Brass in pocket?

Yes, as promised, by the time I get to post again here, I’m not in work any more. Strictly, I am, as William Hill are actually paying me for my 5 week notice period, without actually having to go into work. So officially, I’m still employed until the 3rd May, so that I guess is my deadline to find something new, and not lose out in the slightest.

I had a lovely evening yesterday, after work, having a couple of drinks with ex colleagues, ex both in the sense of having been made redundant too, or still being there, for now. A picture of me, from that event…

Me, and a glass of wine

So yes, today has been spent doing some job hunting, attempting to set something up for when I get back, on the 26th April. Most of which were call centre related, after all, its what my CV screams I can do, though as I’ve mentioned before, I wouldnt mind doing something new. Ironically, one of those applications was for a rival betting firm based in Leeds, on a part time basis!

The one different role I’ve done today, would certainly be something new. One of these companies that sells foreign currency to people travelling abroad has several openings available in West Yorkshire, so I’ve applied for those. I’ve also (in good time) got the hypnotherapy course, and it would be fun if I could get to combine these in some way. Oh, and hopefully a little bit of writing too.

No, unsurprisingly, no offers of work as a Jean Harlow lookalike yet. Equally, no offers to be turned into a robot as of yet either. But if anyone is just waiting, on either…

The video, something I wont be short of, for a while at least, once I get paid by the company on the 10th, all that they owe me.

The end of a working era

Yes, this is your last blog for a while (hopefully not too lengthy a period) as a working girl. Sunday is my last day before I get made redundant at work, and I havent got anything lined up yet. Mainly because, over here, employers are none too enthusiastic about taking people on who have got a 10 day holiday lined up, only 2 weeks into your new role. So even assuming that at my age, I found something straight away, they wouldnt have been enthused on employing me before then.

So I plan to start looking next week, and hopefully I can get something lined up for when I get back. Officially, with my notice period, I’m paid up to the 3rd May anyway. So, until then, I’m not really out of work lol! Lets face it, there will be a few people I will miss, some I wont, and a few in between!

Being practical, at my age, and with my recent working record, its probably going to have to be a call centre again. I’d love a new challenge, but in your late fifties, you wont find many employers willing to take a chance that way, especially with the current state of the market. The only other potential option at present is a hypnotherapist course, in the middle of May, but given I’d be an absolute beginner, we will have to wait and see,

Of course, I might find employment in Hollywood, and pigs might fly! Would be wonderful, but really not going to happen, I suspect.

It will be strange, walking out for the last time, after nearly 6 years, but it has to be done. But on Sunday, at 6.30, it will happen!

The good news, or otherwise, depending on how you feel about it, I might get chance to get some writing done again.

The video, well, you could say that at my age, this really isnt an employment option lol!

Tampering with mind and body

Every so often, I use a fellow author at the EMCSA as inspiration for a blog, and tonight is one of those occasions. His author name is ‘In Leaves’, though his email address suggests his name is Vince, I wouldnt necessarily put good money on it. After all, mine suggests I’m a robot, and as far as I know, I’m not…at present. Neither is my first name Merry (or Meredith), Harlean, or Jean, so that doesnt always follow. But anyway… this guy writes good stories, in an interesting way, so…he’s worth reading.

Tonights blog relates to 2 of his stories, this one being the current one

Fair to say its inspired by Dollhouse, and I love it for that.

Though as far as I know, this is a bit beyond current technology, its something that in the not too distant future, could well happen. Strictly, this plucked an idea from a TV series from my childhood, called Joe 90, but anyway… It comes down to creating a new, temporary, or otherwise persona in the human mind, and using it for ‘other purposes’.

So fine, yes, it would be interesting if Jean Harlow could be implanted in my mind, in such a way that I really thought I was her. And I mean literally, believe I was her! I know, Jean-bot exists in my sub concious mind, and I do let her loose from time to time, its great fun. But in a sense, in terms of modern day life, she works through my memories, so that she doesnt freak out at all this modern gadgetry. Also, most importantly, I’m in control of when I switch back to me, and she cant stop me…yet!

But suppose someone had control over all that, and when they switched me to Jean Harlow, only they could switch me back? And they could do both, just when they felt like it! Yes, maybe its for the best that only other 1 guy could do that to me, and I suspect, knowing him as I do, he would only do it if he had my permission in advance to do so. But I guess, given I would quite enjoy it, even with mere hypnosis, he could probably take me to a whole deeper level of being Jean, with some effort. Or could he? Given that my sub concious already has a Jean-bot package, and I would love being Jean Harlow, I would assume that with time, the answer would be yes, or would my persona always resist that last step of erasure?

Of course, if Dollhouse type programming was reality, it wouldnt even be a contest, now wouldnt that be fun? Even if it was only for short periods, living life, literally as Jean Harlow, hmm…? 😉 Mind, if I do end up back in New England, in September, he might just prove to me just how much I’m in control, and how much Jean really is!

The other story from this author that holds relevance to my forthcoming holiday, is this one

Now that would really be a crazy welcome to Hollywood! Hey, with this, not only would I end up thinking like Jean, I’d probably look like her ‘twin sister’ too! Oh, and much to my disappointment at the time, I discovered the author is not actually from L.A, he just uses Google Maps as reference, as I do from time to time!

