The other side of the fence

Yes, I’ve mentioned a ‘couple of times’ already that the Boston Red Sox are in the World Series, which starts in a few hours from now, so lets have a quick look at their opponents there.

The St Louis Cardinals actually do something remarkable, they make Boston the junior team. They may have been around since 1901, but the Cardinals have been in St Louis since 1882! I think its fair to say that travel arrangements to away matches were greatly different back then! Hard to contemplate now, when even getting to California can be done in a few hours. Back then, there were no teams west of the ‘mid-west’ simply because of the time it would take to get anywhere. Even then, for the Cardinals, getting to New York, Philadelphia and the like wasnt a short hop, thats for sure.

When you think of Cardinals players of the past, one name stands out like a beacon, Stan Musial, who only died quite recently, at a ripe age. Of course we Red Sox fans would counter with Ted Williams, but anyway…

Two things are for sure. One, that it has all the makings of being a great series, everything in the match up points to that. Two, that I wont see any of it live, as it will all take place in the very early hours of the morning, our time. Thankfully ESPN will provide ‘as live’ programmes the next day, and hopefully I can catch a few of them at least.

Clearly I wish everyone well, but yes, in the end, I want the same team to win, as won in 2004, the Red Sox, though I dont think it will be as one sided this time around.

Apologies, I was trying hard to think of a suitable musical piece, and having used Stan Musial, and his harmonica playing ‘Take Me Out To The Ballpark’ at the time of his passing, this was the best I could come up with

A certain canine friend, known as Fenway, wont mind which team wins, as long as it goes 7 matches. Treats from Kate if Boston win, treats from next door (where he gets looked after when Kate is away) when Cardinals do!