2012 in review

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Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

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Walking in the rain

Yes, its something that has been easy to do over here this year, believe me! Apparently even the weather people are now saying its been the wettest year in England, and given the UK only needed 46mm to break its record, and the fact its rained again since then, we will probably break that over the next 3 days too. No, I havent grown webbed feet, but they might have been handy this year, it has to be said!

I’m not going to say whether its climate change factors, or just a lousy year weather wise that would have happened anyway? I’m not sure if summer ever happened, it might have done for a day or two, but that really was it. Thankfully my 2 trips to the US generated some sunshine for me, or I might have thought it had gone into hibernation lol!

Saying that, compared to what parts of the US has put up with in the last week or so, hey, we’ve had it easy. As Heather, James and co would say though, its the norm over there, and expected. if we got an inch and a half of snow, let alone a foot and a half, everything would grind totally to a halt. Over there, life just goes on…

I’m hoping to get one more post in before the end of 2012, to tie up ends, though most things have been mentioned over the year anyway, as is the idea of a blog! If I dont, you’ll get it on New Years Day anyway!

The video, well a bit less clue than usual in the title, as a few songs could fit in with this. Its old, but not Johnny Ray old, just very 70’s soul.

And so, Happy Christmas

Yes, another year is nearly over, but unfortunately, unlike the song lyrics, war is far from over. Afghanistan is the current long running one (it was Vietnam of course at the time of this song), and of course we also have the civil war going on in Syria. These arent the only 2 of course, just the ones making the main headlines at the moment.

But enough of the depressing stuff…

I did promise much earlier this month that if I got hold of a solo picture of me in my dress at the Christmas Dinner, I would post it on here. No, it never happened, it was supposedly sent to work, but I’ve never found it posted anywhere, so… But dont despair, there are ways and means with these things, as you shall see. Christmas Day morning, I normally put on a nice dress for the morning at home, then change into something decent, but more my style for when we go out for our dinner from here. This year, something different happened, I never got changed! So yes, I stayed in the gold dress for dinner today, and alright, it was quite nice being dressed up, even if I was the most dressed up one in the restaurant probably!

And guess what, just for you, I got some pictures taken when we got back, solo ones, so I can use them in places like here, arent I good to you? So, for your delight, or otherwise, here is me dressed up like a real lady

Stevie Lou 1

I think that shows enough to satisfy, even if it is without the cloche hat, which stayed upstairs today. If not, thats all you’re getting lol!

Yes, its back to work tomorrow, I know war isnt over, but my holiday break is!

The video, more than enough hints as to what it is surely, even if WordPress didnt display them nowadays anyway!

Step into Christmas

Yes, in theory I could post another blog tomorrow night, but taking no chances, lets get this out of way tonight. To be honest, over here at present you probably needs flippers, and scuba gear to step into Christmas, but anyway… Thankfully this isnt one of the badly flooded areas of the UK, but its been pretty wet out there all the same.

My Christmas break, a whole 3 days, and 2 of them are only because of the way my shifts split out lol! Yes, its back to work on Boxing Day for me! Ah well, rather used to it by now, so…I know, some have to work Christmas Day, and I truly admire them for doing so.

No, it wont be a big event for me, but that suits me fine, I’m no longer of an age when I can get terribly excited by Christmas, but anyway…

So basically, I’d just like to thank all my readers through the year for their diligence in following this, and wish them a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, and offer them a favourite musical piece of mine from the past

Some may even remember I wrote a story inspired by this song


5 years ago now, my, doesnt time fly?

Its the end of the world…

Well, if you believe a certain group of people, this is my last blog here. Why, because the world is supposed to be ending on Friday, and I certainly wont have the time to post again before then. Whats that, no, I dont think its my last blog either, but anyway…lol!

Much has been made of this, probably far more than is healthy, if we’re being honest. And lets face it, how many times has it been declared that the end of the world is coming…far too many! They might be right this time, but I cant see it! And all because the Mayan calendar ends on, yes, you’ve guessed it, December 21st 2012. Hey, I’ve got a Betty Boop calendar for the whole of 2013, and I’d rather have faith in her, than in a bunch that supposedly could see the end of the world, but couldnt see the Spanish ending their civilisation, hmm…?

