Moving on?

No, unless I’m hopping the ocean, or its a truly amazing opening, I have no real plans to move on from where I currently live in Huddersfield. The snag with that plan at present, is the obvious one, a lack of money! At present, by my estimates of my figures, I have the rent left for about 5 more weeks, and thats it. After that, currently, I have no idea! At which point, I wont even be able to take up transatlantic offers of residence in the US, as I wont have the air fare to get there! I mean, someone could send me the money, but by myself, even that outlet will then be gone.

Yes, its getting to me, and I must admit the thought of saying blow it, and just ending it all is beginning to get tempting. No, I’m not quite at that point yet, but I’m getting fragile, shall we say? So if anyone wants to help out, or provide me with an outlet in the US (passport should arrive end of this week/beginning of next), I’d be very grateful.

But OK, all of that, but the moving option I’m contemplating at the moment is as unlikely financially, but a bit closer to here.

At the beginning of this week (using the look that this is the end of the week, whereas the passport comment uses today as the start of the week), I applied for a job at a building society head office in Bradford. Fine, I rashly assumed it would be the centre of town, but its not, its 3 miles out, and not easy to reach by public transport from here, especially for 8 am starts, and 8 pm finishes! But I only found all this out when I got sent the details for a phone interview, including those ‘lovely’ competency questions! So fine, I thought, I’ll do my usual piece, not go any further, and that problem at least will be gone.

Wrong! The next morning I got a call, telling me that I’d passed the phone test, and they were inviting me to an assessment centre next Saturday, at head office. Thankfully, starting late morning, so getting there might be ‘fun’, but not as impossible, as early starts/late finishes would be. So I’m giving it a go. Two reasons, first, I find out just how bad the journey really is. Secondly, they have an office opening in Huddersfield advertised at present, so if I impress, I’m hoping I can switch to that!

Yes, if I make it, and cant take the Huddersfield option, I could move to Bradford, in theory. In practice, the difference between living alone, and living quietly on my own, with other people in the house, at my age, a big one! The other snag is that if I did find somewhere over there, and go for it, I probably havent got the rent, and deposit I’d need for a place over there. Even more so when I mention this job wouldnt start until 7th of March, so no money in before the end of that month!

Yes, thats why beating my head against a brick wall seems a pleasant option at present! Or just screaming enough, and…no, I’ll try not to go down that road at present, however tempting it seems! So, if anyone out there wants to rescue a poor waif, please feel free to do so!

Fine, the video. Clue in the title, though given its not a popular Abba song, you may not get it

She ain’t heavy, she’s my robot.

OK, fine, the title is a gender play on the actual song in the video. And the last part is more about me being wishful, than expectant! I was surprised that not only had I not used this song, I hadnt used the group either, before, an omission on my part, for sure.

Alright, given my current circumstances, and the growing ponderous state of my finances, I admit to some amusement when I saw this meme posted on Facebook a few days ago.


And before anyone goes checking my Facebook account linked to this blog, you wont find it, its on my personal one! So this, and on Facebook, and Twitter, is your first chance to put yourselves forward lol. Hopefully I wont need to do this, but the day is getting closer when it might need to happen, and its handy to know who your friends are! I might just put it up on social media outlets, that its not already appeared on, just out of curiosity, to see what happens, but anyway. For those of you who come here, other than through social media, this might be your only chance!

What didnt surprise me (especially given the nature of Facebook) is that it attracted lots of likes, but for a while, nothing more. Then a couple of people said they would, and its snowballed a bit since then. Irony, most of them are in the US, so it seems I really need to get that passport here before the cash is too far gone. But anyway…No, I dont know how many would actually do it, if push came to shove, though I know of one at least, who definitely would. Him, he’d probably help to bail me the money, if I needed it, but he is someone truly special.

And before you ask, yes, I’m prepared to do as much as I can to help whoever would put me up, though obviously at my age, with my current strength limitations, there are limits to what I could actually do. Heavy lifting is out, for sure! Mind, if someone wants me to be, or act as a robot for them, then fine, I’d love that! But as a human, I’d do the best I could!

So, if there are any offers, I might appreciate them in a few weeks time, if things dont work out, just saying…

The video. Yes, as you might have gathered, its a black and white oldie, of a great British group. And as I say, there’s a clue in the blog title!