An Actors Life For Me?

I guess its down to the stories I’ve been writing of late, plus that job offer earlier this year, if I’d had a Green Card/US Visa, and everything, but I’ve sort of been looking at the acting life again. I know, a bit daft, as its been a while (about 15 years) since I did anything, but yes, fine, its started to hold appeal.

Yes, I acted at schools, both primary, and secondary, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But the thought of doing much more about it, sort of disappeared when I couldnt go to University, because I had to go out to work, as soon as I could, my mother, being a single parent by then, someone had to bring in money, so…

But yes, who knows what might have happened with drama groups, if I had taken that step? No, I dont think I’d be a superstar, most of my stuff was supporting roles, not the glamour ones, so I’m pretty sure I wouldnt now be on Broadway, Hollywood, London Theaters, and the like!

After that, for the next 25 years or so, my acting talents were seen on occasions, though possibly not as much as I would have liked, due to the reality of the day job being more important than anything else. But fine, when I did it, it was fun, all the same.

Then, to be honest, for the last 15 years or so, its been pretty dormant, I must admit. I mean, there is one famous (thankfully private) film of me on You Tube performing, though under the influence of hypnosis! You could jokingly say that I’m a professional actress nowadays, as I charged for that film at the time, if not a fortune! But yes, how much of that was my acting skills, and how much was the talented hypnotist, no idea? I suspect if I wasnt a decent actress, that it wouldnt work so well, but anyway…

But then, it laid dormant, until I got to Hollywood. Yes, stop laughing, no studio offers, believe me! But I did an interview on LGBT issues, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Indeed, I enjoyed it so much, I had to be stopped, as the time was up! There was I concerned I could fill 30 minutes, did it with ease!

Even so, even not working, when I got back, I didnt really take up on things, other than story writing, at least! Then of course, it all happened. I contacted an agency I am registered with, in LA, asking if they could show a few pictures of me that I sent them, on a forthcoming talent day. I got a reply back, asking if I had the papers to be able to take up an acting job in the North East of the US! Sadly, I didnt, and given the other person couldnt get them in time (they wanted someone British for the role), I wasnt going to get them either.

But fine, since then, I have been wondering if I should get involved again? Then, funnily enough, on Wednesday, in my new job, we had an hour long get together of department staff, to chat, and get to know each other. And yes, one of them mentioned his forthcoming stage performance in Leeds. And given I’d mentioned my acting past, as my little secret in the training school introduction…yes, I got mentioned!

So, since then, and indeed a little before, I’ve been wondering about taking to the stage again. In truth, I suspect it wont happen, but fine, I’m thinking about it, and that has to be something?

The video, a piece of apt Muppet stupidity

Number crunching machine

When it comes to doing competitions, especially sports one, where my knowledge is, to put it mildly, a bit limited, I tend to focus on one thing I am good at, number crunching, and go into computer mode, for want of a better term.

There are some sports it works with, that are better than others. It would never work with baseball, or the like, to be honest, because players arent machines, and with the number of games they play in a season, no chance. Thats not to say that a couple of people in the hit streak competition in the baseball havent got close to correctly forecasting 50 players getting a hit in games, but in terms of matches, and players, its a hard challenge.

So fine, I’d enjoy it (probably too much) if I was actually turned into a precise, number crunching machine, but I’ve found one sport, where even this human version can number crunch very successfully. Golf.

For whatever reason, it seems to be a sport where ‘horses for courses’ seems to work a lot. If a golfer has played well somewhere in the past, they have good memories, and a lot seem to do so again. So yes, its probably no surprise, that like 125 players on the PGA tour, I made the playoffs in a golf competition I do. Only 12 of us qualified, but then again, only about 50 take part! But yes, fine, I’m 4th after the regular season. Yes, 3 prizes in cash, so with my luck, I wont get there, but we will see. This is the first tournament of 8 in the playoffs for us.

More remarkably, the one over at CBS Sportsline has over 35,000 entrants, and yes, I’m in the top 50, comfortably, and this is the last week. So yes, in golf at least, number crunching works beautifully. Some other sports, maybe not? 😉

Now, if anyone actually wants to turn me into a genuine number crunching machine, instead of a human, let me know!

The video. Some very early Boomtown Rats, in fact, its their very first single, when they were still very punk!

Thats the price?

I must admit, that when it comes to clothes, and fashion, and the cost of it, I fall into the practical Yorkshire woman type role, of saying “How Much?” in clothes shops, when I look at the prices. This fact is probably not helped that in recent times, the vast majority of my purchases have either been in charity shops, or budget shops like Primark, Ethel Austin, or when in the US, Old Navy, and Target, rather than the more luxury brands, or to put it more correctly, the more normally priced clothing shops!