Yes, I’m expecting to be eating Christmas dinner here in Huddersfield, without any great worldwide congflagration having happened. But if I should be proved wrong (ha ha), then its been great fun blogging for you, and I’ll see you in heaven!

The video, yes, its the obvious one

Getting in the mood

No, no Glenn Miller here, not yet at least! Maybe at some point, but…

I did consider reprising my other blog tonight, given the awful news from Connecticut today, but I dont want to repeat too often, get a reputation for being like baked beans if I do lol! 😛

So, lets take a look forward to an event happening in 11 days, to quote the song video tonight, Its Christmas! The despairing thing for me is realising this song is nearly 40 years old, someone arrange my pension lol! For me, it means a lot of things, the main religious one being watching Carols from Kings College, Cambridge, a tradition of far too many years. I am actually working a few hours Christmas Eve, when its normally shown, but its usually early evening, and I should be back by then, I hope.

Presents, well I dont get many nowadays, but equally, I dont have to buy many either! Generally I jokingly say my main present to myself is having next April’s holiday booked, and looked forward to, but as mentioned before, that wont be finalised until the New Year this time around. So maybe its the ticket for the OMD concert next May instead, yes, that was booked, and paid for today.

Work, well, I get Christmas Day off lol! Yes, back to work on Boxing Day for me. James, yes, I know, you’ll be working Christmas Day, but… And no, I have no plans at present to repeat dress wearing when the 4 of us from here go out for Christmas Dinner locally. Heels, probably, skirt and a nice blouse quite likely, but probably not a dress.

Ah, music video, so here it is

A Shocking Experience

To be honest, this came about because I was looking for a witty way to start a blog relating to the OMD tour next year, and the video I chose. And when I was trying to do so for Tesla Girl, I remembered one of those crazy things that David Copperfield did as a stunt recently. Yes, that metal suit, and a Tesla coil, and being surrounded by a whole lot of crackling electricity. And equally yes, if not for 3 days (or whatever it was), I’d love to experience that for myself! I know it doesnt make you a robot, but enclosed in metal, with electricity sparking all around me, how could I not love that? 😉 And yes, I’d get to live, even if I would still be human, but hey, you cant have everything!

Clearly a robotising pod, with the electricity flowing freely would be fun, but a bit more fatal generally I suspect, unless I had a scientist who really knew what he was doing lol!

But yes, as an aside, both from the robot side of me (Tesla Girl, Electricity), and the Louise Brooks side of me (Pandoras Box), the news yesterday that OMD would again be touring next year, coming to Leeds in May, and this time doing so when I’m in this country was great for me. Tickets go on sale Friday, fingers crossed I can get one. No, I wont get to meet the group, but seeing them again, 30 years after first doing so, will be good. There is a ‘package’ where you can meet them, but like a good Yorkshire lass, I value money, and wont be paying out a lot more just to do that, though it would be fun getting the chance to ask Andy about the whole Louise Brooks thing.

And alright, I’ve lived up here over 7 years, still had to find out where the venue was in Leeds though, thats a clue as to how often I do these things. Last concert you ask? 2001, Seekers, in Bournemouth. Yes, regular concert goer, not!

Yes, tonights video has been mentioned, and it isnt Electricity, though it could have been!

Me in a cocktail dress, you in a suit.

Some of you will recognise the song that line is from, if not, you can always click the link at the end and find out! And yes, due to gender issues, I’ve swopped the 2 titles around of course!

No, I wasnt in a cocktail dress on Thursday night, it was definitely a maxi length dress, as you will know from the picture posted of the dress earlier in the blog. And yes, I did get one look of disbelief when I actually wore a dress to the dinner, and that was from the person who told me I had to wear one this year. I think despite that, she wasnt expecting me to, but I fooled her lol. And yes, it was actually fun doing so, but I was soon back in trousers for work all the same!

Sorry, I cant post a picture of me wearing it, I havent yet tracked down a picture of just me, only with another person, and its not fair to her to post that here, lets face it! My “ordinary” blog, yes, but this is slightly different to that. If I do get my hands on one, I promise to post it, but no promises on getting one.

