You Ought To Be In Pictures?

Well, now I’m a professional actress, just maybe? Except strictly, I didnt get paid for acting this week, I got paid for public speaking. Yes, my presentation last week has actually earned me, what I believe to be, my first fee for public performance in my life. No, dont quote me for definite for that, my career as such as it is goes back about 50 years, so I might have forgotten something, but I dont remember ever being paid. Yes, been on TV a few times, performed in school plays, and amateur dramatics numerous times, but never got paid for anything. Until now… Well fine, £25 isnt a fee that Meryl Streep and the like would get excited about, but hey, its a start! Strictly, its not payment for the presentation, its a reward for doing it, but it comes down to the same thing.

Question is, if I buy an outfit that I might use for a part, does it count as a tax deductible expense? Yes, I’m joking, believe me! I doubt very much that a 15 minute presentation on diversity issues, is going to see Hollywood, Broadway, or even small theater groups rushing for my services! Even more so, given that my activity levels are a bit limited at present! I suspect its either going to be used for winter boots, or a dress styled from 20’s or 30’s, assuming I can find something of a full length, which might be hard with flapper dresses!

Strictly, at least in a past life, I have been in movies, though only in small roles, and chorus line stuff that wouldnt turn her into a star. And yes, she failed to pass on the dancing skills, unfortunately.

Today though, is the birthday of someone who did deserve to be in pictures, and indeed she was, Nancy Carroll. Mind, the latter part of her career was mainly in TV, and theater, so might be hope for me yet! No, I’m not as talented as her either, sadly, nor did she have my back issues, to limit her mobility.

But one thing, at least now I’ve been paid to perform lol. Public speaking tour, anyone?

OK, the video. Huge clue in blog title, a real oldie here, from 83 years ago!

A fascinating hat?

Well, the dress for the wedding has now arrived, not that I’ve tried it on yet, but I will do, but probably be Tuesday now, at this point, as I have got a bit behind with matters today. All entirely my fault, though I could blame the 3 week interval on updates at the EMCSA, but wouldnt be entirely true. But yes, deed done, and its ready for the big day. No, not mine yet, nor is it likely to be, but who can tell? Someone might fall for my charms in LA, or in September, but…yes, stop laughing, now! Fine, I am, anyway!

That matter sorted, I then discover I’m expected to wear a hat on the big day. I cant remember the exact words Stacie used, nor can I find them now, which is annoying, but anyway, lets just say they arent meant to be boring and dull! Oh, and let me add that the last time I was seen wearing a hat, was October 2015, in Hollywood, where a handy Dodgers cap stopped sufficient numbers of those people offering trips to see the modern stars homes from thinking I was anything but a local. Might need to get it back off someone for a few weeks time! If anyone has any other tips, to look like a local, not a tourist, they would be much appreciated, as thats the image I want to create while there.

Oh fine, given the dress is silver/gold, when it turns to hats, I’m thinking of something of that kind, that could work as a vintage look, which is totally me, or something apt for a robot. Then this hat came to mind as a guide…

Nancy Carroll, for those who want to know, though originally it got into my picture collection because it came up as a Google search for images of Clara Johnson! Still need to find a picture of her, somewhere!

Oh, fine, dont worry yourselves about the concept, unless you fancy the challenge, or know someone that might. Stacie has said she will ‘sort me out’, and I’m sure that will be great. But if anyone wants a design contest or something, feel free to send sketches, or ideas to me at , all the same. No, it doesnt have to actually turn me into a robot, or anything, though if it could…lol! Just one thing, I’m not a wealthy lady, so dont go designing something that will cost a fortune to make, unless wearing it has, err, interesting effects! 😉

Right, video time. I’m hoping that a few of my British readers might have heard of Steeleye Span, though I’m not convinced that many readers from further afield will have done. So, let me educate you! The song was originally released in 1976, this live version from 2004 shows Maddy could still perform then. Still can, in truth, so if anyone knows of a show, and has spare tickets…?

Happy birthday, Ann Veronica Lahiff

All totally baffled? Oh fine, apart from classic movie lovers, I’m not surprised. I’d love to think that if I said she’s better known as Nancy Carroll, that a few more might know who I’m talking about, but maybe not? Oh fine, thanks to issues with Paramount/Universal, and making her movies more available, there’s a fair chance you dont know her. Shame, you dont know what you’re missing out on. Oh, yes, technically at least, she was 113 yesterday, though sadly she died in 1965. Not that she’d be likely to be alive now anyway, but 61 was still quite young.

Nancy was a fine actress, singer, and dancer from the very end of silent movies, and the beginning of sound. She did make a few more movies after that, but mainly in small roles. Not to worry folks, because she was plenty busy enough working in theaters, when not living, and doing business around the world. Indeed, the main reason it was discovered she had died, was when she didnt turn up for a performance, and her daughter went and found her dead, in her apartment, a brain aneurism having taken her from this world.

If you believe what the studios said, Nancy didnt help her career, because of temper issues. But fine, if you believed everything put out by the studios…rolls eyes! I’m not saying she was sweet and innocent, she was Irish American, and a redhead, so… But yes, if she was that much of a diva, theaters wouldnt have been rushing to employ her, lets face it!

Me, I’ve only known Nancy myself for a couple of years, but grown to love her in that time. She’s made a fine support actress to Jean, Clara and others in my stories since then, but enough of that. For those she can mainly blame the bountiful number of pictures of her dressed as a witch, a cat, and the like! So, how did I discover her? Well, 2 years ago, having discovered the Clara Johnson past life for the first time, I went on a discovery hunt for her. As I have discovered, that was easier said, than done. Found a few pieces of info, but no definite pictures. And thats where Nancy came in! I put the name Clara Johnson in Google images, and found plenty of Clara Bow, who I instantly recognized. But then I found this one, that I didnt recognize, was clearly from that era, and no name.


So was it actually Clara, I asked? No, my hopes were quickly dashed, when I was told that it was Nancy Carroll! But yes, she was cute, and I loved the hat, so I looked into her more, and have been hooked since.

So yes, for yesterday, Happy Birthday, Nancy, or Ann, or Diane, as one reader of this will get that joke! 😉

OK, video time. So lets introduce my readers (if needed) to Nancy Carroll. I think the best way to describe this, is that when sound came creeping in, all sorts of short pieces were put together, to test out the new system. Some were good, some, err, werent! As this is the only bit I’ve seen of this session, I have no idea how good the rest of it was. But yes, the singer, and dancer, is Nancy Carroll, and fine, let me imagine that one of those chorus line dancers could just be Clara Johnson!