Letting in water?

You know all those tales of women who spend a fortune on shoes that they wear once, if ever? Yes, you’ve guessed, I’m not one of them! I’ve sometimes spent more on a dress than I really should have done, but shoes, no chance, I just use them to get me places, and back, so why buy expensive ones? Cheap, and cheerful, thats me!

However, despite that, in the good old days (remember I’m 60 in real life!), even the most basic shoes came with a sole to them of some solid material that ensured that the main part of the shoe was more likely to give up on life, than the sole of your shoe! Yes, things have changed!

Nowadays the cheaper shoes seem to come with what they term a synthetic sole, which is fine in dry weather, but usually shortly after coming into contact with rain, start to dissolve quite quickly. And yes, other than in exceptional summers like this one, in the UK, we tend to get plenty of rain! So now, where previously a decent pair of work shoes could last me nearly 6 months, now its barely 2!

I know, maybe I should change my shoe buying tactics, spend more on a pair, but get a pair with a stronger sole, but seemingly a lot of shoes have these ghastly synthetic soles now, even at higher prices. No, I dont do heels, darlings, I have a pair of knees that need 6 months remission if I even show them a pair of high heel shoes I might consider wearing! Plus now, with my back issues, not going to happen, not even low heels, other than special occasions.

But yes, if anyone knows any websites (please, I try not to shop out now, less stress on my back, online) where I can get a pair of size 8 UK (42 Euro, no idea US) with soles that will survive more than a rain shower at a reasonably budget price, please let me know!

Yes, the shoes I’ve been using for a while now this summer, will slightly let in water, shall we say? 😉

OK, 2 videos for the price of 1 tonight. The first is the original offering from 1967, and it shows its from the psychedelic era, shall we say? Says it an official video, but dont quote me on that!

The second one is a more recent cover version, and its fair to say the lyrics are live here, its a ‘Christmas special’ version to put it mildly!