If you want milk today?

Well, I guess that on Thursday, the next blog might have to mention some soccer tournament, if the result is right tomorrow night, but other than that, I’m running a bit low on ideas now I’m producing 3 blogs a week, for 2 blogs, so if anyone has any subject matter they want discussed, with weird being fine, feel free to suggest away!

I have mentioned that as the calendar moves on through the years, the number of weird appreciation days seems to grow to the point where, very shortly, we will probably have about 360 of them! I assume they arent going to top the 2 at Easter, the 2 at Christmas, and New Years Day, but otherwise…?

Anyway, for better, or for worse, and its probably for worse, it seems today is Cow Appreciation Day. Yes, really, I suspect some agriculture, or farm group came up with that one! But yes, why focus on that, you ask? Well, for a bit of silliness, I guess?

In the US, there is a restaurant group called Chick Fil-A or something like that? Given the ‘love’ their bosses have for all matters relating to LGBT, lets just say I’d be unlikely to eat there, and leave it at that. No, to my knowledge, on all my visits to the US, I never have! But today, they’re doing one thing that I’d just love to do, as I’m never the type to say no to a free meal!

Basically, as much as I can tell, anyone going into one of their restaurants tonight, wearing anything that makes them look like a cow, or presumably cow related clothing, gets a free entree! Yes, me, I’d want to go the whole way, wear the full cow suit, for the principal, and yes, for the fun of it as well! Oh, and ideally, be milked, properly, just like a cow would be! Oh fine, the udders they would use would probably be the fake ones, and besides, I doubt they could get any milk, out of my ‘milk teats’ nowadays, anyway! But if they wanted to try…? 😉 Always fancied, for some reason that nowadays, I have no idea why (stimulation, maybe?) being milked like that. Dont know where I got that idea from as a teen, unlike the robot/brainwashing ones, mind.

Yes, funnily enough, I did cover that concept in a story, many years ago too!  https://mcstories.com/DairyUnit/index.html

I will say that the first chapter is far better than the second one, as that was just a throw on I was requested to do, when the story took off!

But yeah, regardless of said Restaurant Group, if anyone has a cow suit they want me to wear, or want to ‘milk me’ properly, then let me know, moo! Either here, or robotunit8@hotmail.com, if you prefer.

Right, video time. Lets see, cows, milk, well…sad to think I remember this song, and its over 50 years old. Firstly, the famous version

Secondly, a more recent version by the gentleman (and friends) who wrote the song. You might remember him as part of 10 cc, or maybe not?

Pump it up!

One of those strange fantasies that I have, that theoretically at least is possible, is forced lactation. Yes, I know, have a baby (too old now anyway), let him suckle, and you will produce milk. Thing is, thats not the way my kink plays out! No, what I fancy is being milked by a machine, just like a cow. Literally ideally, though given my physical health, it might be easier if my ‘udders’ could be connected up to said milking machine while being sat up, rather than having to do it on hands and knees. Even with padding, I’m not sure how long my knees would take being in that position anyway.

The big snag with the concept, is the fact that milking machines are designed for cow udders, and the human nipple is a lot smaller, to put it mildly! I guess putting the whole breast in a milking cup might work, though how efficient that would be at producing milk, I have no idea? Maybe someone would like to tell me. Having my nipples, err, modified to fit into those milking machines might be an interesting experience lol! But yes, I’d love it!

This is the one fantasy of mine that I have no idea where it originated from, honest. Hey, I’ve never even seen a cow milked other than on film/TV! But all the same, the idea, of being pumped, and producing milk, yes, it appeals greatly. There are various drugs/herbs that can be used to induce milk, but I have no idea how effective they are, but I’d love to find out! Probably only once, probably not for too long, but all the same…

Whether I would also produce, err, cream, might be another issue!

But if anyone wants to give me the chance, or I guess, adapt one of the more standard human milking machines, to produce the more powerful suction effect, then let me know, I’d love to get connected up, and see if I could produce any milk. And fine, if I can’t, we can always try for a while at least lol! 😉

Christmas present, oh, I wouldnt say no!

The video, its in the title!

Milking time!

Blame ‘Bunny’ for this posting, if she hadnt posted about the Chinese and their plans to genetically modify cows to produce breast milk, then it probably would never have been written!

Many of my fantasies can be blamed on TV porogrammes, but I have no idea where I got the milking machine one from, to be honest. All I do know  is that the idea of  having my ‘udders’ fitted into one of those milking machines, and having them pumped has been with me for a while, though I’m not sure quite how long. The funny thing is, even at the Garden, I’m not the only one who fancies this!

I suspect it relates to the stimulation that you would get from having your breasts pumped like that, one thing is for certain, they wouldnt get much milk out of me lol! Well not naturally at least! And as an ‘expert’ told me at the time of writing ‘The Dairy Unit’, a cow milking machine teats wouldnt fit on human female ‘udders’ anyway, but thats beside the point.

The irony is, unlike most MC stories, it is actually theoretically possible to connect a human up to a cow milking machine, even if the teats would need adaptation to do so. Of course strictly, mind control might not be needed to get women to allow themselves to be connected up in this way, but maybe you’d need to MC a farmer to get him to permit it to happen lol!

Its funny, I can always (and have done so) make a good case for being turned into a robot, and I know why being turned into a mermaid would be so much fun. Not really sure I could do so for being milked in this way,  but I fancy the concept at least, all the same.