Dont Leave Me This Way

Mind, if you’re going to leave me in a hypnotic trance, I might just be lying there! 😉 No, seriously, I know all the rules of hypnosis, I’m only kidding, though it might be nice, all the same. Though I know of at least one person who plans to turn me into a permanent hypno bot, I should be so lucky! Would be nice, but with all the circumstances, I’ll settle for dreaming about it for now. More practically, there is one other very nice guy, with a lovely surname, but again, he’s in the US, so pardon me for hoping it might come to fruition, without getting over excited just yet.

Fine, Saturday. A brief trek across town by bus, to get to the hypnotherapist. I guess the weirdest think about that, is having to pay bus fares, even if you buy a day pass, I cant remember the last time I did that around here! I suspect 2009, in between jobs, as I would have let the pass expire, especially as I had a 1 week break in the US in that gap between jobs. But otherwise…

Yes, I went under easily, no big surprise there. And no, I dont remember anything sinister, or naughty happening, though some might say more’s the pity! Just a very pleasant relaxing, and stress busting session, which seems to have done me a lot of good, even if I still struggled through a phone session of competency based questions this afternoon, some things never change!

The more interesting event happened afterwards, to be honest, when we got onto the subject of my past experiences under hypnosis. Yes, I avoided mentioning one session, for good reason! But the subject of my past life regression came up, and we talked about Clara, and what I’d discovered at the time, or shortly after the event, and what I’ve been able to find out about her since.

So much so, that now she wants to study the past life regression side of hypnosis! I mean, she might have been tempted by it anyway, but I helped. Apparently, she tried it with a friend later, after I’d gone, and now she wants to do more. So maybe Clara wont be hiding her secrets much longer, with luck! Would be so handy if I could discover her married name, if nothing else!

But no, she didnt leave me in a hypnotised way, it was all done very professionally, and if anyone from this area wants a hypnotherapist recommended, ask, and I’ll pass on her details.

The video, very big clue in the title, I guess!

Make It Easy On Yourself

Well, tomorrow, for 45 minutes or so, I can let all my concerns, and worries about the job hunting, money, and every other issue just fade away. Snag is, at the end of that period, they are still going to have to be solved. Yes, I’m going for a session of hypnosis tomorrow. Thankfully its not too far to go, just to the outskirts of Huddersfield, and its not too expensive, as it was a reduced special offer price.

This should have happened on the day that I started training at the ‘job from hell’, the point at which seemingly things have tended to go downhill pretty fast! Yes, if I could turn back time, I would say no, have done this, done the clinical trial, and fine, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

But anyway, just before Christmas, I contacted the person again, to see if the offer was still open to rearrange my relaxation, and stress busting hypnotherapy session, and thankfully, it is. Irony now, is that I will have to pay a bus fare to get there, as the pass ran out at the end of the year, but anyway…I need something! Hopefully it will do me some good at least, because I guess I’m getting close to breaking point, in all honesty.

Oh fine, yes, if I could get her to ‘reboot’ my mind totally, that might not be a bad thing, but this is a start, at least. And fine, I will enjoy being ‘under their control’ for a little while at least. I know, strictly I’m not, but we mind control fetishists can dream of such things happening at least!

But hopefully, whatever happens, it does me some good stress wise, because I need something to do so.

The video, an absolute oldie here, from the mid 1960’s! Yes, the clue is in the title, but that may not be a lot of help!

Maybe we should wipe the ‘disc’ clean, and start again?

And no, as you might have worked out, I’m not really talking about any computer disc here, I’m talking about my mind. Lets face it, its a stressed out mess at present, so wiping clean, and starting again might not be as awful as it might sound. But lets face it, hypnotherapists arent going to be happy about brainwashing you, and rebooting your neural systems, in all likelihood. Shame, but anyway…

So fine, next best thing. I was booked for a relaxation, and de-stress session on the Saturday morning, that I started training for that ‘job from hell’, so had to cancel it. Thankfully now, I’ve been able to rearrange it, at the same discounted price for 3 weeks on Saturday. I hope thats soon enough, given the way I’m getting about job interviews, and the like, but I’m sure it will be.

