Irish cricket strikes again!

Yes, as regular readers will know, there are 3 sports I have plenty of time for, Baseball, American Football (both NFL and College), and the one that baffles most American folk, cricket! To be fair, I should point out that in fact its currently far from the number 1 sport in Ireland, but anyway…

World Cups in the past
2007 Both Pakistan, and Bangladesh were beaten down by the mighty Irish, and Zimbabwe escaped with a tie.
2011 Not so many good results, but by beating England, most didnt care!

And here we are, at the start of the 2015 World Cup, and we’ve already beaten one of the supposed ‘big names’, the West Indies.

The match started at 10.00 Sunday evening, my time, taking place in New Zealand. Conveniently, or otherwise, I was working until 10.00, so by the time the taxi got me home, the game was well under way. Ireland had made a good start, and it got better. Soon the West Indies were struggling at 87-5, and I was already beginning to celebrate. However, by the time I went to bed, about 12.30, they were 198-5, and things werent looking so good. And though I didnt know it, things got no better, and they scored over 300 in the end.

Too many for Ireland? You might have thought so, but no! In fact they won the game with over 4 overs to spare, a really impressive performance.

In the past, beating the West Indies would have been a cause for big celebration, but now, not so much. This is because we know how good we are, how far the once mighty West Indies have fallen, so all in all, we enjoyed the moment, but no more.

But yes, the Irish are back, to strike fear into the big cricket nations!

The video, a group who were born in England, but like me, have plenty of Irish ancestry, singing about how many fans felt after the game

Oh, and another feelgood moment. Who said chivalry is dead? This afternoon, I was the third person to the bus stop, behind 2 men. Me, happy to wait my turn, and all that. Oh no, both insist I get on the bus first, when it turned up. Really lovely of them, I must say. Somehow I dont expect the same at the railway station tomorrow!

Thanks, guys, though I guess you’ll never see this