If I am a carpenter, will you call me Harlean?

I hope the answer is yes, because as of about 11.30 last night (UK time), thats my name! Yes, the deed poll request has finally been made, and Stevie Lou Nicholls exists no longer (well, technically), and Harlean Stephanie Carpenter does.

No, I’m not sure when it officially happens, the name change that is. Is it that moment when I paid for the deed poll certificate, or when I actually receive it, or only when enough official places have been informed? Currently I’m working on the basis of receipt of evidence, but it may well strictly already be the case, no idea?

Yes, thats right, in the end, I couldnt resist actually being named Harlean Carpenter. I suspect a lot of people who know me already will call me Steph, or Stephanie, but thats fine by me. Besides anything else, I’m more likely, for a while at least, to answer to that name,I’m pretty sure.

Thats right, I finally have a name in this life that I’m going to really enjoy living with, not sure I’ve ever done that up to now, but in future, happy lady! Actually seems I could have done it informally before I went to the US, as unless I request it, its not formally registered anywhere, so if I hadnt told the authorities, I could have gone to Hollywood as Harlean Carpenter, ah well…

I’ll get the passport changed very soon, either when I get a job (ha ha, at current rates), or more likely when I’m being ‘experimented’ on, during the clinical research trials, as I wont need it while I’m in there for a fortnight or so. With luck, when I get back, I’ll have the evidence that I really am Harlean Carpenter, and can take things from there.

Oh, and if there is any genius doctor, or scientist, who can turn me into a match of the original Harlean (Harlow) Carpenter, feel free to contact me! 😉

So yes, feel free to like this post, or send a few words of congratulation, I dont bite.

The video, well, there’s a sort of a clue in the blog title.