, downright crazy lol! The other option was via Newark, but advised to avoid that place, so I closed my eyes, and booked up, and…I’ll let you know in the next few days! Philly, well the one time I transited through there before, was a bit of a nightmare. I got the plane, yes, but it was hard work, something I’ve never had to the same degree in Chicago!

Tomorrow, I have 1 hour, and 40 minutes or so between flights. Granted, it seems that generally the transatlantic flight lands very early, but whats the betting that the one day I want that to happen, aargh! It might all have improved, it was a few years ago, lets hope so! In all honesty, as long as I can top up with a decent cup of coffee between planes (sorry, plane coffee is rarely good), I should be fine!

So thats all folks, next posting from the other side of the pond, somewhere near Richmond, Virginia. Exactly where, depends on when I get the time to post. Looking forward to this, and meeting up with Kate again, and the break, so…

See you in Virginia

The video, well, I mentioned this place a little while back, one of Elton’s less known songs