Stand by your man?

I do wonder if Trump realized on Friday when he made the speech about the NFL, and the players, and the National Anthem, that it was always going to end badly, right? I mean, telling people that if they dont stand for the National Anthem, that they should be sacked on the spot, was always going to end well, not!

I suppose the only thing you could say he has succeeded in doing, is to some degree uniting the players, their bosses, and the NFL head people by his statement. Yes, its been fair to say today, judging by the reports I’ve read, its backfired on him, big time! No, I’m not surprised, but anyway…

Funny thing is, it seems some NFL fans wont be watching any more games (yes, I’ll stop laughing soon) because of it, and others will watch games because of the players doing it, priceless stuff.

The biggest irony, the people that seem to be defending the players the most over their choice are the military, and they are the people most of the ‘Trump-ettes’ say would be the most offended by it. Yes, I know…

But fine, I know he’s not the brightest star in the sky, but did he seriously think this would work out well? Ah well…

The video? No, not Tammy Wynette, the setting here seems more apt for the NFL fans somehow lol


When all is said and done

Right wingers, look away now!

So fine, its happened, Trump is now President. The world hasnt ended yet, though I have little faith that given 4 years minimum in charge, he might try for that yet. Yes, I deliberately set out to avoid all coverage of the Inauguration, though with a combination of being at work when it happened, and avoiding the news channels since then, its not one of the harder challenges I’ve faced. Irony is, I remember a time when there were 2 channels on the TV over here (the 3rd began in 1967), and it would have been on the news on both here, if not a live broadcast!

I think most here know I’m not a Trump fan already, but equally, not a Clinton one either. I suspect if Sanders, or Biden had been the Democratic candidate, we may not be in the position we are now, but we will never know? As is the way with so many fake news websites nowadays, I have no idea how many people attended the Inauguration. I’ve seen tiny crowds in pictures, but I’m told there were more than that, though not as many as either of Obama’s, but anyway…

Today, what was initially planned as one protest about Trump, and his sexist, racist ways was meant to happen in Washington. Indeed, probably has already happened, but I’m still on news avoidance at present lol! But there hasnt been just one protest, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, all around the world. Probably not in Moscow, mind, but fine, thats getting sarcastic, so…

I’d love to think these protests will make a difference, but in truth, Trump is such an egotist, and his friends on the ‘religious right’ are so oppressive towards women, and other minorities, I doubt it will. Great shame, but being realistic… Still, for now at least, I can hope! To counter that, some people have over reacted to matters, and lets see what actually comes about before screaming louder.

To which: Yesterday evening (my time), and today, there have been numerous people complaining about the pages taken down from the White House website. Yes, the ones concerning, LGBT, Climate Change and Disabled being the main ones noted. Thing is, they dont remember, or dont want to remember that the same thing happened 8 years ago, when Obama came to power, they archive off the previous presidents work. And expecting Trump to have people in place to put them back up, with his opinions, oh please. Fine, the fact that he hasnt even started on replacing all the Ambassadors is beside the point, and probably of as much concern. In truth, he wants the power, without the hard work involved, and everyone else (but his wealthy friends) will suffer accordingly.

So no, I’m not saying those things will go back on the website, but he needs to be given time to do so. Hopefully not 3 years, 364 days, though with him, that wouldnt surprise me! But when all is said and done, USA, he’s your President (unless impeached, or resigns) for at least 4 years, we just have to survive that time as best we can.

The video, one of those last Abba songs, from 1981, very poignant, very sad, but possibly very apt at the moment.


Peace on Earth?

So fine, I dont try to do politics too often on here, because I acknowledge that not everyone has the same ‘fairly liberal’ views as me, though its fair to say my views are pretty much in line with Jean Harlow, as much as I can tell, which is fine by me! So yes, this might be the point that rabid Trump fans should push that little red x in the top right corner, and go find something else to read!

Just to say, if needed, that all unpleasant political comments will be deleted, or not approved, depending on status, so no point insulting me as a socialist, or the type, and expecting it to show on the blog! Equally, I’d like to keep other comments tempered, so no actual insults for the other party either.

The last couple of days have seen an escalation of the nuclear arms race, on Twitter at least! Yes, we are talking about that idiot with a surname of Trump, if you had any doubt? Apart from the minor technical point that (thankfully) he isnt yet President, and in no position to make such decisions, its the announcement of it on Twitter, of all places that worries me the most! Yes, Putin is stirring things up, probably because he knew Trump would bite, and put his foot in it again, and it worked! The scary thing is all the innocent people in danger of suffering because of this, but lets face it, Trump would never let that get in the way of his ego.

Now before some jump on me as a Hilary lover, I’m not! Cant stand the woman, dont trust the woman, but at least she doesnt have the patience levels of a 5 year old before doing something. She waits, well, slightly longer than that! Equally, I can see why she lost the election, people dont trust her, and in truth, who can blame them?

