Kissing the machine

Yes, its not a well hidden fact around here that I have a fascination with being turned into a robot. Lets face it, the title of this blog is a pretty good giveaway on that fact, if nothing else does. So alright, with current technology, its not likely to happen, but no harm in dreaming/fantasising about it, is there?

Of course, there is always the 64 million dollar question about whether I’d feel quite the same way about it, if it was just about to happen for real, but hey, get me in that position first, and then I’ll let you know lol! I suspect the answer would still be yes, but get me wired up first, and then ask again! But yes, for now, either being hypnotised into believing I was a robot, or a roleplay session where it felt like I was about to be transformed would be very exciting to experience all the same. Any offers, feel free to write and let me know. Real thing, as I say, even better, but…lets keep it practical lol!

Oh, and I’m still open to suggestions/quotes for a really nice silver robot outfit, and/or a headset that I could use, especially one I could use at work that would actually stay on my head, something like a skullcap, or redesigned cycle helmet that wouldnt slip off when my head moved! Electrodes are just an optional extra lol! Talking of outfits, the one first seen 46 seconds into the video, very nice indeed! And no, I dont mean the Robbie one, but… Oh, and of course I love the whole Maria design, but suspect that wouldnt be cheap to recreate.

Right, lets get to what inspired this piece, something that occurred in the last few days over at Fembot Central. A posting was made by someone from National Geographic, looking for people to talk for a programme about the whole fembot thing. No, I wont be taking part, their location limitations are North America, so I’m not a practical subject as far as they are concerned, such is life. Could have been interesting, especially if as I suggested, we set it all up in an interesting manner, in other words, with me about to be turned into an obedient robot, or just after it happened, even if only in a played version, not reality. Funny thing is, it wouldnt be the first time that I’ve been on TV re the whole fembot thing. It all first happened about 10 years ago, for a Canadian TV company, whose name I dont remember, and something was filmed in my bedroom in London, hardly the most exciting setting lol! No, I dont remember if it was a Canadian crew in England for something, or just a local crew they employed. I can hardly imagine they flew the Atlantic just to interview me lol! No, I never did get to see the documentary, but never mind…Given no one asked for my autograph when I was in Toronto a while back, I suspect not many saw it lol? Mind, that was a few years after the event, so…

Right, and so to the video, dont forget to watch for that outfit, though that headpiece certainly wouldnt do for work purposes lol! The vocals are Andy McCluskey, yes, that guy from OMD. And on their new album, released in April, they are producing a version of this song. I hope they release it as a single, I’d love to see their video! But for now, enjoy this

PS If you want to kiss this ‘machine’, you have to turn me into a machine first! 😉