Anyway, being curious about such matters, I had a look for hypnotic brainwashing videos on You Tube. Yes, found some, though I’m pretty sure they’re designed for more kinky issues than frustration with your interview skills! And given I regarded myself as pretty impervious to these things in the past, never having really gone deep, other than one to one, I thought I’d give it a try. And yes, seemingly, I went under quite easily. As I say, this is aimed at ‘slavery’, but given that corset has had me feeling submissive of late, I went for it. This one

Unless you play it, you wont know the details, but lets just say I definitely felt the planned effects. Thankfully you get your mind back at the end, but anyway… Feeling, I loved the feeling of mindlessness, and yes, I definitely felt a lot calmer afterwards, as an end result.

Then in those suggested videos on the side, I found this. No idea why it appealed so greatly lol.

And yes, it worked, though not as much as the first one, maybe her voice wasnt as strong, or something, who knows? But yes, at the end, all the same, I definitely came out feeling like a mindless robot, and loved it. Thankfully there was no one to give me commands (other than cats demanding food, and yes, I fed them), or who knows what might have happened? Robot thing only wears off after about 30 minutes, and I knew when that time was up!

But yes, all this being made mindless stuff, seems to have done me some good. Now, if I could get it done longer term, or permanently… 😉

The video. Yes, a Christmas one at long last. This is a new one, a cover of an old classic.

The tale of the last few days, good news, and bad

So fine, lets at least start on a positive note, I could do with one at present. At least I think its positive, until the prize arrives at least!

A couple of weeks ago, I saw notice of a competition being run on Twitter, by a company called Fabulous Times. You had to select your favourite vintage pin up, and I tried a change of fortune, by selecting Jayne Mansfield. Yes, she’s blonde, and has a fine pair of, err, eyes. Well, something else really, but anyway…

Yesterday I had an email telling me that I’d won the competition, an absolute first. Given that the company that the voucher was for, is called Corset Story, it gives away their most popular sales item, I guess? And yes, even with a £50 voucher limit, there were some gorgeous ones there, that would restrict my waist quite tightly, if only I could lace them up behind my back! No, unlike Jean, I dont have a maid to tighten it up for me, I wish! And no, due to the limited flexibility in my wrist joints, there is no way (unlike the lady in the video tonight) that I could lace myself up.

So I resigned myself to buying a very nice dress instead, and leaving it at that. But…I asked if there were any that required very little, or no actual lacing while wearing it, and lo and behold…

Yes, I know, 1-2″ is not the same as pulling my waist in about 4″, but its better than nothing! And I should be able to put it on myself. 🙂 I do (somewhere, no idea where it is though) actually own a corset that would reduce me by about 4″ or so that is designed so I can lace it up from the front, but…as I say, its somewhere in my room, with the emphasis on the word somewhere, so this is more likely to get used.

Of course, if someone wants to act as my maid, and lace me up tightly, I could do a major search in my room to find it, but…No, thought not! If you need a clue how its done…

Right, fine, the less cheery news. Today, I can honestly say I did a phone interview, and it wasnt good. Alright, it was worse than that, as I had a total brain freeze when a question I hadnt planned for came up, and that was that! It was going OK until then, but that blew it, and I knew it. Yes, 5 minutes later, unsurprisingly I got the email telling me just that!

