I’ll see me in my dreams

No, as far as I know, I havent been doing anything different the last 2 nights before bed, but I’ve been having some weird dreams.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for you, depending on your opinion on the matter, I cant remember the one I had this morning before I woke up. All I know is I was being prepped for brainwashing, or being mind controlled or something, and sadly I woke up before it happened! Hopefully, tonight, I might get a full night of these entertaining types of dreams! Sadly, only seems to happen around 5.00 – 6.00 in the morning, and sadly, thats a period of time I’m always likely to wake up, at an inopportune moment!

Yes, sadly, yesterday, I also woke up just as things were getting interesting, though that was a whole different scenario. Fine, it was me, but I was young, and decently pretty, so no idea where that look came from, unless it was some weird film that Clara Johnson got involved in, and our thoughts sort of merged into one for some reason? Time travel cross over, who knows?

Anyway, said pretty, and young ‘me’, was naked, apart from a headband around my head, that had what looked like a string of electrodes on it, to my eyes at least. Firstly, given a whole load of commands to carry out, which I did, blankly. Anyway, after all that, we were seemingly ‘rewarded’ for our good behavior, by pleasuring another of the group of mindless female slaves.

So there was I, blankly eating out my female accomplice, when I woke up, shame! Now, whether I object to the fact that ‘she’ never got the chance to return the compliment, or the fact that I’ll never know if I satisfied her or not, no idea? All I know is, there was I, happily fulfilling several of my mind controlled fantasies, and I had to go and wake up! Yes, I was aroused by it all, very!

Its funny, for all the stories I’ve written, I only remember this sort of thing happening once before, some years ago, and again, just as I was about to be turned into a robot, I woke up!

I know, they say there’s some significance in dreams, I’d just love to know what the significance was, of the one I had early yesterday morning! Promises, promises, lol…

Tonight, third time lucky? Hmm, I sure hope so! Alien abduction? Oh, I wish! But yes, if anyone has got any ideas, please let me know. And if anyone is the one controlling me to do these things, please dont let me wake up, just as it gets interesting! šŸ˜›

Right, video time. A real oldie tonight, from Doris Day


Let me be my fantasy?

In truth, I dont seem to get to writing long pieces nowadays. Probably burnt myself out, given I’ve written nearly a century of them, but there is also, generally, the issue of time as well. Maybe I need a new challenge, and who knows, I might get to that some day sooner, or later?

What I have started doing recently though, over at one of the forums, is getting involved in what is termed a 55 word challenge. Basically, you write a short piece, of exactly 55 words, based on the prompt left by the previous person, and then leave one for the next person at the end. Its fun, or is when I have a prompt I can work with, and it doesnt take long, because its only 55 words. Probably spend as long checking I’ve got the word count right, as writing it!

So yes, here’s a treat for you, a short piece I’ve written, that beyond a few dozen people, no one has seen, or is likely to see. Yes, its playing to my kinks, but anyway, here it is…

“So Harlean, what would you like to be?” asked her Fairy Godmother, “Choice is entirely yours, just remember one thing, only one choice is permitted, then you have to live with outcome?”

Stay Yourself?
Shiny Robot?
Cute young flapper?
Fine Edwardian Lady?
Alien, with her own spacecraft?
Sweet Thirties chorus dancer?

“I’ve decided, I’ll be…?”

Yes, I deliberately didnt take the choice in the story, so that people could decide on my choice for themselves. So what do you reckon my decision would/should be?

Stay Yourself?

No, you’re right, wouldnt be me to take this choice, even if I have to live with the decision for the rest of my life, lets face it, I’m going to go for one of those transformations!

Shiny Robot?

Lets face it, not so long ago, this would have been an absolute no contest, this would have been my pick. But now… Yes, it would probably still rank as favorite, but plenty of the others would be very tempting, I must admit.

Cute young flapper?

There probably is a critical factor on this one, to live, and have fun as a flapper, I would need to be cute, and young. Oh, and allowed to drink hooch, lol! Lets just say one thing, I’d make sure my investments in 1929 werent in stocks and shares! šŸ˜›

Fine Edwardian Lady?

I probably only included this because of my latest work in Blackpool, to be honest. Not that I would mind, as long as I was a fine lady, ideally with someone to tie me tightly into a corset! But no, I’d pass on that Transatlantic trip on the Titanic, lol!

Alien, with her own spacecraft?

Oh fine, this would be so much fun! Whizzing around, either in space, or around the Earth would just be so great. Especially as it seems humans quite enjoy aliens being a bit careless about being sighted, lol!

Sweet Thirties chorus dancer?

Yes, again this is subject to be given suitable dancing skills, as well as youth! I guess this one pretty much comes down to just wanting to know what Clara Johnson’s life was like, I guess?

