Dream a little dream, of a Hollywood home

Firstly, let me thank Elaine, for being the only person to give me a suggestion for this blog, very much appreciated. Well, someone did say they’d go with the flow, but…

I would love to read more about your dream to live in Hollywood

Being honest, unless I win a very large amount in the lottery, or I find the right man, or woman, this is likely, sadly, to only ever remain a dream. Well, I suppose Bernie Sanders could become President, change the Immigration rules dramatically, but…No, the latter at least isnt likely to happen. I still need to be convinced the US people would make Bernie President, but I’d love it to happen. But fine, this isnt about politics tonight, its about a home in Hollywood.

Yes, I would love to live in Hollywood, but why? In a sense, LA is the sort of place that shouldnt appeal to me, especially Hollywood, as that is even more glitzy, but there is something I love about the place. Fine, that adorable little apartment I spent most of October in, probably plays a part, but even before then, I’d fallen in love with the town.

I’m pretty sure that being a lover of Silent, and Golden Era movies helps with my love of the place, and with good reason. But yes, that definitely makes me feel at home there, knowing the history of the place, even if it is far more modern now. And all those tours, they go to the homes of the modern stars, not the ones I love, but anyway…

The irony is, I think my lifestyle, if I lived there, would be more Clara Johnson, than Jean Harlow! Yes, it might be fun living in style like that, but in truth, I’d be far more comfortable living my quiet life around town, working as a bit part actress (like Clara), or just in an office, or a shop, I’d fit in more with the girl who worked hard, without ever really being noticed, by those who matter.

Thats right, no big mansion for me. A nice little apartment, with one decent bedroom, and I’d be in heaven. If it was somewhere like Beachwood Canyon, where I could see the famous Hollywood sign, even better. That studio apartment on Verbena was cute, but a studio apartment, as your main home, maybe a little small, even for me! Though fine, my own little place, anywhere in town, wonderful.

Yes, working in, or around the movies would be fun. I’ve written plenty of short stories, but thats it. I havent acted in years either, so all in all…But yes, any little job, working in and around, the bustle of Hollywood, I’d love it. No, I’m pretty sure there are no openings for middle aged Jean Harlow lookalikes! Could do Mae West, I guess? 😉

So yes, unless I find a partner, or money, I fear this will never be anything more than a dream. But I’d love the opportunity to prove myself wrong. But as things stand, I’m not likely to get work over there, so I’ll just have to live the dream, and no more?

The video, all about dreaming, from a California lady who died far too young. No, not Jean, before you ask!

Finally, let me close by wishing all my readers a Happy New Year for 2016, and hope its a good time for you. Me, I’ll be trying to make it that way, I hope!

2015 in review

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I wonder, its frightening. A glimpse towards 2016

Yes, I know, its a couple of days early, but there’s a good reason for that, more on that at the end of the blog. Facebook, and Twitter followers know already, but for those who dont…! Normally this is a cheery event, but circumstances mean its less so this time around.

As I mentioned in the last blog, if you’d told me at the end of March, that I’d still be out of work heading into 2016, I would have laughed at you. Fine, I’m not laughing now! I’m not yet at breaking point financially, but its beginning to get that way, about 10 weeks, I guess, looking at figures, unless I find money from somewhere! Fingers crossed that Miss Carpenter has a lot more joy in finding a job, than Ms Nicholls has! Yes, I’ve now done a few applications in my new name, though until the passport actually arrives, ID issues might be fun for interviews, or registrations! Hopefully, early next week, that will cease to be an issue at least.

Most other events in 2016, in all honesty, depend on either getting a job, a benefactor, a partner (or Master/ Mistress), or a lottery win. Fine, apart from the first, I guess chances are slim? There is one possible Master at present, as a hypno-bot, but thats about it. If it comes to fruition, I’d love it, but given my past record in dreams coming true, I’m not holding my breath! Yes, I’d love it to be as a real robot, but we have to be practical lol.

If not, I might chance one of these dating websites, if I can find one for free, and see if I can find a wealthy, short sighted person who wants to fall in love with me. But no, I’m not a prize capture, lets face it. If I was a 25 year old clone of Jean Harlow, then maybe, but I’m only a 57 year old lookalike! Ah well…

If the money situation clears itself, then the planned holiday in May, is New England, with my friend, Kate. But yes, that requires a money input, pretty soon! Later in the year, no idea, the dream would be a long stay in Hollywood, but that might require planning, especially if I’m working. If I’m not working, well, I have no idea where I’ll be, anyway. Well, unless I have a benefactor, or a lottery win anyway lol. Yes, stop laughing!

