Make It Easy On Yourself

Well, tomorrow, for 45 minutes or so, I can let all my concerns, and worries about the job hunting, money, and every other issue just fade away. Snag is, at the end of that period, they are still going to have to be solved. Yes, I’m going for a session of hypnosis tomorrow. Thankfully its not too far to go, just to the outskirts of Huddersfield, and its not too expensive, as it was a reduced special offer price.

This should have happened on the day that I started training at the ‘job from hell’, the point at which seemingly things have tended to go downhill pretty fast! Yes, if I could turn back time, I would say no, have done this, done the clinical trial, and fine, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

But anyway, just before Christmas, I contacted the person again, to see if the offer was still open to rearrange my relaxation, and stress busting hypnotherapy session, and thankfully, it is. Irony now, is that I will have to pay a bus fare to get there, as the pass ran out at the end of the year, but anyway…I need something! Hopefully it will do me some good at least, because I guess I’m getting close to breaking point, in all honesty.

Oh fine, yes, if I could get her to ‘reboot’ my mind totally, that might not be a bad thing, but this is a start, at least. And fine, I will enjoy being ‘under their control’ for a little while at least. I know, strictly I’m not, but we mind control fetishists can dream of such things happening at least!

But hopefully, whatever happens, it does me some good stress wise, because I need something to do so.

The video, an absolute oldie here, from the mid 1960’s! Yes, the clue is in the title, but that may not be a lot of help!

Breaking up is so very hard to do

Yes, I know, its been a while, but in all honesty, there hasnt been a lot of wild excitement to report. But in the sense of what I needed in a break, thats been the perfect situation. Another good reason why nothing has appeared in a week, might be the fact that I would have had to write it, with the laptop perched on my lap, and thats not the best way to do anything like that. Wonderful hotel resort, but the socket positioning was a little interesting lol!

Fine, lets go back a week, and get started…

Last Friday, the trip to the overnight hotel went fine (not sure what went wrong with TPE?), beyond the taxi driver overshooting at the roundabout near the hotel, and going the wrong way round (very briefly, as there was no traffic around), rather than circling around, as most sane people would! Meal was fine, room was fine, so…Oh, amusing moment, I paid just over £56 for the room for the night, good value at the price. So I checked for the night before I fly to Hollywood, just in case, got quoted £141! Wtf! I know its a Wednesday, not a Friday, but even so…Ah well, if Nicole cant get me there, I’ll book a taxi from home on the Wednesday morning! Seriously, I dont mind paying a little extra, for a bit more sleep, but seriously…?

Saturday started fine, and stayed that way until I reached JFK. Yes, I’d read a few bad reports about Immigration process there, but even so…it was shocking! 95 minutes, seriously…? Getting back through security wasnt quick either, and it was about 2 hours in all before I was back in the terminal, waiting for my flight to Boston. Thankfully, I had nearly a 3 hour break, so…phew! Trip on to Boston was fine, met up with Kate as planned, and eventually my case turned up. Actually one of the first, but it took forever for them to start coming through. Then on to Cape Cod, and our hotel for the night. Internet was err, patchy, but otherwise, not too bad.

Then on the Sunday, on to the delight that is the Pelham House Resort, at Dennisport. Seriously, a room with a view over the pool, out on to the ocean, a real delight, as were the rooms. Apart from the esoteric placing of sockets in the room, and (for me at least) the lack of a coffee machine, the place was heavenly. As was the result of the Buffalo Bills game lol.

The rest of the week developed into a wonderful period of gentle travel, and lots of relaxation, just what I needed in fact. Oh, and excellent company in Kate, too. Plenty of food, a delightful massage, and generally just a totally relaxed state of mind, heavenly stuff. Yes, a couple of weeks time, when I’m selling myself in Hollywood wont be quite as relaxing, but this trip has got me in the right frame of mind to really go for it then.

Today, we’ve come back to Boston, as both of us are flying out tomorrow. Her to the Mid West, me back to the UK, though her flight is at a much more crazy time than mine, rather her than me! In fact very soon after I finish this, it will be our last meal together, the final farewells etc, though I’m sure we will talk regularly when I’m in LA. Yes, I know, 11 days after I fly back to the UK, I cross the Atlantic again, to the other side of the country. Maybe if both had been planned at the same time, I might have done things better, but anyway…its all part of the fun!

So thats it, no wild happenings, just a really wonderful, relaxing week, with a great friend. Absolute heaven. Now behave, or I’ll get back to writing blogs whining about job hunting lol, for 10 days or so!

OK, the video. A suitable song, with a neat connection to the Republican Presidential Debate, I, err, experienced on Wednesday, see if you can work it out