So, given a free choice, but a one off, you have to live with your decision call, which do you think I should choose? I’m pretty sure I’d want to try something new, given the chance, so staying myself isnt going to happen. I dont think the Edwardian Lady would top the list, but if offered the chance, as the only choice, I probably would! Of the others, absolutely no idea which I’d pick! If anyone wants to suggest here, on Facebook, or on Twitter, wherever you see this, give me a shout out!

Of course, I could always become a fine, French lady of the past, or the present, but thats a whole different story! šŸ˜‰

Right, video time. I dont often put up this sort of music, but the title sort of fitted, so I rolled with it.

Anyone for (Ice) Cream?

Well, actually, today is seemingly one of those marketing days that I can appreciate, given its National Ice Cream Day (in US, I assume?). Yes, I have had some, if you must know, something relatively cheap and cheerful, but much appreciated during our UK summer.

Like most of my age at least, my first memories of Ice Cream would be from the van coming around the streets, with its tinkling bell, selling that white delight, and annoying the hell out of my parents to buy me one! Thankfully, quite often, they did! Of course, the fact that it was bargain basement, vanilla ice cream meant nothing to a young child, lets face it?

Since then, of course, I’ve discovered numerous other flavors in my life, the obvious other simple ones, like Strawberry, and Chocolate, as well as more luxurious ones as well, care of some of the more specialized producers of the product. I’ve also discovered that the simple flavors come in a whole standard of qualities. The difference between a cheap ice cream, and a more expensive version of the same flavor can be totally different.

I must admit that I’ve sort of given up on cones, more into my ice cream coming in little (or not so little) tubs, or bowls nowadays. Probably ease, with age, and related health issues making it easier that way. But yes, I remember as a little child, queuing up at the ice cream van, to hand over my parents money, and enjoy that delight, even now.

Ice Cream (of a good class) may not be the best food ever, but its always a delightful treat.

Right, to save you from Vanilla Ice, and that awful song, I thought of this.

The only way I’ll fall in love?

Well, fine, for a while last night, I thought tonight’s blogging would be easy. Memories of the previous time that England were in a World Cup Final, 52 years ago, and all that. They were even winning when I got home, but things went downhill from there, so instead you get this…! Yes, resisting being rude about that Orange faced Russian guy visiting here from the US, trying to be good!

So instead, lacking any great subject matter, lets rely on that good old back up idea, a look at one of this week’s stories. This one, in fact


Now, as my regular followers know, my views on Smart Phones, Apps, and the like, is pretty much that I dont know, and I dont care about them. But still, this amused me. You can guess I dont know a lot (or less) about Tinder, but I gather its some sort of dating thing, where you do one thing with the picture if interested in someone, and do the opposite if not? Then if they feel the same way about you…? One things for sure, even if I was on it, the chances of anyone being interested in me, matches my chances of flying to Alpha Centauri in an alien spacecraft, at light speed! šŸ˜›

So fine, a story where if you fancy someone on this Tinder thing, that they have to reciprocate, has to amuse me. No, I dont think I could be that cruel to anyone, but apart from that… Well, if I could get Rotwang to give me the Maria makeover, then maybe, but otherwise…

Let me say that beyond this fictional, magical version of Tinder, I have no idea if it works, or not? I cant believe it does for anyone, but maybe for some…? Besides which, I suspect most of the people I’d be attracted to, of a suitable age for me, probably arent on Tinder either! So fine, if thats what smart phones are like (and fine, I know, in real life, they’re not), another reason for me not to bother to get one!

So, if any wealthy millionaire wants to fall in love with me (ha ha), lets just do it the old fashioned way, OK? šŸ˜‰ If he then wants to turn me into an obedient, Stepford type wife, no complaints from me!

Alright, video time. This guy is probably remembered by most for one song, classically used as a ‘Rick Roll’ on You Tube. No, its not that song, though it could have been apt. Its his version of the Nat King Cole classic, and its very good, live. Now, if he wants to fancy me on Tinder, either version, I’d have no complaints!


If you want milk today?

Well, I guess that on Thursday, the next blog might have to mention some soccer tournament, if the result is right tomorrow night, but other than that, Iā€™m running a bit low on ideas now Iā€™m producing 3 blogs a week, for 2 blogs, so if anyone has any subject matter they want discussed, with weird being fine, feel free to suggest away!

I have mentioned that as the calendar moves on through the years, the number of weird appreciation days seems to grow to the point where, very shortly, we will probably have about 360 of them! I assume they arent going to top the 2 at Easter, the 2 at Christmas, and New Years Day, but otherwise…?

Anyway, for better, or for worse, and its probably for worse, it seems today is Cow Appreciation Day. Yes, really, I suspect some agriculture, or farm group came up with that one! But yes, why focus on that, you ask? Well, for a bit of silliness, I guess?