But yes, I cant deny, walking into that party, 3 weeks on Saturday, looking just like Jean, thinking exactly like Jean would be an incredible feeling. Sadly, unless I run across a ‘mad scientist’ in L.A, its not likely to happen! I might add, I am planning on going for the look, have found a couple of places near my hotel where I should be able to get my hair done up 30’s style, and my make up as well, with luck. And who knows, I will probably let Jean-bot enjoy at least some of the party too! Though, in theory at least, I will still be in control? Though if anyone can arrange otherwise, so I have to be Jean, all night…please do! Changing me back, after that night, optional? 😉

The video, one of the classic California songs of all time, complete with guitar solos. I think I will be able to check out of the Quality Inn, just fine, but if I find myself in one of Jean’s old homes, and meet her ghost, it might be a different story lol!

If I had a photograph of me?

Many years ago, I used to own a camera, but it shows how long ago it was, they were all film ones! Nowadays its all digital cameras, and at long last, mainly because of the holiday to Hollywood, I’ve bought a new one, to take with me. Just a little, basic Vivitar one, perfect for beginners, so perfect for me! Not strictly a newbie, but after so long, not far off it.

I know, most people use their mobile phones nowadays, but I dont have one of them (well, for the UK at least. In irony, I do have a US one, which gets used 2-3 weeks a year), nor do I plan on getting one. But the US one doesnt have a camera attachment, thank goodness.

Alright, getting to the silly stuff. To prove to myself that I could handle this photo taking stuff, and more critically, prove I could download them to the computer, I took the obvious photo nowadays, a selfie! As you can see, it worked, and equally as you can see, I have quite a cleavage! 😀

Digital Camera

I suspect you might get the odd future selfie inflicted on you, though principally it will be for taking pictures of landmarks, and maybe some pictures of me, taken by others. Yes, I’ve been told I must get something taken of me at the party next month, so I will. I will certainly look the part, of a 30’s babe, just havent decided if it will be me, Jean, or given my figure, Mae West that goes to the ball!

Yes, the looks are more Jean, though not a mile off Mae, in all honesty. And lets face it, those boobs more tie in with Ms West lol! So, if anyone in the Hollywood/L.A area fancies transforming my looks (mad scientist full transformation to either would be fun, but not as feasible) into Mae West, or Jean Harlow, for a sensible fee, lets get it done, pretty please! Just remember I’m on a budget, so no crazy prices please!

OK, the video, there is a clue in the blog title

The most incredible present ever

Well, yes, today officially was the big day, I hit 57. Unless you have done so elsewhere, feel free to leave greetings. OK, lurkers, I know you wont, but no harm in asking.

But in all truth, because of the way things work out with life, it was actually Saturday that proved to be the magical day this weekend. It wasnt in my plans to have Saturday off, but it suited work, due to the Cheltenham Festival and all that, but it made for a nice change.

And due to Nicole being elsewhere this evening, we took that chance to have my birthday celebration meal a couple of days early. And I took the chance to wear a strapless, green dress, most suitable for this weekend, given the cricket yesterday (not too much about that please), and the fact that its St Patricks Day tomorrow. Yes, I know its a silly thing, but I do love wearing a strapless dress nowadays, even if I’m not giving a big show of cleavage in doing so.

So fine, just after 6.30, we get back home, and I have an email from a friend, asking me for some personal details, for ‘something’. Given I know him well, I passed them on, hey, it was only my name as on my passport, nothing more anyway. He had mentioned leaving messages on Facebook, and Yahoo messenger as well, so I went off to those, to let him know the deed was done. He was still on Yahoo, so we started chatting. All I was told at this point was that something would be waiting for me in LA.

No, not a mad scientist who was literally going to turn me into Jean Harlow lol! Though given its Hollywood, there may well be one!

So fine, after a little while, the news came out, and for those who havent read the follow up comment on the last blog, its basically this. I am going to that party in Hollywood, and I dont have to concern myself about the cost, as the ticket, and dinner have been paid for, and given to me as the most wonderful present by James (yes, he was the one I was talking to), and Kate (who I soon ended up talking to as well). Words cannot describe how lovely a gesture this is, and now all I’ve got to decide is which dress I’m wearing!

Today has been calmer, got some nice stuff designed to make me even more beautiful from the folk here this morning as well, though I’m not sure how much of a miracle me looking stunning would take! But anyway…should look better after tomorrow, as I have a massage, and facial booked for the afternoon.

Oh, the cricket. Ireland did well, won more games than England in fact, but didnt make the quarter finals. But even so, its been a great few weeks, watching them down under. Hopefully at some point this summer, I’ll get to see them in the flesh, though job finding, and schedules may play a part in seeing how much, and when.

The video, from a time when U2 took themselves less seriously. And it sums up perfectly the gift received, from two truly wonderful friends, on Saturday evening. Just under 5 weeks from now, ‘Jean’ will go to the ball!

How wild should I be in Hollywood?

