The commentator that saves me

Funny the things that come back to remind you of past events. This day last year, I got up just after 6.30 in the morning, to watch live NFL from London. Well, more a case of I got up about that hour, and it was on! Yes, sort of funny, watching it from my home country, from thousands of miles away very early in the morning. This year, I started watching at 2.30 in the afternoon, from about 150 miles away from Wembley.

The thing is, I’m used to either US commentary people, or the excellent group of people who provide the coverage on Sky Sports over here. To those wondering, we get the Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games, plus 2 day games over here on a Sunday to view, a pretty good deal.

So yes, what happened this afternoon, err, not so good. Yes, it seems the London games this year are being covered on BBC, and to say their presentation team havent got a clue, would be putting it mildly! I know, those who dont subscribe to Sky, probably dont know how bad it was, and as for what Americans would have made of it, I dont want to know! Sadly, in 3 weeks time, I have to survive the BBC team again, and again a week later, for the other 2 London games, ah well…Even more so as the next one involves the LA team lol!

Oh, and while I’m mentioning commentators, for the last time, I promise, Vin Scully! Yes, tonight, in San Francisco, and then thats it, after an incredible 67 years! He’s decided he’s not doing any play off games, even though the Dodgers are there, so… Thanks for everything, Vin, even if I’ve only known you a few glorious years of your reign. Enjoy your retirement. Oh, and should you want to meet a strange, British lady next May, I’d love it!

Video time. I couldnt find anything that really worked for this, so I’ll go out of left field, and give you an acoustic version of a big Oasis hit. Even better news, its Noel singing, not Liam!

The way its going to be?

OK, fine, I wish I could tell you, as planned, whether I was in work, starting next week, or whether I was looking forward to booking my stay in Hollywood for several weeks in October. Thing is, I wish I could, but I dont know! Yes, I know, they expect me to be ready to start work on Monday morning, and yet I dont know now if I’ve got a job or not, crazy! And even worse, I wont know until late tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, but be expected to drop everything, and be ready to start work, at some yet to be specified hour on Monday morning! I mean, in most senses its fine, apart from the fact that my nails need doing, and because I was supposed to have lots of interviews this week (so far one, plus a registering of interest), I havent been able to get it done. If I’m working Monday to Friday from next week, heaven knows! Seriously, when you feel that you’d almost prefer the answer to be no, then you know that the world has gone crazy, and my sanity is fast going out the window. Yes, the incentive of several weeks in Hollywood is a good reason to feel towards the ‘No’ vote, but even so…

Yes, we should have known today, but then they decided to interview us in 3 groups of 6, rather than 2 groups of 9 (or in theory, 1 of 18, though the room wasnt big enough for that imo), which means they will still be interviewing up until late tomorrow lunchtime, and then make decisions after that. Fine, if we had a week say, to get ourselves, our lives, and our paperwork together, but no, we will be expected to start on Monday morning, all ready to go, despite not knowing until Friday teatime if we’re in, or not. And all this, for 4 months work! Yes, thats right, even if I get it, in all likelihood, I’ve got a job only until the end of December! And people might wonder why I’d prefer not to get the job, and have that sanity break in Hollywood! Just at this moment, thats my preferred option!

Fine, rant over, I’ll let you know tomorrow, or Saturday (at latest) what the outcome is. Just at the moment, I’m hoping for Hollywood, which is wrong, but I feel its what my sanity needs at present!

The video, a bit of Oasis, with a line mentioning something I wish I knew, but dont!

A game of 2 halves

Its funny, when I went to bed last night just after 11.00, the Kansas City Chiefs were winning 31-10, and I not altogether unreasonably assumed, that they were going to be in the next round of the play offs, something that delighted the ‘Brooksie’ in me. When I got up this morning, and checked the score, I thought I needed a new pair of glasses, or something! All I could see was that the Colts had won 45-44! Even more amazing, I read that Kansas actually led by 28 (38-10) before the collapse set in. Just proves that in this world, expect nothing!

But remarkably, its only the 2nd largest playoff comeback in history, the largest, at 32 points, was in fact even more incredible, and from the team nearest to the other end of Brooksie’s life.

Lets go back to this same weekend, 21 years ago, when Houston (Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans) visited Buffalo for a wild card game. The reason this was even more incredible, is that the starting Quarterback for Buffalo, was not the big star, Jim Kelly. It was his back up, Frank Reich, because Kelly had been injured the week before…against Houston, in a game they went on to lose 27-3.

So maybe it wasnt the biggest shock in the world, when Houston took a 35-3 lead. Game over, you would think, and despair for a Buffalo fan like me? Well, maybe it should have been, but if I told you that the next time Houston scored, it was to tie the game at 38-38! Overtime, and after an interception, Buffalo scored a field goal, and won the game. Reich also went on to win the next 2 games at QB, taking them to the Superbowl, by which time Kelly came back…and they lost! Who knows, if Reich had continued…?

Last night for me, it was the other side of the tale though, and believe me, it came as a nasty shock this morning. But as they say, the game isnt over till the fat lady sings, so…

The video, what the losing teams should do,