In the US, there is a restaurant group called Chick Fil-A or something like that? Given the ‘love’ their bosses have for all matters relating to LGBT, lets just say I’d be unlikely to eat there, and leave it at that. No, to my knowledge, on all my visits to the US, I never have! But today, they’re doing one thing that I’d just love to do, as I’m never the type to say no to a free meal!

Basically, as much as I can tell, anyone going into one of their restaurants tonight, wearing anything that makes them look like a cow, or presumably cow related clothing, gets a free entree! Yes, me, I’d want to go the whole way, wear the full cow suit, for the principal, and yes, for the fun of it as well! Oh, and ideally, be milked, properly, just like a cow would be! Oh fine, the udders they would use would probably be the fake ones, and besides, I doubt they could get any milk, out of my ‘milk teats’ nowadays, anyway! But if they wanted to try…? šŸ˜‰ Always fancied, for some reason that nowadays, I have no idea why (stimulation, maybe?) being milked like that. Dont know where I got that idea from as a teen, unlike the robot/brainwashing ones, mind.

Yes, funnily enough, I did cover that concept in a story, many years ago too!Ā  https://mcstories.com/DairyUnit/index.html

I will say that the first chapter is far better than the second one, as that was just a throw on I was requested to do, when the story took off!

But yeah, regardless of said Restaurant Group, if anyone has a cow suit they want me to wear, or want to ‘milk me’ properly, then let me know, moo! Either here, or robotunit8@hotmail.com, if you prefer.

Right, video time. Lets see, cows, milk, well…sad to think I remember this song, and its over 50 years old. Firstly, the famous version

Secondly, a more recent version by the gentleman (and friends) who wrote the song. You might remember him as part of 10 cc, or maybe not?

Space Age Dream Look

You know these strange things you find on Social Media? And no, I dont mean supposedly genuine, respectful statements by Trump, as they would definitely be fake news! šŸ˜›

No, what I mean here are when you’re a member of these slightly crazy Sci Fi groups on Facebook, and someone posts an old picture that brings back memories, and makes you wish you could have that look, especially as she was a ‘machine’. Yes, in this case, Galaxina. Like so…


The film was generally pretty forgettable in truth, other than the fact that said lady, Dorothy Stratten, was murdered shortly afterwards by her estranged husband before he killed himself. But yes, if you’re asking me, if I was turned into a robot, that had to look human (discounting therefore, the Metropolis look), this would probably be at the top of my list! Even more so, given the space connection.

One wonderful friend has told me that yes, its possible, though I’m not sure how you get a plainish 60 year old to look like a 20 year old stunner, I have no idea? I do assume the turning me into a machine/robot might be a bit more complex, lol? To be honest, I wish I had the hair to have a fringe like that, as a start! Its not quite 20’s, but all the same…

Oh, and on the ‘being turned into a robot’ front, if anyone wants to pay my airfare to Denver, and back (maybe?), I might find out. Yes, unlike Galaxina, I might pass on this ‘be more human’ stuff, lol, and prefer the Stepford wife style! Mind, that would take some programming, lol…

OK, video time. A Flock of Seagulls have just got back together to record a new album, and there is actually a new video of this song doing the rounds. Yes, 3 of them have got a lot less hair than they have in this video now! If you put the song title on You Tube, not hard to find!


I’d be afraid to come out of the locker!

You know how nowadays, when we are buried in commercial marketing gimmicks, that there seems to be a day for just about everything, sensible, or otherwise? Well, yes, this is about one of the ‘otherwise’ group.

It seems that today, for want of better reasoning that after the day of US independence, that the next day, we celebrate the independence for women, of wearing one piece swimsuits! Yes, seemingly its National Bikini Day somewhere, I assume in the US?

At my age, and in truth, boringly, throughout my life, I’ve always gone for swimsuits. Maybe its because I dont have a figure that you want to show off in public, maybe its just because I prefer swimsuits? At my age, a swimsuit, with a small skirt design is even better!

I know Bikini’s were supposedly named after Bikini Atoll, in the Pacific, which I rather gather was in the news at the time they first came out, though not for a reason that would make you want to swim there, as it was one of the Nuclear warhead test sites! So if there, you probably should wear more than a bikini, lol!

However, I guess that now, for many, they are the article to wear on the beach, or in, or around a swimming pool, I suppose. Just dont expect me, especially at 60 to do so, even on a scorchingly hot day like today! Well, if someone wants to mind control me to do it, I guess, but I would question their sanity if they did!

OK, video time. Firstly, I’m going to give you one of those 90’s records, that was in truth, pretty dreadful. But hey, its one of those catchy, dreadful versions of the song, and I fell for it, for better, or for worse. Those of musical culture might want to avoid?

And for a more vintage version, with a younger wearer of said bikini, the Brian Hyland version