Flapper Girl

So, here we are, one blog away from the Louise Brooks birthday blog on Thursday, when she would be 107, if she had ever lasted that long! No, not many do, and indeed she passed away nearly 30 years ago now.

The funny thing is, she is often seen as the archetypal flapper girl, when in fact, she was nothing of the sort. The look was around to some degree by the end of the 1890’s, as this article at Wikipedia shows


Though of course it didnt become really popular until the 1920’s, when Brooks, along with many others, took up the new fashionable look. Though to some degree, if you asked people in the street to name a famous flapper girl, her name would probably come up countless times.

It came about through emancipation of course, and the slight (by modern standards at least) liberation of women, that was originally created by the need for them to work during WW1. Of course, the biggest irony of it all, they decided on a very boyish look. Well, apart from the short dresses, and the heels, but the haircut, and the flat chested look, oh absolutely.

To say it was a sign of decadence is clear, the way it died off at the time of the Wall Street Crash makes that clear. But all the same, things had started to change, even if it took until the 1960’s before any real liberation movements took hold again. In fact, by the time of Brooks’s last film in 1938, Overland Stage Raiders (also starring a young John Wayne), the bob was gone, and her hair was medium length. I’ve seen it, it looks strange at first, but you get used to it, lol!

In fact, if you think about it, its amazing that despite everything, the bob has lasted through the years, even if the style might have changed slightly in that period. But the change in female looks, and attitude that came out in that post war period, will never be quite repeated, because hopefully it will never need to. Doesnt mean the look still cant be fashionable today though. Anyone would think I was planning to wear a flapper style dress at the work Christmas do, or something!

And lets face it, and I’m one that buys them, the whole Betty Boop thing is still popular today, and her calendar is again on my wall this year, and probably will be next year too.

The video is by a group I know little about, beyond what Wikipedia tells me. But seeing they’ve won a couple of Grammies, had sell out tours, and seem highly popular they must be doing well. This song, well it just fits in so well

Boop, boop a doo!