Different DVD formats

Yes, this is a whine, so if you dont like that sort of post, walk away now.


Fine, you’re still here, nice to know. Well, I assume you are, but anyway…

Back in the old days of video recorders, when they first came out, there were 2 formats, VHS and Betamax. Both survived for a while, though Betamax was never winning the fight, and eventually was given up on. Of course, in time, VHS submitted to DVD’s, and that to a lesser degree has ended up battling blu-ray discs for sales.

But no, this whine isnt about that, its another issue. In the UK, we use the PAL system for all these things, in the US, they use NTSC. Allegedly non compatible, though nowadays most machines will play both, but not all. The other thing is, making these things regional. For simplicity sake, North America discs are Region 1, Europe are region 2. its more complex than that (there are actually 8 regions), but keeping it relevant to me… There are also region 0 discs, with no limitations, which is nice, but…

I went to the Eastman House Museum today, and in the shop was a DVD of Diary Of A Lost Girl, a Louise Brooks film I havent yet seen. Yes, I know, its on You Tube in full, but watching it on a laptop, and watching it on a 40″ TV, not quite the same thing lol! Snag is, the DVD was NTSC of course, I’m in the US, so its to be expected. But in all likelihood, it would work at home in the UK all the same. But…it was region 1, and that probably wouldnt! Aargh! Well, it wasnt marked as such, couldnt see any marking at all, but the staff were pretty sure it was region 1, so I left it behind. Not a happy bunny lol!

I know, I know, some things have to be protected from certain markets, but seriously, a 1920’s silent movie?

Grumble, grumble, end of rant.

No, I’m not providing a link to the whole film, no point, no one would watch. So here is a 5 minute snippet, including the delectable Ms Brooks.

Anyone think that the eating style is pretty robotic lol, or is that just me?