Waiting for the train

Lets do a bit of a publicity thing, though unless you’re a member of the MC Garden (http://mcgarden.org/forum/index.php), or are willing to join the crowd (we don’t bite, unless thats your kink!), it might be tricky to join in. Saying that, if any budding author wants to give it a go, and for whatever reason, doesnt want to become a member, email it to me at robotunit8@hotmail.com , and I’ll post it for you.

You see, at the Garden, and indeed the Forum too, we have monthly writing contests/exhibitions, and from time to time, I get to host one. And this month, the one that starts in the middle of the month is one of mine! The revival of the Iron Writer series falls into my hands this month, for better, or worse. The normal course, is to provide 2 words, or terms, and let the writers loose from there. And the fun thing is, though its on a Mind Control forum, you dont have to include said form in the stories here, though you’re free to do so, of course.

This month, due to the fact that I commute by train a lot, and a big racing festival was held over here last week, my choice of words were, train, and race. Of course, both words have more than one meaning, and beyond one racially connotated one, anything actually goes! So you could be training for a big race, and something happens, or you could just be running to catch a train, you get my drift.

Despite rumours, and my love of them, and their eras, there are no bonus points for references to Jean Harlow, Louise Brooks, or the 2 decades they are famous from. Of course, I could be lying, but… 😉 Mentions by name, or as subtle as a character name of a film role is equally permitted by the way lol!

So, regular author, or budding novice, pay a visit to the Garden (or as I say, email me) and post up a story, be a devil. As I say, we’re a friendly bunch, its fun, but sadly no reward at the end, other than praise.

The video, well this is one of those rare things, a record that should have been a hit, but never was. Hey, I bought the single, but it still never charted sadly. But its apt for now, and definitely a lost gem, and live to boot.