A different (but profitable) way to clean up

Firstly, as always, when its not me that led me to the blog subject, let me give thanks to Miguel for sending me this article today, when I needed a good laugh.


I must admit, when I read how much you can charge to do this service, and have plenty of customers, then if I was healthy, 40 years younger, and pretty, then it would make for a hell of an interesting job! I know, you have to be the right type of person to do something like this (with suitable talents), but yes, a ‘shy, demure’ type like me, I think I could cope! But yes, no one would pay for this less than in shape, 60 something to do that, lets face it! Not that I could cope now, but anyway…

I think its fair to say that I’m less surprised she could find customers, than her ability to get staff, but I guess if you’re the type, and dont care what you have to do for a good salary, why not? I mean, seriously, I could learn to clean decently for £75 (appx $100) per hour, lol!

But ask yourself, readers, would you have the, err, courage to do this job, or would you have the, err, cheek to employ someone to do the cleaning for you. No, you dont have to drop yourself in it by answering this question, though I’m sure ‘someone’ will!

But would I, if I looked like her, or a young Clara Johnson, I suspect so!

Right, just about the most obvious video I could think of, in truth!