Do Robots get to retire?

Firstly, I need to thank the wonderful, highly entertaining, Matt Patterson for posting about this on Facebook, or I would never have known about this. If things had all gone to plan in October, I would have met this guy, in October, in Burbank, but the lack of internet on my US phone, meant it never happened. But we were so close. I hope one day I do get to meet him, but anyway…

This weekend, in Los Angeles, there is one of those convention things, called Wonder Con. One of the big events is termed the retirement of Robby the Robot. When I first saw this, I was slightly confused, as why on earth would a robot need to retire? And fine, if he needs replacing, with an upgrade, well they can do it to me!

No, apparently, its something else. In the ‘good old days’, it was accepted that women would retire from work at the age of 60, while men retired at 65. Then everyone started living longer, and both sexes then retired at 65. In fact, by the time I retire (assuming I ever find work again), I wont retire until I’m 68! But seemingly, for robots…

Yes, thats what it is, this year is the 60th Anniversary of the film, Forbidden Planet, starring a certain robot! So therefore, technically, its time for Robby to retire! I cant quite see him using his senior’s Metro pass around LA somehow, lol! And lets remember, someone so loved that robot design, they brought it back to life in Lost In Space!

Yes, alright, its not my dream robot design for myself, not forever, at least. Yes, its such a great look, that I’d love to get in said suit, and function within it for a few hours, but anyway…I still prefer the Metropolis look for my eternal robot life, all the same.

But fine, maybe let Robby retire, take things easy, but please, please, dont switch him off!

Right, the video. What Robby has seemingly been doing for 60 years, sang by a Robbie, as close as I could get.