Yes, unfortunately it got the better of me in LA last October, when I saw a shop selling vintage style (or genuine vintage) clothing, but then I looked at the price tickets! No, some of them were probably fair, but compared to what I used to, and also, because I was trying not to run up costs, I passed on them.

This amusing fact has again came to light, because I won £30 worth of shopping vouchers, for stores in the Arcadia Group, and I started looking at stuff online, and in the shops (There is a unit selling clothing for a number of these companies very close to my new workplace), and going “How much?” when I see the prices, even if I’m not really paying it!

I saw a dress, for example, that by these sort of stores, is probably reasonably priced at £15, but given what I’m used to paying for things, I was shocked at the price. I know, its what you’re used to, and everything, so no, didnt get it yet. I also saw a top that looked like a modern styling of what a flapper would happily have worn, but it was £12, and I did the same thing. Yes, in the end, I regretted doing that, said ‘what the hell’, and went back to get it on Friday, and they were sold out! I know, my fault, but…I can at least say that I wanted to check I could wear it to work (spaghetti type straps, not allowed in a number of workplaces), but I could, but still I didnt rush to buy it, so yes, my fault, in a sense!

I know, silly thing to do, especially when they dont actually cost me anything, but thats the way I’ve lived, I guess? Ah well, I still have the vouchers, they dont expire for a long time yet, so…

But fine, me, and clothing prices, always going to be a fun issue, I guess?

The video mentions the price of something, but its not clothing lol. Mind, I’m equally as awful at love, so…

The end of summer?

Its kind of funny, I’ve just started the first week of work, in my new job, and then after that, I’ve got a long weekend, and a 4 day week next week. Yes, in the UK at least, its the last Bank Holiday of the summer, next one is Christmas! I know, the US has got a few more before then, but over here, this is it.

Its actually been nice weather over here this week, for walking to, and from work to the Bus Station, so much so, I’ve only worn a coat one day this week, and that was due to forecast rain, not the temperature. I’m pretty sure it wont be so nice, at 8 pm, on a cold, wintry day in February, but lets get there first!

The job seems good, mind, given it would be being compared to Capita, that might not be hard, but regardless of that, yes, it seems good. And yes, as long as the new commute stays fresh, that helps too. This week has mainly been about rules, and regulations, and form filling, but that has all been fine. Real training starts on Tuesday, really looking forward to it.

The other reason that I know Autumn (Fall) is approaching, is that all the baseball talk is turning to the playoffs. Amazing to think how much of them I saw last year, in California, going to miss out on that this time around, for sure. Dodgers are leading their division, Royals are finally on a roll, and Red Sox are challenging too, so all looking good at present. Oh to be there, but…at least I’ll miss that truly ghastly Presidential campaign lol. In truth, dislike one intently, not a fan of the other, so…rolls eyes

Now, to enjoy the long weekend, and then get trained up for the new job. Sadly, not trained in a method I could really enjoy, but all the same…

A real oldie tonight, for the video. Lets just say its been quite a summer in my life, and leave it at that!

End of The Road?

Now, before anyone thinks I mean the end of the blog, having reached 30,000 posts, panic not! But it might have gained a few extra readers with that title lol!

No, the thing that I’m hopefully at the end of the road of, is job hunting, for the very foreseeable future. Yes, tomorrow morning, I head off to Bradford, to start the job I wanted to get, and I’m really looking forward to it. Fine, there have been a couple of Capita false alarms, that I’d rather forget about, but. One, was their fault, they werent prepared to let us do a decent job, and as it was only for a matter of weeks anyway, I bailed out.

This time around, they were hampered by the fact that the day after I started there, I found out I’d got this job, and I knew which one I wanted to do. Better money, better commute, more interesting job, just for starters. And in truth, having tried it, I now know for sure that being controlled by technology is more for me, than trying to give out advice about it. So, all in all, for the best.

I know, its not the 30 hour a week job, in Huddersfield, I was looking for, 15 months ago, but I suspect that was always going to remain a dream, but never mind. Who knows, maybe the new ebook will sell thousands of copies, and I can take up writing as a full time occupation, and…yes, I’ll stop laughing at that idea sometime next week!

Think the odds on someone turning me into a full time, collared slave are probably less than those! And yes, thats not expected either! Which would I prefer? No comment, strictly!

Its been an interesting journey along the way, but I’m glad its over. My favorite time would have to be the 4 weeks in Hollywood, obviously, the worst would be that job from hell, last December. In between, if I could have got a visa/green card quickly, or had already owned one, I could now be doing a tour as an actress in the US! Now that would have been a job I would have loved, but anyway…

So yes, like the job hunt, its time for this edition of the blog to reach the end of the road. But dont worry, it will be back next weekend!