Also, someone rang here re an interview yesterday, while I was at the agency in Leeds, and hasnt rang back yet. Plus, I had an email last night from another agency, asking me to ring them re another job I’d made the short list for. I rang this morning, she was busy, no call back. Rang again this afternoon, yes, she had the message that I rang, but she still hasnt called back, aargh! If they try tomorrow, well…

Oh, and the hypnotherapy course that I thought I did so well at, at the weekend, been told they dont want me to continue. Alright, I do wonder if there is an element of ‘politics’ in this decision, given a friend of mine, and her relations with the guy behind the course, but anyway…Yes, very annoyed, though I do have another option if I decide to go forward with it anyway, so…

Tomorrow, I get to actually go to an interview in Wakefield. Yes, there will be competency questions (I know, but at least I have in theory been fed what they will ask), but there will also be a brief display to do, should be fun! After that, to the Job Centre, and sign on, a bit late, but they know I will be, so all fine.

Yes, its getting to me, I need that lucky break. No, I’m not yet planning on standing on the street corner, in a short skirt, but…rolls eyes!

Wish me luck, I need it. Well, other than for winning competitions to give me an hourglass look, at least!

Humans and computers, how long until total interface?

Alright, fine, I suspect some of you want to know how the hypnotherapy training module went, so briefly…

It went well, I have now hypnotised someone myself, as opposed to the more regular dose of me being the one in trance. So fine, yes, someone did put me under as their test, but the new experience was me, putting someone else into trance. It went well, and I’ve signed up for the full course. So by the end of next March, I should be a certified hypnotherapist, wow! Well, I wanted the chance of an interesting new career, and this would definitely be that.

I know that most of my readers on here are across ‘the pond’ from me, but just in case someone is local to Yorkshire, I’m looking for volunteers to let me practice with my training script. Just a good feeling, and relaxation one, nothing more than that. Anyone who is able to, email me at, or comment here, and I’ll get in touch. If you email, use a title that wont set the spam filter off, pretty please.

But OK, this is the mind control/sci fi blog, so lets have a bit of that. Its hard to believe now, but just 30 years or so ago, mobile phones, were large, chunky, and the battery life was about 3 hours. Yes, things have changed a lot from those things, that could only do calls, texts, and nothing else! Nowadays we have tiny phones that do all that, take pictures, connect to the internet, and everything else! And thats before you get into tablets, and the like!

But nowadays, when you see some people on the trains, or the buses, it doesnt always look like people, and their phones are separate items, more like surgically attached. And yes, give it 10 years or so, they probably will be part of you, which leads me to this article

Yes, for now, you might think you have control of your machines, but at some point in the future, who will really be in control might be a moot point! Alright, fine, I might enjoy the machine controlling me, but anyway…OK, OK, I would enjoy the machine controlling me, so…

Just think, 20 years from now, the desire to be a robot, or at least be a cyborg might not be a possibility, but reality. Sadly, I’ll be too old (if still alive) to care by then.

OK, the video, no relevance to this whatsoever! But this is fun, and definitely proves Sting has a sense of humour, what more can I say?

Playing those mind games together

Well, I’m not sure that strictly hypnotherapy would be regarded as mind games, but it works for the video, so lets roll with it!

Yes, I will be doing some studying this weekend, which hopefully might lead to future employment, even if more as a part time sideline, but who knows? Yes, my first steps into hypnosis, and hypnotherapy from the other side of the couch, should be an interesting experience, thats for sure!

Seemingly though, I will be hypnotised at some point over the week, as it seems we will be practice partners for each other. And given how easily I go under, I’m sure I will be hypnotised quite nicely. How I get on hypnotising someone, we will see how that goes, will be interesting to find out.

And no, for all of you who have read far too many mind control stories, what actually can be done with hypnosis in reality, as opposed to mind control fiction, is quite limited! No, you cannot turn anyone into your hypno slave. Well, strictly you could, but only if they were willing to be so. Similarly, on a lighter note, you cannot make anyone cluck like a chicken, unless they feel the need. And if anyone does feel that need…well…?