But yes, at Christmas, supposedly a time of peace, and goodwill on Earth, we get this! Ah well…The only irony for me, Pence is even more scary for folk like me, given his views on LGBT folk, and Gay Conversion Therapy, and all that. Fine, I might enjoy all that electro therapy treatment, but not for the reason he believes in it!

So yes, the what I assume is not too serious talk, of independence for California would suit me fine, they might even approve working status for me then, lol! I know, I know, but I can hope! Lets just hope America can survive all this, in all honesty.

OK, video time. The song is apt, and also, given that Bowie died this year, it seems suitable. There are so many tales about the story of the recording of this, that which one is strictly true, who knows? Some of it is covered here at least

Yes, thats right, pretty much Bing Crosby’s last performance before his death! Still had it though. I’ve just taken the actual song clip, if you want to see the pre song stuff, its not hard to find.

God Bless America?

So fine, much though a left-centrist lady like me might prefer to ignore what happened on Tuesday night, it happened, and we have to live with it, for better, or for worse. You could say its more entertaining than it might have been, given Trump won the electoral college, but Clinton got more votes, but hey, its the system, we have to live with it!

Strange thing, Trump this year has done a couple of things supporting the LGBT community, whereas Pence is in the ‘crazy’ community when it comes to gay conversion therapy, and all that. Fine, I might enjoy that electro shock stuff, but hey, I suspect thats limited to me, and me only! By the way, do Bi’s get the full dose, or only half dose, just curious lol? No, not really, but anyway…

Fine, lets end the politics there, please!

Wednesday morning, when I went to the Twitter web page, I found this posting

Hey! #England ! I am interested in moving there. I’m a hardworking female with a drive to appease and entertain people. #actress #model

No, its not an actress name I recognize, but thats not saying much with me, and modern actors lol! So anyway, being the wicked minx that I am, I came up with this reply,

Hey America, I’m brave enough to work as a model, or actress over there in the next 4 years, just need the opportunity! Hardworking,you bet!

No, so far at least, I’ve had no offers, though if you know anyone who might? 😉 But before you ask, yes, absolutely, I would! So, if Mr Trump wants to offer a Brit the papers to act, and model over there, I wouldnt say no. Funny, I remember some European model who went over there to do some work, without papers, I wonder what happened to her? Sorry, Mrs Trump, just teasing! Oh fine, she’s young, pretty, and well, I’m 58, and not a stunner lol! 😛

The other offer I’ve had this week, was in a lighthearted manner, offering to do a property swap with someone I know in Alabama for 4 years. Yes, I’d love that, and I’m sure I could get some work (acting/model/writer) done while there, with luck, but seriously… No, I’m sure he didnt mean it, mainly because he has a very nice house, and I have a very nice, err, studio flat, to describe it best! So yes, it would be win/win for me, but anyway… Would I go if he had meant it? Not sure, Alabama isnt my dream state to live in, but I suppose it could grow on me?

Anyway, lovely guy, but I’m not expecting to move there anytime soon!

OK, video time. If anyone is expecting that anthem, sung during many baseball games, sorry, no! But its a line from this OMD song. Rare sight, first time in about 30 years they’d done it live, so…

We want to be elected!

Yes, after what has felt like 18 months of campaigning, which makes the UK’s look brief, it has finally happened, Election day in the US. Actually, it probably is about 18 months, as I remember when in New England, 14 months ago, the Republican debates going on. Or was it when I was in Hollywood last October? Regardless, its all been going on for over a year, but its nearly over, thank goodness!

As to my comments about the candidates, I’m not going to say too much, as I’m not really a fan of either. But fine, its not hard to work out who is the more LGBT friendly candidate, so yes, they might get my backing, if I could vote! All I will say, to all my US readers is that whoever you want to vote for, go out and vote, please! I might, or might not agree with your choice, but go do it, all the same!

I must admit, my friends list varies in taste from those who are so dedicated to Bernie Sanders, that they cant face voting for Hillary, right through to those who think Trump is wonderful, and all stages in between. And yes, I’m still friends with them all…just!

Oh fine, for those who must know, I’d hold my breath (as I dont admire her greatly), and vote for Hillary as the lesser of 2 evils, but I wish there was a better candidate for my tastes! Now you know, but please dont let that influence you. Probably Jill Stein would be the logical candidate for me, but seriously, she’s not going to win, so…

The most interesting difference, the fact that the people (of sorts at least) get to choose the candidates, whereas over here, we have to take our chance with whoever the political parties decide should be their leader, regardless of what we think. Doesnt mean either system is better than the other, but I suspect their might be a few (especially in the Republican party) who wish someone else was their candidate!

But anyway, at some point tomorrow (UK time, at least), we will know who will be President of the US, in all likelihood, for the next 4 years. At least then, it might be over, though knowing politics, not for very long!