The video, nothing could be more apt. One of those songs that never got the kudos it deserved.

A major milestone

Sometime late yesterday evening, UK time at least, this little blog hit what I would call a major milestone. I knew I was approaching 30,000 views earlier this week, and assumed I’d hit the landmark at some point this weekend, but then I got a bit of a rush of views, and hit it yesterday instead. Wow!

The funny thing is, this is actually my second blog that I started, but the other, my ‘real life’ self one, which actually started several months before, hasnt even reached 17,000 views yet! Its probably fair to say that this one gets more publicity, because its linked to several mind control forums, and because of what I write about, when people put in searches, for robots, brainwashing, and the like, then seemingly it comes up often in Google, judging by the most popular threads at least, and the related subject matter. Why do I think they’re linked to searches? Because they are about 4 or 5 years old! So no, you’re hardly like to just find them otherwise, lol!

I guess its fair to assume that the number of people who have found this blog, are far, far less than that. Thats because a lot of people look each time, when I advertise the new blogs on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. But even so, to me, and I know its been a few years, its still an amazing number.

Sadly, I know hardly any of my readers, as it seems the number of people who actually comment at all, are barely any at all. So who reads them, not really any idea, which I see as a shame. Seemingly, by a vast majority, the largest number are in the USA, whereas my personal one is dominated by the UK, where I live, most of the time.

But yes, to any of you who actually read this, thanks for doing so, and making it all worthwhile.

Oh fine, lets slip in a bit of pre-publicity, I’ve been writing a book this week, the last free time before I start my new, hopefully forever job on Monday. I know, there’s been a couple of false alarms along the way, but hopefully, this is it. Some might say the subject matter is a bit controversial, seeing its about ECT treatments, but hey, it makes a change to write something a little darker. It will be going to the editor this weekend, and then, when I finally get paid next Friday, hopefully I’ll be in a position to buy a cover, and get it posted up, and hopefully sell a few copies. I know, the money isnt much, but sales are always nice to see.

OK, video. You could say, this is what I am, by so many viewers

Another suitcase, in another airport

No, not me, for heavens sake, I only wish it was, and that I was planning a trip to Los Angeles, or beyond. But unless I find a generous donor, or something, I’m not going anywhere major, before next year, for sure. But yes, earlier today, a Dodgers related baseball thread had me realizing that we are only 6 weeks away from the end of the regular season.

Sadly, this year, I’m not going to get to a live game anywhere, and I’m not going to be able to relax, and watch the play off matches at all, in a comfy little apartment in Hollywood. I know, someone could donate me a large sum of money, and it might happen yet, or some wealthy soul might decide to make me the latest version of Marion Davies, and set me up in luxury, in that wonderful city. But yes, the odds on that happening are only slightly less than me hitting the winning home run in the World Series! Yes, I’m 58, female, and never played baseball in my life, so the chances of that happening, well…!

What the thread was about, was the now fast impending retirement of Vin Scully, as the spokesman of the Dodgers, in a TV sense at least. I know, its his 67th season, the guy is in his late 80’s, and never leaves California nowadays, but its not going to be the same without him. Yes, much though in a sense, it would be my dream job, calling every Dodgers game, every season (I could manage about 30 years before I reach his age), but lets face it, its going to be the job from hell, trying to replace him. Still, if someone wants to offer it to me, I’d give it a go, I guess, but I couldnt hope to match the legend. But I’m sure I’ll say more than that, when the Dodgers season is over, hopefully at the end of the World Series, either way.

But what struck me this week, was the amount of travel that these baseball people have to do. I know a lot are ridiculously well paid, but when you see what they have to put up with, travel, and play wise, for 6 months of the year, eek!

Take the Red Sox, who I got to see their Monday matinee game this week, as an example. Sunday, they played in Boston, the last game of the series with Arizona. From there, they flew to Cleveland, for said Monday game, a make up of a postponed fixture from April. After that, they flew back to Baltimore, for 2 games, being delayed on Wednesday night, by the weather. From there, they had to fly back to Detroit, for 4 more games, including an afternoon game on Thursday afternoon! When that series ends on Sunday, they then need to fly all the way down to Tampa Bay, before Monday evening. Then finally, for the Friday, they are allowed back home to Boston!

I know, if I was doing it, in the Vin Scully role, I probably would find it hard, but survivable. But given that on top of all that, they have to play a game of top level baseball, each day, wow! As I say, I know some earn millions in a year, but the beating their bodies must take, earning it, eek!

Oh fine, if the Dodgers came calling, as the commentator, would I say no? No chance!

Right, video time. What these baseball players must feel their lives consist of. I will say, this gorgeous song from Evita never got the kudos it deserved