Are friends electric?

Yes, as a few at the Garden at least will have noticed, I’ve got involved in writing something again. No, not a full story, even if I have got the best part of an idea in my head for one. I thought I might get chance to work on it this week, but in all honesty, despite being on holiday, I seemed to find plenty of other things to keep me tied up (no, not that sort of tied up unfortunately, lol), and it hasnt made any progress, and its not likely to now. Given the inspiration and setting is Kansas, maybe next April, and a trip there might cure that. Of course, if that trip followed the story, I would be staying there, as a mind controlled farmers wife, so wouldnt get written anyway, but no, I dont see that happening lol!

I dont know what you’d call it actually, some might describe it as a roleplay, some might call it a joint story effort. Me, I only know its fun to do, that I’ve got a good partner to do it with, and providing time issues for both of us dont get in the way, it might last a while. Shock horror, it seems like I will be playing a ‘robot’ for some of the time, albeit one very much still in human form, though hypnotised to think otherwise at times. I dont think I will end up fully robotised in the story, but nothing would totally surprise me lol! Being hypnotised to think I’m permanently one though might be a whole different matter!

To be honest, I have no real concept of what life would be like as a robot. I have played at being one for a couple of hours at a time, but thats it, no hypnosis , just my imagination, not even a silver suit. Yes, equally I’ve been hypnotised, but not to become a robot. Who knows, one of these days I might just get to put the two together, and experience life as a robot? I would definitely want it to be of the ‘passenger in my own body’ type, no point in being a robot if you have control over your movements! The mindless robot might be an incredible experience, but as has been pointed out, if you were truly mindless, how would you know what you did? Also it leaves your mind a bit more open, which would be fun with the right person, but otherwise…? And no, I dont expect to find a truly reputable hypnotist into mindless robot play lol! Or even the tamer type, I suspect?

But hopefully one day I will. 😉

Clearly the idea of having the mind controlled by something other than hypnotism appeals even more to me, but is even less likely to happen in all honesty. As to being fully transformed, or even having my mind downloaded, not possible as far as I know sadly, temporarily or otherwise. And yes, I’d still love to at least RP a full robot transformation with someone, but doesnt seem like that is going to happen now.

But yes, this project with mcguy should be fun all the same.

The video, well the title is a giveaway here, I guess? 😉

A New Me

No, dont worry, nothing dramatic, but I hope by now that a few have noticed the new name at the Garden. Its fun, and probably works better for me nowadays than the old one in all honesty.

Today, that new me took her first chance to do some writing of her own. There are some (including myself) that would suspect the previous one was, but that was argumental, the method was technological, and it was male dominant, both classical RU8 traits, even if the storyline was clearly something very new, and for obvious reasons, might have had a Brooks factor to it.

What I’ve done today though is to write an fd story that is clearly Ms Merry Brooks, and not RU8 in the slightest. And yes, it was fun to do. Yes, it was inspired by MCGuy, and his antics over at the Garden the last couple of days, but Merry loved writing every word of it, to be honest. I hope someone doesnt mind too much, all the same, as it might be fun posting that to the Archive. I might even get to write more fd stuff if its well received, something I never thought I’d do. Just proves you can teach an old dog, new tricks lol!

My inclination is to post it in my new name, and see what reaction it gets that way. There are a couple of reasons for that in all honesty. Its nothing like an RU8 story in its nature, even if I am a bit more femme domme naturally nowadays than I used to be. The other (though maybe thats negated by Garden knowledge of the author) is to see what reaction a new writer gets on the reviews, its been a long time since that happened for me.

Lets see, the story is set in Cherryvale, Kansas, so lets relate the video to a famous citizen of that town. Now, who could that be…whistles innocently…oh, I know!

I am I said

One of the long running jokes about my stories is how often ‘I’ seemed to appear in them. Yes, its amazing just how many Stephanie’s, or Louise’s appeared in the bulk of my works. Yes, it was deliberate, as most know, the stories were my fantasies, so I thought I might as well enjoy them. There are a few Steve stories as well from early on, when I needed a male character, just as much me in all honesty. Mind, 95% of the time she was young, if not necessarily pretty, I sort of worked out readers were going to be more interested in a twenty something being mc’d, than a forty something somehow lol!

Ironically my current story has neither name in sight, even if a certain Louise is the inspiration for one character, but it isnt me! Think most readers might be able to work out who she is somehow from previous blogs, if nothing else.

But what brought this post to life was the latest example of the nicest form of fanfic, ‘me’ appearing in someone elses story! It might only have been a one line performance, but when Heather includes you in a story, its a flattering thing.  There have been a few before now, 2 that immediately come to mind are Geo, and A Sinister Bent, both of whom wrote their pieces despite really only knowing me through my stories and the Forum. Both did very good jobs of it though, I must say. Someone I know a bit better called MCGuy seems to have featured me a few times in different roles, including that famous lengthy tome, The Jilliad which is very sweet of him indeed. If I’ve missed others, I’m sorry, but its hard to remember all of you over so many years of reading and writing.

Lets also admit that a good number of my characters were based on real life people that I knew as well, and ‘Louise’ in the latest story isnt the only one I know who I based a character on either!

The song, as so often, the title of the thread is the giveaway there. Yes, its a very young looking Neil Diamond, one of his earlier hits, filmed back in 1971. Hope some at least will enjoy