Alright, the video song is the obvious one for today. The beauty for me, its live, its recent, and its filmed in Los Angeles. Warning, those of a politically sensitive nature, you might want to stop it before the end!

My Old Kentucky Home

Fine, I know, I normally try and avoid politics here, because we can all vary in opinions, and given mine are slightly left of centre (or centrist), I’m sure I could upset some of my more right wing followers quite easily lol. But yes, earlier this week I saw something that I found rather depressing, and had to comment on it, even if not too radically!

One night this week, I caught the news programming over here, and it included a report on the US election, featuring on Kentucky! Specifically, Lee County, which is regarded as one of the poorest counties in the whole of the US! I know, somewhere has to be, regardless, but fine this was depressing.

Not just in the sense of the way people were living there, though yes, that does play a major part in my view. I know, we people who only visit places like Hollywood, and Boston, and the like have no idea how bad things are in some parts of the country! But no, I wont be rushing to add Lee County to my tourism trail, not that they’d probably want me there, but anyway…

For those who dont know, it what used to be mining country, but of course those days are pretty much gone, Leaving behind people suffering, both in terms of employment, and general lifestyle. Most, if not all are on the Food Stamp system in the US, just to simply survive!

Fine, the sad irony, and where I get political, is that in terms of the forthcoming Presidential election, they, pretty much to a person, are going to vote for Trump, a man who wouldnt care about them in the slightest, and would probably take away their food stamps, if he could work out a way to do it, just so he could give the money to his rich buddies. They seem to think that when he promises jobs for Americans, he means them, but somehow I have my doubts, at least while they stay in their home county.

I know, Clinton probably doesnt care an awful lot more about them, but I cant understand why in their situation they want to support Trump? Fine, Kentucky seems a fairly Republican leaning state in recent times, so that might play a part, but…?

But yes, the political views depressed me, but what really saddened me was the way that people living in the US, one of the supposedly leading countries in the world, could have people living as impoverished as them.

OK, rant over. And before anyone says anything, I wouldnt rank as a fan of either Trump, or Clinton, but if I had a vote, I’d bite the bullet, and vote for her! But fan of her, no, I’m not!

The video, well, I picked the obvious one that mentions Kentucky, I guess?

Sealed with a kiss. (Well, sort of a kiss)

Its crazy, isnt it, you can go a year or so, without any opportunity to vote, then they all come along at once! Then again, after June, unless I get to become a US citizen in the meanwhile (yes, joking, I’m sure), it will probably be an age before I get to vote again. The funny thing about tomorrow, because we are still working off last years electoral register at the moment, I’ll be voting under my old name. So I must remember, when they say Miss Nicholls tomorrow, thats me!

Firstly, tomorrow, we get to vote for local councils, and for only the second time, the police commissioner. I havent seen any paperwork for any party, for either, but I suspect thats because the others see it first, and discard it. Fine by me, to be honest, but anyway…I pretty much know which party I’ll be voting for, anyway, as my middle of the road Liberal Democrats locally, havent annoyed me in the same way the national party has. So I suspect, they will get my vote.

Yes, fine, thats the easy one to decide!

Next month is the complex one, that I havent got a clue how I will vote, at present. Yes, the ‘should I stay, or should I go’ vote for whether the UK stays in the EU. I’ve seen good points for both sides, bad points for the same, and if I had to vote tomorrow, not a clue! Sadly, the ‘stay’ group has run a very negative campaign, and given Cameron is supporting it, just makes me want to vote otherwise. But sense says, stay is better…I think? As I say, I suspect that might yet be an ‘on the day’ decision.

Alright, I suppose I have to mention it, I see the inevitable has happened, and Donald Trump will be the Republican Presidential candidate. You’re right, I’m not a fan! He’s better than Cruz, I think, but thats not saying much! Oh, and the Democrats seem finally to have fixed it totally that Clinton will be standing against him. You’re right, despite being a woman, I’m not a fan of her either! Yes, I’m one of the Bernie Sanders brigade! Not that, short of a miracle, my views will feature in this election anyway, but…

The question someone asked me, is why I support Sanders, but cant stand Corbin, over here, who’s views are not much further left than Bernie. Maybe its a matter of trust, and confidence, Bernie comes across as a nice guy, Corbin just seems sort of crazy, and unreliable on so many things.

I’ve seen people suggesting Bernie stands as a 3rd candidate, either Independent, or as the Green Party candidate, which would suit me fine. My only worry with this, is that Trump gets in by default. I suspect he could beat both, individually, but he’d take more Democrat votes, than Republican, and that thought terrifies me. But thankfully, not my call.

OK, the video is nearly as old as me. And yes, thats scary, as I remember owning the single of this. Oh, the kiss? Well, we put an X on the voting form over here!