Wicked Game

Yes, despite the title, this is a review for a film I saw on Thursday! Not that I think Lulu was actually wicked, just terribly naive to be honest.

I’ll be honest, I went to see Pandoras Box principally for one reason,the female lead, Louise Brooks. And no, she didnt disappoint, I wasnt quite sure what to expect of her acting skills, but she was actually very good. And maybe if she’d played by the Hollywood rules, she might have made a lot more films. Of course a major part of her charms was the fact that she didnt play by the rules, just the opposite in fact. Mind, she must have been a challenge to deal with, for so many, though seemingly Pabst had no problems working with her, thats for sure!

To the film, its not hard to see why it was controversial in its day, its story is pretty dark, even by modern standards, so its not hard to imagine the reaction in the late 20’s to it not being favourable. Of course, the film also has an aura for the first supposed lesbian scene on film, but if thats the case, its pretty tame by modern standards. Yes, its not hard to see the Countess desires Lulu when they are dancing together, or later in the film, but really, thats as lesbian as it gets! Mind, who can blame anyone for desiring Ms Brooks! 😉

If you are a Brooks fan, or Brooks curious, then the quality of it makes it well worth seeing. Equally, if you like your films dark and brooding…

The video is a combination of stills from Pandoras Box, and the song hinted at in the title to this thread. I personally prefer the Chris Isaak version, but this was the selected artist, so I have to live with it.