Jersey day 5 – Invasion of the Channel Islands

Yes, thats right, its not so loudly recorded in the English history books, perhaps because of the way that Britain just left the Channel Islands to ‘do the best they could’, but part of Britain was invaded during World War 2. From July 1940, until May 1945, all of the Channel Islands became part of Hitler’s Third Reich, after Churchill, and the Navy declared that protecting them (given they were only 14 miles from occupied France at the nearest point) wasnt practical.

So after one brief bombing session on the 28th June (after which the Germans were quietly told that the Islands were demilitarized), the invading force arrived on the 1st July, and didnt leave until the 9th May 1945, after the war was over, given the Allies bypassed them on the D-Day invasion, and given the strong German defences, didnt go back and help until after the war was won! Given that the Island’s supply route was cut off at the time of D-Day, the situation there, for the locals was pretty awful before the end, not that for some it was all that good before then.

Today I paid a visit to the War Tunnels, built by the Germans during the occupation, created by a combination of exceedingly badly treated slave labour from Eastern Europe (due to every abuse known, men generally survived about 6 months of this, and far better paid workers from France, Spain and the Islands themselves.

Over 30 years ago, when I last visited the tunnels, the display was basic, to say the least. Nowadays, care of modern video and graphic capabilities, the display is far more impressive. Of course now, even allowing for inflation, its far more expensive to get in.

Obviously its impossible for me, at this point in time, to conjecture as to why Churchill did what he did, but…

All I know is, the Americans, when the Japanese invaded the Aleutian Islands (far less populated, far less a strategic outpost), they very quickly drew up plans to regain them, and did! But Britain…rolls eyes! In a sense, its amazing they still want to be part of our country!

The video, an amusing touch. A German lady, singing in both German, and English, about a little peace. More than these islands got during World War 2!