Every so often, I do something different

Generally when I write, the last thing I write is female domination over men. Just a habit thats grown over the years, it not an area of great interest to me, more the other way around that appeals to me. Or all girl stuff, but anyway…

But from time to time, I get in the mood to do something different, so yes, you’ve worked out what I was writing today, in very short story form. Yes, a woman enslaving a man, a wicked hypno-domme, as if I would do anything like that. OK, it might be fun, but not the best bet in history!

Right, the basis of this. Strictly its fiction, as you cant make anyone do anything against their will under hypnosis. But technically, if you break down the walls slowly, well, you might just! 😉 No, I doubt it would, but in theory…this “might” happen

Stealth Hypnosis

“Yes, thats right, I cant make you do anything under hypnosis that you dont want to.”

“So why am I calling you Mistress, Mistress? I came here to be made to stop smoking, not to serve as your slave. I had no interest in being your slave.”

“But if you had no desire to serve me, in every way, then this wouldnt have happened, or…”

“…Or what?”

“Well, you see, before I put you in trance, you said you needed something, or someone, strong, and powerful, to make you stop smoking? Which was why you wanted me to hypnotise you, yes?”

“Yes, I did, Mistress. But…”

“So I instructed your sub concious to see me as a strong, powerful woman, correct?”

“Correct, Mistress.”

“And then I suggested to your mind, that if you saw me as the strong, powerful woman who would stop you smoking, that it should be grateful to me.”


“So then I suggested that the best way to show its gratitude, was by handing over all control of your mind to me.”


“Remarkably, or, err, otherwise, it agreed to this. So from there, your mind was open to the suggestion of becoming my totally obedient slave. From there, taking control of you was simple.”

“So you tricked me?”

“Yes dear, piece of cake, in your case, seemingly.”


“Yes, it was almost like you wanted me to do just that, but…that couldnt be true, could it?”

“Well, Mistress, it might…”

“Ah, I see. So when I instructed you to eagerly eat my pussy, was it my hypnotic power, or your submissive desires?”

“Both, Mistress.”

“Fine, anyway, whatever. Now get your hypnotically erect cock into that warm hole, and fuck me hard, I need to relieve a few tensions after that.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Oh yes, oh yes, ooh! Mind, in all truth, you would have enjoyed that anyway, wouldnt you?”

“Very much so, Mistress!”

No, dont get any ideas of Mistress Stevie Lou/Harlean taking control of your mind, and enslaving you, not going to happen. But could it be done, if I was so minded, and stealthy enough… 😉

So when you think I only write sweet little 20’s and 30’s stuff, just remember I can be a wicked little minx, if I wanted to be!

The video, what my entranced slave might just say

Respect Yourself!

This could be a command to someone from Mistress Stevie Lou, but I’m not the one to say that lol! I must say the image of me as a Latex, or Leather clad Domme is more likely to give me a fit of the giggles than anything wholesomely Dominant, but anyway…I guess an image of me clad like that might be fun, but cant somehow see me making a full time career of it somehow! But as an image to play up to, well its as much fun as the robot one, it has to be said!

The thing is, I’m one of those people who typically plod along in their everyday life, nothing terribly exciting, and enjoying a couple of nice holidays each year, but the rest of the year, work hard, not play terribly hard, it has to be said. Just my simple, economic style, and hey, I’m happy with that. The snag is, then someone goes and suggests something lightheartedly, and I start thinking, hey, thats not a bad idea. Which is why I’ve spent time today on Expedia and Hotels.com looking at short breaks to a certain Portugese city. 😉 No, I dont really blame S.B., but I wish I didnt get tempted like this sometimes, though maybe not often.

No, I dont plan to go out there and become his Mistress or anything. Heck, I dont even expect to play at being his Mistress if I do get out there anyway. And for sure I dont expect to be greeted by a latex catsuit lol! But I know he’d like to meet fellow Garden members, last September got me up for doing the same, so…and besides Portugal is far warmer than here at present, been a filthy day to be honest, and havent ventured out at all.

I know, its not a fortune, but I’m not that far away (relatively) from retirement, so probably ought to be hanging on to my money, but…he’s got the idea in my head now, thats the trouble! The thing is, with the holiday only being 3 weeks off, I havent long to think about it, and me and snap decisions, well…not really my style! I know, its crazy, but I’m tempted. Going to think it over to the weekend (incredibly I’ve got a Saturday off this week!), and take it from there. I would love to say its 50/50, but I know how dangerous that is with me! I tend to go yes, lets do it from there!

It was nice to see a pic of S.B. appear this week, I know what a tricky choice that is, I went down the same road myself before posting the one of me. Will I meet him later this month, lets call it a possible, and leave it at that.

The music, some will see the in joke here, others wont. Apologies, Bruce Willis is not the greatest singer (to put it mildly) of all time, but this just seems to fit so well, for more reasons than one. Try to enjoy, or get the in joke at least!


Hypnosis, fiction v reality.

Though its not really my thing, fiction wise at least, hypnosis seems to play a part in the majority of mind control stories. I assume this is because it is currently the most viable of actual mind control methods there are, even if the fantasy of MC stories is a whole world apart from true hypnotherapy and the like. And yes, I can speak from experience, on the hypnotherapy side of things at least.

In fiction, hypnosis is used in senses that as far as I know, couldnt be done in real life. Unwilling subjects turned into brainwashed, obedient sex slaves who will do everything their Master, or Mistress commands of them. To put it bluntly, and in the instant sense used in stories, it cant happen! You cant turn someone who hates, and distrusts you intently into your loving sex slave in one trance. Well, not unless they secretly wanted to be so, lol! Trance states, to start off with at least, are going to be light, and if a suggestion was made that was sufficiently abhorrent to someone, they would quickly snap out of it. But of course, in MC fiction…Its probably why I prefer ‘techy’ stuff, no such problems, well other than practicality at present!

Dont get me wrong, there are hypno stories I enjoy, but these generally have more of a build to them, bringing the reality factor into play, than the instant, ‘you are my totally obedient slave’ stuff.

I’ve had hypnotherapy, did wonders for me in all honesty, with both confidence and body image issues, and been amazed with the results. And I’m told that I am in fact very susceptible to hypnosis, though interestingly, seemingly only on a 1 to 1 person, not online, through chat, or anything else like that.  And yes, my therapist does know about the robot thing, and has told me that one reason she wont try anything that way with me is simply because she thinks it might work too well! In theory she should be able to make me human again, but…still dont deny it would be interesting to reach that sort of mental state though. Total obedience might be interesting, the peace and blankness of mind would probably do me good for a short while to be honest, but finding a professional happy to do that, one to one…

So yes, dont think of hypnosis as a weapon as in the EMCSA, or certain films,  thats just not true. Think of it as something beneficial, that in the hands of the right person can do you a lot of good.

And now

Five, coming round, thinking of how wonderful Mistress Stephanie is

Four, that you really need to buy her that silver latex catsuit

Three, thinking how much easier it is to just let her think for you

Two, that you, the reader havent really been hypnotised while reading this

And one, back to the real world!

Sorry, couldnt resist that! 😉