A different way to end a cricket match!

Yes, over the years, there have been a few ways to end cricket matches, and not just the obvious ones of a team winning a match, or a draw, where time is batted out.

Over the years, rain stopped play is a very popular one, especially here in England, or indeed there have been a good number of games where play has been abandoned without a ball even being bowled. In England, early in the season, snow stopping play has occurred a few times too! But yes, weather and cricket, like baseball, can play a major part.

In the good old days (not as far back as you think with cricket), all matches were played during the day, and if the light wasnt good enough to be safe, it would be stopped. But then grounds got floodlights, and teams played under lights, and night matches began. As yet, no test matches have been played at night (though floodlights have been used, when the light is poor), but I’m sure it will come. Experiments with a pink (as opposed to red) ball have been carried out, to see how easy it is to see, so in the future, it will happen.

I actually remember one 20 over match in this country on Sky, at Canterbury, where the floodlight towers wouldnt switch on. Despite knowing that they wouldnt get through the game without them, they made a start. No, no attempt was made to shorten the game accordingly, so a full match could be played, the first side batted for a full 20 overs. Therefore, after about 3 overs of the second innings, it got too dark, and the match was abandoned! Now, if knowing events, they had played 10 overs a side (well above minimum), they would have got a result. But no, we’re British, we must carry on as if it wont happen, and…ah well!

Today, in Sylhet, in Bangladesh, Ireland were playing against UAE in a 20 over match in the World Cup. After 14 overs of the Irish innings (the second innings of the match), all the lights went out. A little while later, they came back on, 2 more balls were bowled, and…all the lights went out again, this time not to return! Fine, the result was what I wanted, Ireland were awarded the win (on a very complex formula I am not going to explain), and now, with a win on Friday, they qualify for the main part of the tournament. In theory, they could lose narrowly, and still qualify, but lets not go down that road!

Thankfully both matches on Friday are day matches, so the floodlights shouldnt be needed! Just as well?

The video, could just be OMD, with a very apt song title for Sylhet, other than their lights all went out at once!