A really nice robot look

Before I get started, this isnt my picture in any way, I just hope Doc Robo, Macro Lass and co dont mind me posting it, as well as adding it to my collection, simply because I so adore the look and style. Yes, the boots are as neat as the grey suit, indeed I think they set it off rather well. Yes, I think a helmet, or headset would make it even better, especially with an antenna attached, would just all add to the robot look. Yes, the boobs are a bit bigger (to put it mildly) than I’d prefer for myself (quite happy being B-C cup), but the good Doctor tells me they grow during the processing lol. I guess a robot wouldnt worry about the extra weight anyway lol. And for some reason, men do seem to like a girl with an ample cleavage, so…

Yes, I know the head is flesh coloured, but I guess that makes it more like a suit you put on, than a dramatic change in body form. Just imagine pulling that on, feeling your mind slip away, and pure robotic obedience. Oh, and of course the possibility that at the end of the day, you can return to a human look again by removing it, and those super boots of course. Maybe, you cant, or quite possibly wouldnt want to remove it, but… As I say, it needs something to show the mind is totally controlled, but thats probably just me being picky, I’d love a suit like that, and of course,  the robot effect, and control it brings with it. 😉

Most likely, knowing me, I wouldnt want to be humanised again, even if I could! It really is something, one of the best robot looks I’ve seen in a while, and one I’d love to try. But if thats the case, I so want the mind controlling helmet on my head too. And oh, evil designing scientists please, if my boobs are growing that big, make sure I dont feel the weight of them lol! 😛 And yes, I’d love to be shown the machine that turned her into that, and given a show of how it works…on me! 😉

The music video, well you could say this fits?


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