I Never Promised You A (Rose) Garden

So apologies to all the Admins and others trying to fix the problem at present, but I couldnt resist the chance to do this.

Yes, no one ever promised us a Garden, even an MC one, just as well because something seems to have gone wrong with it at present. What I do know is that I hope it can be fixed soon, because I’m definitely missing it tonight. So alright, it means I’ve got some blogging done, but even so…not the same for me without it. 😦

And of course, some might spot the Rose significance at the Garden as well lol! Forum members, and other visitors just wont have a clue though!

Its funny, I know a ‘robot’ should have a routine, and I certainly have mine, and it includes visits to both MC Forums of an evening after work. And tonight, 50% of that just gets a funny message, which means nothing to a non computer expert like me. As I’ve jokingly said before, I want the computer to control me, not the other way around! And yes, I am totally blonde when it comes to computers, and the workings thereof, and I dont deny it!

I dont know how long its been down, it was working fine at 6 am this morning, my time, more than I probably was at that point! Got home tonight, and aargh, where’s it gone? I hope things are back to normal by the morning, because like an MC victim, I really do need my fix lol!

I did think of a couple of other songs as tributes, We Love You by OMD, one of the various versions of Windmills Of Your Mind (read the lyrics!), but I plumped for this in the end.


I beg your pardon, hope we soon get back our ‘Rose’ Garden