Too good to be true?

Sadly, on this occasion, the job offer I got on Saturday was just that.

The only thing standard about it, was the application button I hit. Most job adverts I’ve seen are full of details about the firm, what they do, and loaded with comments about excellent customer service, and all that. And yes, I can easily spot the sales one, and avoid them (I really am not the pushy kind) accordingly…normally. As for anything that even vaguely hints at cold calling, I avoid like the plague! The thing is, this one on Saturday morning really didnt tell me a lot. Telephone operator, and that pretty much was it. I have to say the wages sounded good, almost too good to be true? Anyway, as it wasnt screaming sales, I went for it, and applied.

Now, remember this is Saturday, most HR departments are firmly shut, even if call centres are open, so it came as a shock to me, when halfway through the afternoon, I got an email from these people, asking me if I was free to start training on Monday! Now remember, the only contact between us prior to then was my application. No phone call, no interview, no nothing! To say that this still told me virtually nothing about the role would be to put it mildly. So, I tentatively said I could do that, but asked for more details about the role. About 8.00 I got an email back, telling me it would be making appointments for the engineers, and that I would learn everything else on Monday.

So, I rolled my eyes, thought “why not?” and went for it. I quickly called off a couple of appointments today, but hedging my bets by doing it in such a way that I wasnt saying no to the opportunity, just delaying it. Wise move, as it proved.

So, its a call centre, I’m expecting at least decent phone systems, a decent computer, and a decent place to work. Ah well, got none of those! The phones were battered, and not new. No computers in sight, just bits of card to write down details on. And no requests for proof of identity, I thought that was illegal now? Next thing I know, I’m told its outbound sales calls, and when handed lists of names and numbers, its clearly cold calling. Yes, to try and sell solar panels. To be fair to the general public, not one appointment was made in the 35 minutes or so I was there!

Oh, the training. One woman sat on the opposite side of the desk to us, just hammering through her calls, and we just listened to her work, nothing else! To say her language was ripe, when people just put the phone down on her would be to put it mildly. As I say, after about 35 minutes, I excused myself, and left. Thankfully, with the shrewd use of emails, and phone calls, I’ve managed to rescue the other 2 roles. Well, of sorts, as one was a registration for an assessment centre tomorrow, which now wont happen. But if they dont get enough good candidates tomorrow, then I might get a chance yet. Otherwise, I’m registering with them, as they tell me there will be more similar roles soon. A couple more positive calls, so not a totally wasted day.

Right, to the video, or tonight, as a special treat, videos. Firstly the one about the job that never was

Secondly, and for some now, its hard to believe this was the norm, just 40 years ago. Now, same sex marriages are the norm, let alone gay relationships that have to be hidden away

Last word on the Olympics

One of the rare double postings, but seems apt.

Well alright, I thought I’d finished on this subject, but this morning someone pointed out this article on one of the forums I visit, and hey, its an LGBT issue, so lets roll with it.

No, its not that I object to this in the slightest, just the opposite in fact, I’m proud of their stance. But what I am sad about, is that this is news! Please, does it matter if the best Olympians in the world are gay, lesbian or even hetro? Hey, they can be asexual like me for all I care! But no disrespect, do we in all honesty think only 23 competitors at this Olympics were lesbian or gay? I dont, but anyway…thats all that are prepared to out (awful term) themselves to the world. Clearly there are no transgender people there, the gender test would find them out nowadays, though you do have to wonder about some of the East German, and Soviet female participants in the past lol! I suppose in theory an ftm transitioner could take part, but lets face it, its not going to happen. I suppose transgender people could take part in the equestrian events (where both genders compete in one event), but as its generally a rich person’s event…probably not!

Not that other sports are any better, I know of 1 professional male cricketer who has said he is gay, no current soccer players that I know of. One in the past did come out, but received so much hatred, he eventually commited suicide. I suspect the ‘Big 4′ American Sports have hardly anyone between them, if any at all.

Lesbians, yes, I’m sure there are a number, if I only knew. Tennis players, a safe bet there are some, one is even on the list of medallists here. Not as many as there are, thats for sure, or to the same extent as some years ago, but… Besides, Lesbians face a slightly less challenging situation in that position than gay men do. Not perfect, just easier.

I only know of one leading transgender sports person, and calling her leading might be kind. Yes, Renee Richards, female tennis player, and thats it.

Hopefully one day in the future, sexuality of whatever style will be a matter of irrelevance, though I suspect not in the next few years at least. And yes, alright, equality in so many issues for Trans people would be nice too, but again, I wont be holding my breath for it to happen.

So, to the video. What you have to remember with this, is that it comes from the late 70′s, when things were far worse than now. Not that now is perfect, but far, far better than they were back then. Hopefully in 30 years from now, people will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about, but for now…