But fortunately (or otherwise, if you’re so inclined) most of my readers here arent available to be victims, sorry, volunteers to test out my hypnotic skills, as the vast majority (as the stats tell me) are across the Atlantic from me. Lucky you, or otherwise lol. Shame, Mistress Stephanie has a nice ring to it, but anyway… 😉

On another angle, if anyone can design, and create software that makes answering ‘competency test questions’ easy, then can they please do so, and download it into my mind for me! Hey, if you want to do anything else while tampering with my mind, I doubt I’ll say no, even if you give me the options to do otherwise. But yes, that interview passing software would be very handy, those questions are driving me nuts, and costing me jobs!

OK, the video. Yes, its the good old days, all the clues you should need are in the blog title.

I need to think like a robot

No, this might not be what you think, its a piece against modern interviewing techniques. Though if anyone wants to turn me into a robot before my next interview, or at least make me think like one, it might be an advantage!

In the good old days, job interviews (yes, about 40 years ago, if you must know) were more like a friendly chat, than the grilling they are nowadays. They asked questions about you, and your life. You asked questions about the workplace, hours of work etc, and if you struck gold, or looked cute enough, you got the job! Or in the case of my first place, my mothers second husband knew the bosses, found me an opening, and all it took was a little eyelash fluttering lol!

But now! The bane of my job interviews nowadays, both written (yes, I had one today), and verbally, are those “describe a situation” things, where my brain goes awol, and it takes me minutes to come up with a half decent answer, and I’m getting marked down! Aargh!

Yes, its beginning to get to me, and I feel I’m heading down the route of getting hypnotised again, if only to make me feel confident about these matters, instead of dreading the questions being asked. Yes, fine, turning me into a competent “robot”, that doesnt even contemplate these matters might be fun, and enjoyable for me, but getting it done before each interview (I guess I could have it done so I could trigger that state?) couldnt be done, and besides, would an unemotional, cold machine fare any better in the other sense? They seem to like cheeriness, and emotions as well, rolls eyes!

Irony is, in just under 3 weeks, I’ve got my beginners hypnotherapy course, a style of work I’d love to do, which doesnt really fit in with a permanent, 5 day a week, full time job! But I need the money, to pay for the course, so…can I find something temporary, for the summer, please!

I have felt the temptation to send ‘Jean-bot’ into an interview, but lets face it, however bubbly, and witty she is, she still wouldnt have the answers to those stupid questions.

So yes, I have this feeling that if I want to crack this, I need to be brainwashed, sorry, hypnotised (kidding, kidding) to cope with this issue. The temptation to do it is getting stronger.

Fine, the video. For once, nothing to do with the blog. This classic from 1976 should have been a bigger hit than it was, but I loved it. This live version from 2001 is quite something!

The end of a working era

Yes, this is your last blog for a while (hopefully not too lengthy a period) as a working girl. Sunday is my last day before I get made redundant at work, and I havent got anything lined up yet. Mainly because, over here, employers are none too enthusiastic about taking people on who have got a 10 day holiday lined up, only 2 weeks into your new role. So even assuming that at my age, I found something straight away, they wouldnt have been enthused on employing me before then.

So I plan to start looking next week, and hopefully I can get something lined up for when I get back. Officially, with my notice period, I’m paid up to the 3rd May anyway. So, until then, I’m not really out of work lol! Lets face it, there will be a few people I will miss, some I wont, and a few in between!

Being practical, at my age, and with my recent working record, its probably going to have to be a call centre again. I’d love a new challenge, but in your late fifties, you wont find many employers willing to take a chance that way, especially with the current state of the market. The only other potential option at present is a hypnotherapist course, in the middle of May, but given I’d be an absolute beginner, we will have to wait and see,

Of course, I might find employment in Hollywood, and pigs might fly! Would be wonderful, but really not going to happen, I suspect.

It will be strange, walking out for the last time, after nearly 6 years, but it has to be done. But on Sunday, at 6.30, it will happen!

The good news, or otherwise, depending on how you feel about it, I might get chance to get some writing done again.

The video, well, you could say that at my age, this really isnt an employment option lol!