Well, around the time I guess I will finish writing this blog, I should be at Atlanta airport, trying to grab a decent coffee (and probably some cake) before catching my connecting flight to Los Angeles, and my hotel in Hollywood, hard to believe it will be so soon. OK, fine, short of something amazing happening, this will be an out of work person heading for Hollywood, in a reasonably luxurious manner, but hey, I might as well get some pleasure out of the redundancy pay off, might be the only thing I do enjoy out of it!

Yes, the seats are a grade up on economy, for the second time in my life, though not as extravagant as I would have done, had I got the money, and already had a job lined up. So no, not business class, but what one calls ‘economy comfort’, and the other calls ‘premium economy’. The hotel at least, my normal sensible budget type, though I must say, for me, Quality Inns quite fit my needs.

But then comes the burning question, how wisely should I spend while I’m over there? After all, I’m only likely to get to Hollywood (and Beverly Hills) once, so…No, I dont mean in the sense of Universal Studios, and Disney, those things hold little interest for a vintage loving girl like me. No, what I mean, is if I get the chance to live the vintage life, should I do so, and to some degree, ignore the extra cost?

No, I dont mean drinking champagne at the swanky hotels. Well, not unless someone has fallen for my charms (ha ha), and is paying for it. What I do mean, is something like this.

Now, that would be fun, but given I should be spending pennies wisely at that time (of course I could find a job between now, and then, but no breath holding around here), is that just a silly spend of money I should be saving? I know what my ‘inner Harlow’ would say, go out, have fun, and enjoy yourself, just for once. But my ‘outer, practical Yorkshire lass’ is likely to have a fit at spending money on something like this, at a time like this. Of course, going to something like this might be my big break in the movies, so… (yes, I am joking at this point)

Mind, the funny thing is, if I’d still been in my job, I wouldnt have been extending the trip, and couldnt have gone anyway, it would have been happening the evening I landed in town. Technically, the other practicality should be, packing of clothes, especially nice dresses. And yes, normally when I go away for a week, I can pack comfortably 1 case going out, and just about squeeze everything in coming back. And yes, this time, its 10 days! Thankfully, because I’m travelling in ‘luxury’, I can take 2 cases. No, I’m not planning on 2 large cases, I’m not that strong. But 2 medium cases, given that I will get taken to the airport, and collected at both ends (that wonderful person, Nicole at this end, and one of those shuttle things in LA), I wont have to get cases too far. So, packing an extra dress, or two…?

The other thing that concerns me, is going somewhere like this, when I will quite literally, as a visitor to town, know no one. Also, I’m a non gambler (well, apart from Grand National), and like Ms Harlow, I’m not a good dancer. But…the chance to dress up, 30’s style, in Hollywood, can I seriously resist that? Possibly not! I know, Jean wouldnt care less, and would soon make friends, but this is me, so…just let loose my inner Jean, I guess, and see what happens?

So, if anyone just wants to post a comment, telling me I really ought to just go wild, and enjoy myself, feel free to do so. Hey, use a false name, or anonymous, just say something! I know people read these, I see the stats! I feel I should, but its just the thought of spending money, in this way…aargh!

OK, piece over, lets cut to the video. A group I love, recorded in LA, of a song I love too.

How not to get to work, in one easy lesson!

Honestly, if I never travel with Trans Pennine Express again, after 3 weeks time, it will still be too soon. Though to be fair to them, it would be right to say that today they were only 50% to blame, the other half falling firmly on the shoulders of National Rail.

But, if TPE had been honest on the situation a little earlier, instead of 30 minutes after the train was due, I might have been able to rescue matters. Of course, if I had, you wouldnt be getting this bonus blog rant, so…

So, the story of my morning was as follows…

I left here at 8.30 this morning, to walk across (just under 10 minutes) to where I have to get the bus, when I make an early start on a Sunday morning, as the first bus from the estate is 9.08. As it happens, I could have got the 9.38, but more on that shortly.

The train was due at 9.18. At 9.12, it was showing as on time, quite a rare sight with TPE. But then, it started showing as later, and later, until…at 9.42 an announcement was made. Seemingly, there was a ‘slight’ over run on the engineering works between Manchester and Huddersfield, and to quote the announcer, they had no idea when a train might turn up, but they would let us know later, if, and when one would.

So, I did a rapid dash to a nearby Hills shop, rang work to let them know I wasnt going to be in by 10.00, funnily enough. I went back to the station, nothing had changed. So I gave up the fight, got a bus home, and gave up on the day, and a days wages. I might, even then have got to work very late, with a lift, but blamelessly (not knowing what a joke TPE was today) Nicole had made other plans, so that was that!

I know, I cant blame TPE for over running engineering works, and I dont. But what I can blame them for, is the lack of useful information. All they were doing on the departure board, was every minute, adding another minute to the expected arrival time. In the end, seemingly, the train arrived 61 minutes late! I expect it was ‘slightly crowded’ by then, rolls eyes!

So, TPE, please, just let us passengers, who you rip off so regularly know whats really happening with their trains.

No, given their utter incompetence, its not going to happen!

Yes, the video is dedicated to what I was doing today, waiting for the train that never came!