OK, the last thing, and the one I find most fanciful, comes from a Psychic friend on Facebook. She tells me, I’m going to get a call, and end up living, and working out there, in Hollywood. Would be heaven, and I’d love her to be right, but in all practicality…this is me, we are talking about. There is also one wonderful man who would love me to go to Long Island in March, and make a personal appearance, as Jean Harlow, before a showing of Red Headed Woman. There are age issues, strictly, there are height issues (I’m 7″ taller, and 30 years older than Jean), but agreed, it would be wonderful, and I’m sure a good make up artist could at least create the illusion of a middle aged Harlow at least, or maybe I could be her Mother, that could work? But yes, that would take money, so probably not!

Mind, if anyone with too much money wants me to start a campaign for that? Thought not!

But yes, I wonder what will happen in 2016? Maybe I finally get to become a robot, even if only a hypno-bot, but it would be a wonderful start. That thought is far from frightening, but the money issue is beginning to be one. So yes, that leads to the video.

Yes, fine, as I mentioned, I’m doing this early for a purpose. The last blog of the year, feel free to suggest a subject you’d like to hear me waffle on. Only condition, its something I can easily type about 600 words on, and thats it, the rest is up to you. Comment here, send it by Twitter at @harleanlook, or on my Facebook page at Harlean Carpenter, or as more likely from past experience, do nothing at all. Be a devil, and just come back in 2 days time, and see what I selected.

An English Woman in LA – A brief look back at 2015

Alright, that title is a slight cheat, as I only spent just over 10% of the year in LA (38 days out of 365), but hey, its the second longest period I spent anywhere, so…

Fine, the year started off badly, when in mid January, I was told that I was being made redundant (again, 3rd time) by the company I’d worked for, for 6 years, so this time I decided to take the hint, and take the money and run. No, thats not the video, or the one you might be expecting from the blog title. See, been told lol! I actually left there at the end of March, and if you’d told me that 9 months later I would still be out of work, well…ah well, too late now!

The main thing that allowed me to do, was extend my stay in Hollywood, in April. To be honest, I wondered how I would take to life in ‘Tinsel Town’, but took to it like a duck to water. Fine, 10 days wasnt enough (would have been 7), and I pledged to return. Fine, I wasnt expecting it to be 6 months later, but more on that shortly.

I came back, and started job hunting, with no success. It might be age, but more likely, its the current recruitment infatuation with competency based questions that didnt help. Thankfully, I had the money to help me cope with this. Anyway, by August, I’d reached breaking point with this matter, and was about to snap. So despite having a week in Cape Cod with a US friend booked for mid September, I took a dramatic step! I booked a 4 week stay, in a rented apartment in Hollywood, up in the Hills, best thing I’ve ever done. Oh, and that is so much more fun than a hotel room, even if the place isnt (strictly) your own. Oh, and btw, 38 days in LA still isnt enough, but anyway…enough on that, plans are already in hand, should the chance arise!

The one thing that wonderful trip stopped me doing sooner, was changing my name, as I’d had planned for a couple of months by then. But straight after I got back, the deed was done, and my name is now officially Harlean, even though to some, I will always be Steph, or Stephanie, I guess. Main reason I kept Stephanie as my middle name, rather than Jean lol!

Now, finally (due to needing the passport as ID for job applications) the old passport has gone back, and the last trace of Stevie Nicholls will be no more. Yes, I’m really looking forward to going to the US, as Harlean, when money, and time permit.

So fine, what have I been for a lot of this year? A California girl, just maybe? Yes, its the Katy Perry song, but its not Katy! Its a rather excellent parody by Sarah Gregory, and Mark Douglas, whoever they may be? It is rather good, mind.

They said there would be peace on Earth.

Yes, a line from one of my favourite Christmas pop songs of all time.

Its funny, Greg Lake wrote that line in a cynical manner, back in the 1970’s, and sadly, not a lot has changed. Well, I guess the Cold War is past us, but you have to worry about cranks like ISIS instead. And things dont seem to get any better, with stories of Muslim families from the UK having their entry arrangements into the US cancelled at the last moment too. I know, there is a faint chance they could be terrorists, but seriously…Sadly, Donald Trump’s awful rhetoric seems to have got into the heads of some in the US, and it has come to this. Such a shame.

The other thing I found sad today probably affects more people. I went to the local mini supermarket early this afternoon, thinking I had to get the 1 item I needed early, as I thought they would be closing early on Christmas Eve. Wrong, its open to 10.00 tonight, a sad turn of events to me, and my sympathies go out to the staff, not that they’re likely to read this. Is it really only 30 years ago that by about 5.00 on Christmas Eve, everything but the pubs would be shut? Ah well, though I dont see this change as a good one.

