Coming back for more

In recent years, this is the point where American Football goes to sleep for about 6 months, until this year at least. Over the years, most famously of course in 1960, when the AFL came along, there have been a few challenges to the NFL, which actually marks its official centenary season later this year. Most have fallen by the way side, though indoor arena football seems to stagger on at least. Whether the 2 new tigers to the fold do any better, we will have to wait and see.

(Side note, 2 current teams, now the Arizona Cardinals, and the Chicago Bears played in that first season, though they were then the Chicago Cardinals, and the Decatur Staleys. Green Bay Packers actually formed in 1919, but didnt officially play in the NFL until 1921.

The XFL, which will restart next year, rose early this century, lived briefly, then crashed in a hail of financial issues. Despite that, they are planning to try and start again next year, though given there has already been 1 interim false start in the past, dont hold your breath.

Next week though, the AAF, or Alliance of American Football gets under way. 8 teams, of which 2 are in cities that also have NFL franchises. Another, San Diego did until recently. Yes, there are gimmicks, if you want to read them all, try

for details. Will it succeed in the long term, or crash like so many other leagues have done, who knows? Will it have a rival next year, and of so, can both possibly survive, clearly, watch for details!

I assume it wont be great quality, but for those who need their fix of American Football, it helps, I guess?

OK, video time. I must admit, before the You Tube search, I only knew this artist for one song, and one song only, Convoy. Seems his career in the US at least has been a bit bigger than that. And yes, I’d love the outfit the female backing singers are wearing, just saying…

College sports

For someone who never went beyond secondary school over here, and certainly never went to college in the US, let alone over here, I’m getting steadily addicted to college sports, even before the football season gets underway. Yes, I suppose I guessed they played baseball in college, just had no ideas of the details of how big it might be.

Yes, blame the European version of ESPN America for that, currently we are getting coverage of the College World Series, from Omaha, Nebraska, and the final series started last night. No, I’m not that addicted that I stayed up and watched, but saw the ‘as live’ broadcast earlier this afternoon all the same. Arizona won, and given South Carolina have won it (apparently) for the last 2 years, well a change would be nice! As no Kansas, or Oklahoma state team has been mentioned at any point, I assume they either dont play, or arent among the elite in this sport? Yes, I’m biased, as the Merry Brooks name on the forums might giveaway lol!

From what I gather, those areas might do better when the football season starts up. Oh goodness, I’m getting quite into this college affiliation thing, even with no real attachment whatsoever! Beginning to think I missed out on something, but its about 35 years too late to put that right now! Not that I was ever a great sports person, but anyway…softball might have been fun, who knows?

I dont know, is it all very serious, or is the college stuff slightly less intense than the major leagues? I suppose I shouldnt expect Americans not to be competitive about everything, but…?

Any US college want to make me an honorary alma mater lol? No, I know, but no harm in asking, is there? Colleges in certain areasĀ of the country hold more appeal, anyone who cant work out where, well, I’m disappointed in you lol!

As I say, the tournament is being held in Omaha, and I thought for at least 30 seconds as to what the video should be. I could only think of one song that mentions Omaha anywhere in the song, and this is it.