I promise to only use my hypnotic powers for good

Well, maybe? 😉

Yes, in the fiction posted over at the EMCSA site, men, and women use fictional hypnotic powers for all sorts of wicked deeds, mostly involving them having sex with other people. Given my lack of interest in sex, I have no plans to do that to anyone, but, bending someone to totally obey my will, oh, I wish! Just as well its all fiction, isnt it?

But little me, using hypnosis to actually benefit people, why not? Well, assuming I’m as good on that side of the matter as I am at falling into a deep trance when the need arises. Or some would say, given how easily I go under in person, maybe I dont even need to go that far!

Yes, in my search for a new job, under the file of looking for something different to call centre work, or data inputting, I signed up today to do a beginners course on Hypnotherapy, in May, in Huddersfield. It should be interesting, it will definitely be something new, and exciting, thats for sure. Whether I prove to be any good at it, we will have to wait and see!

I know how much good hypnotherapy has done me, and if I can help somebody in the same way, wouldnt that be wonderful?

Oh, fine, if it doesnt work out as a life career, and I need to do a job interview, well, I might ‘convince’ someone to give me a job lol! But otherwise…angel…

The only other news of note, given the lack of job by April, I’ve decided to extend my trip to Hollywood to 10 days. I’m currently in the middle of trying to sort out the hotel arrangements, already booked for 7 days, so I can extend them. Should be fine, but only snag is the class of room I’ve booked for the week, isnt available all the extra 3 nights, and ideally, I want 1 room for the 10 days. Hopefully Choice Hotels, and I can sort something amicably about this, as I’m happy to pay the extra. It was a non cancellable booking, or I could just cancel, and book the other room for 10 days, but as I say, that doesnt work here!

Oh, and the other luxury, not quite Harlow class, but an upgrade on economy, will be my flight. No, without a job to come back to, I cant fly business class, I might need the money, but premium economy, oh yes! So, by my standards, I will be flying in luxury with Virgin Atlantic, and Delta. As someone who has never flown anything other than economy, it should be quite interesting, and I’m sure my creaky joints will enjoy the extra space, and luxury.

Oh, and the video, what my poor hypnotic ‘victims’ will do, look into my big blue eyes, and do everything I tell them lol


So alright, I’ll start by saying that a few might enjoy the ‘in joke’ in my video choice tonight! Those who dont get it, never mind…

Until about 5 and a half years ago, I’d never actually been hypnotised. A few had tried online, but it had never worked. Maybe the focus wasnt right, maybe the fact I had to type stopped me from going under, but anyway…

At that point, I got made redundant, and had to go job hunting again. Now, for those who have only known me since then, you might not believe I had major confidence issues at the time, even before being thrown back on the job hunting wagon! And given that real hypnotherapy is nothing like mind control stories (thought that, to a degree, might be fun), I decided to give it a try, and see what happened. To be honest, the results were remarkable, I sailed through the job interview, easiest one I’ve ever done. One more session, to heighten things a little, and I was feeling incredible.

To be honest, it was a while before I went under again, that famous session with Lex, when I discovered what life as a robot (interesting), and a young flapper girl (much more fun) was like. Indeed, she was so much fun, that ‘she’ was allowed to stay in charge to the next morning, when I woke, making the train trip back here far more fascinating than it might have been otherwise.

Since then I’ve discovered that providing I listen with headphones, and do nothing else, I will go under, proved it again tonight, when I listened to a piece by a friend.

Next up, possibly, in about 3 weeks, I might be doing a past life regression in the US, providing the two of us can find a mutual time, and location, given there will be about 200 miles between us, and I dont drive! Might then find out if that unlikely chance that I’m Jean Harlow reincarnate really is true! Mind, I wouldnt be surprised if he doesnt leave me thinking I’m Jean for a while anyway! I admit, that would be interesting!

If it doesnt, then hopefully one day I’ll find out anyway, would be nice to know. Logic says someone is, and it could just be me, I guess?

As I say, the video is quite apt, and one or two, as I say, might get the in joke here.