Alright, comments on modern life over. Let me just wish all my followers on here, a very Merry Christmas, and I hope you get everything you wish for.

No, I dont expect to get a brainwashing, or mind control helmet, or even better, a robot suit that actually transforms me, or at least a chamber that will do so. A full, and permanent, Jean Harlow makeover, nope, either. What I will get, who knows?

OK, to close, the video. I gave a big clue to the song above, so lets roll with it.

Maybe we should wipe the ‘disc’ clean, and start again?

And no, as you might have worked out, I’m not really talking about any computer disc here, I’m talking about my mind. Lets face it, its a stressed out mess at present, so wiping clean, and starting again might not be as awful as it might sound. But lets face it, hypnotherapists arent going to be happy about brainwashing you, and rebooting your neural systems, in all likelihood. Shame, but anyway…

So fine, next best thing. I was booked for a relaxation, and de-stress session on the Saturday morning, that I started training for that ‘job from hell’, so had to cancel it. Thankfully now, I’ve been able to rearrange it, at the same discounted price for 3 weeks on Saturday. I hope thats soon enough, given the way I’m getting about job interviews, and the like, but I’m sure it will be.

Anyway, being curious about such matters, I had a look for hypnotic brainwashing videos on You Tube. Yes, found some, though I’m pretty sure they’re designed for more kinky issues than frustration with your interview skills! And given I regarded myself as pretty impervious to these things in the past, never having really gone deep, other than one to one, I thought I’d give it a try. And yes, seemingly, I went under quite easily. As I say, this is aimed at ‘slavery’, but given that corset has had me feeling submissive of late, I went for it. This one

Unless you play it, you wont know the details, but lets just say I definitely felt the planned effects. Thankfully you get your mind back at the end, but anyway… Feeling, I loved the feeling of mindlessness, and yes, I definitely felt a lot calmer afterwards, as an end result.

Then in those suggested videos on the side, I found this. No idea why it appealed so greatly lol.

And yes, it worked, though not as much as the first one, maybe her voice wasnt as strong, or something, who knows? But yes, at the end, all the same, I definitely came out feeling like a mindless robot, and loved it. Thankfully there was no one to give me commands (other than cats demanding food, and yes, I fed them), or who knows what might have happened? Robot thing only wears off after about 30 minutes, and I knew when that time was up!

But yes, all this being made mindless stuff, seems to have done me some good. Now, if I could get it done longer term, or permanently… 😉

The video. Yes, a Christmas one at long last. This is a new one, a cover of an old classic.

If I could turn back time

I suppose one of the more interesting (in a sense) events that have come out of the internet era, are some of the crazy theories doing the rounds.

And no, I dont mean things like whether we actually went to the moon, or not (we did), I mean things dating far further back than that. There are several videos on You Tube (find them for yourself, if you care), which supposedly show modern gadgets being used in the late 1920’s, and claiming this as proof of time travel. Fine, it has to be said that I’ve seen pictures of Clara Bow, and Louise Brooks with something in their hand that really does look like a modern mobile phone, but I assume is just a compact, or makeup mirror? I mean, the biggest issue, even if they were time travelling back then, is how they got these devices to work in 1929? I mean, yes, there were dozens of cell phone transmitters back then, not!

All the same, I admit it, yesterday I wrote a story that played very much to that theory, telling the tale of how they ‘supposedly’ got their pieces of modern technology. Yes, folks, pure fiction! I know, I know, the pictures suggest maybe, but seriously…?

Mind, having said that, if Twitter is anything to go by, a good number of silent era, and 30’s movies stars are time travelling, and using Twitter as social media. I know, I have a Harlean Carpenter (Jean Harlow) account on Facebook, but I use it as much to have Jean as a time hopping character, as much as for just focusing on her short life. Oh, and given what I write, it enables me to hide, to some degree, some of my personal kinks. Mind, given Jean’s attitude to sex, she might have enjoyed them, if she was alive now…no, not getting into that!

Gable, Lombard, and a few others are seemingly all active on Twitter, but if you asked me my favorite of those types of account, its an actress whose peak was from well before the Harlow era, Lillian Gish. Yes, I know, she lived to 100, did she have some special trick, or…? But seriously, if you’re on Twitter, and you know anything about silent movies, go follow @MsLillianGish there. She is just wonderful! Though Marion Davies (as far as I know, not on Twitter) gets some flak from her, I think its just good banter between the 2, somewhere in the mists of time.

Fine, the video. Really big clue in the blog title!