It was a lovely evening, the food was good, so was the hotel, and given the music was from the 80’s, well, its a good era for me lol! Of course thats the era this video is from too, though I didnt hear this played on Thursday. As for the in house Christmas Dinner out, bank on trousers, or a skirt lol!

The video has David Ball doing his best Ron Mael impersonation, and on top of that, its a brilliant song.

Magic In Manhattan

No, not that part of New York City, this is about the real Manhattan, you know, that one in Kansas! 😛 The one with the brilliant college football team! Yes, those Wildcats, who won the Big 12 Divisional title on Saturday evening, or more strictly, Sunday morning my time. Now there is one more big game for Klein, Snyder and the other heroes, the BCS Fiesta Bowl against Oregon at the beginning of the New Year in Arizona. Hopefully it will be a duck dinner for the Wildcats, but Oregon are good too, and it wont be easy. One thing for sure though, it wont be low scoring!

No, I’ve no real true connection to the Wildcats, any more than when I was rooting for the Bluejays in the basketball in March, its just a Kansas thing for me. Hey, if Wichita State continue to do well in the basketball this winter, I’ll shout for them too. Yes, its a Kansas thing for me, pure and simple, blame Louise Brooks if you must for that, plus the fact that not one of the colleges is that close to Cherryvale lol! 😛

But how can you not be inspired by the stories of a coach that retires, then returns a few years later, and a quarterback who just doesnt seem to want to stop playing, and of a college team that used to be one of the worst in the land, but now… 🙂 There are a few other heroes too, but they are the main two for me. Yes, its annoying, but for that crazy loss to Baylor, they might have been in the Championship game, possibly against Oregon, if they hadnt lost to Stanford in overtime. So its ironic, they still get to play each other, if not for the biggest prize of all.

One thing is for sure, I’m looking forward greatly to my first visit to the State of Kansas next April, and to seeing Wichita at least. I’m not sure if there are any Brooks landmarks left there (I know the family home is gone, but thats it), but it will be fun discovering the city at least. Any more than that of Kansas, not sure at present, wont know that until the New Year, but fingers crossed I get to see more, though no idea where. Well, I think I might get taken to Cherryvale if that does happen, but otherwise… 😉 Manhattan is a bit in the wrong direction though for that, especially as my possible companion has Oklahoma connections, so would head south, not north from Wichita I suspect.

Right, the video. Well, unless you support one of the other Big 12 teams (sorry, Kate), you can enjoy a celebration of a magical year for the Wildcats. Hey, even if you do support one of those 9 teams, try and enjoy this anyway.


Bring on those Ducks lol!

New headset design needed

Yes, a rare event here, something that could be regarded as work related, in a sense. And yet, in a sense, its the perfect item for a mind controller to use, the telephonist’s headset, and for me at least, one of the annoyances in work life.

Yes, you’ve probably seen them, the headband type, with one earpiece, and a microphone that supposedly sits in front of your mouth, so you can speak to the customers at the same time as listening to them. Not literally of course, but you know what I mean? If you keep your head facing forward, looking at the computer, then yes, they are fine. Well, fine might be a bit generous, but they get by lol! For someone with a decent amount of hair like myself, they can still come off at the slightest opportunity, because they really arent tight to my head.

But where my ‘fun’ really starts is when I’m on the escalated desk, dealing with other issues, as well as calls. This requires you to look down at paperwork, then lift your head to either check details, or input information onto the computer. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it doesnt take much movement for the headset to slide off my head! To be honest, most others using the desk just grab the phone in their left hand, and type with their right, rather than using a headset in the first place. The snag is for me, I’m left handed, and you cant hold the phone, and type with the same hand lol!

So what I’m looking for is a cheap design that wont fall off your head at the slightest opportunity. So sorry, customising one of those cute cycle helmets probably wouldnt pass the price test for most, though it might still tempt me to get one anyway. But if anyone could design one of these headsets with more of a skullcap design, than that silly headband, well that would be perfect. In silver would earn bonus points, but in all honesty, I just want something that stays on my head.

So any designers out there, or anyone who knows a designer, think it over, and see what you can come up with. If it comes complete with mind controlling electrodes, thats a bonus, but that might need to be an exclusive design for me! 😉

The video, very loose connection, but as a tribute to mind control, and those lovely headsets and helmets involved in controlling people, here is