Trips away

Yes, just to confirm for any reader that maybe interested, September will be in Richmond. So if anyone wants to dress me up in Scarlett O’Hara mode for a photoshoot, I’m open to offers, and I suspect Kate would quite enjoy that too. No, I dont expect to find my Rhett Butler there though, I’m just not interested, sorry and all that.

But before then, squeezed in between the trip to Rochester, and the trip to Richmond, is a brief visit to somewhere that doesnt begin with the letter R, Belfast. Yes, about 2 and a half weeks from now, I will be over there for a few days, four in all, including both travel days, heading to the cricket. I’m going to the first 2 days of the match against Australia A, and hoping for some decent weather then. I know, knowing my luck and all that, but its probably the only chance I’ll get for live cricket this year. Sadly a number of the top Irish players wont be there, they will be busy playing for their counties over here in the UK, and unlikely to be released. But hopefully I will get to see a good game, and see Ireland perform well.

Its funny though, its not that long ago that if you said you were visiting Belfast, that people would look at you, and think you must be crazy, or something. Yes, at the time of the Troubles, it was not a tourist haven, thats for sure. And though they have the occasional ‘lively moment’ still, things are far better now, and yes, I should be fine. I actually went over to Northern Ireland a number of times during those years, though never to central Belfast. I did get to Londonderry one though, but all seemed peaceful then to an innocent visitor. Whether it truly was, no idea, but I like to think so.

This will actually be the first time I’ve stayed in Central Belfast, I normally stop at a hotel on the outskirts, in the direction of the ground at Stormont, but their prices have gone up, and this hotel in the centre caught my eye, so trying something new. Hopefully getting to and from the ground wont prove too complex, I know there is a bus service from the city, I just dont know any details at present! I’m also open to suggestions for reasonably priced places in the city to eat on the 3 nights I’m there, so if anyone reads this, and knows…? But yes, I do mean reasonably priced lol! Unless you’re offering to pay? Thought not lol!

Right, the video. The title is suitable, though I find little in it that really relates to the city itself. Suspect the word just worked for another in the chain of Boney M hits in the 70’s, and that was that? To be honest, its not a great song, you’re warned if you still click on the link.