A new fun look?

Let me start by thanking Madi for actually looking at my Facebook likes, because without her, well, this post would have been a ‘one and out’ job, and instead, its given me something to blog about tonight!

There are a few people I ‘know’ on Facebook, who have some, err, interesting tastes, shall we say? Well, to some people they rank as interesting, because to me, they work as a fun fantasy image that I’m never likely to wear in my life, even more so now I’m approaching 60! But yes, the really nice ones, I tend to do more than just look at, I tend to ‘like’ a few as well. Yes, I suppose I should have realized that at times, things you like on Facebook would appear on other friends threads as well, marked as ‘so and so’ liked this thread, I guess I’ve seen a few in my times, without really putting 2 and 2 together on the subject.

Anyway, said friend in Argentina posted this picture to his thread, and I liked it. Well, it would be fun to wear if I was under 30, had a good figure, and…anyway, as you might have gathered, this must have appeared in Madi’s thread on Facebook.

So, next thing I know, she’s suggesting, wittily at least that it would make for a nice, new office uniform! Yes, I know, but seriously, if I had to actually wear it, accordingly, well, under the circumstances, I might not say no! Thankfully, or sadly, depending on your opinion, leather catsuits for all the ladies in just our office might blow the clothing budget of the whole civil service for a while lol!

And in answer to your next question, no, its not going to stop me liking some of Andre’s pictures in the future. Mainly because I suspect Madi would be disappointed if I did! Someone else would too, but I wont mention his name lol! But if there is an office, that a near 60 year old could work in, where thats the office uniform…? Lol!

Oh fine, trying to find many songs which feature a leather look, that I havent used in the past, hmm? So, given its a Domme look, I thought of this one instead!

If they want to make me change teams at work

Then doing something like this to me, at work, might be needed!


Oh, I wish, believe me, would love either of those done to me! No, on a serious matter, I found out this week that I will be changing teams at work, in the very near future. No, nothing dramatic, doing the same job, just a change of team leaders, nothing more. I get on well with both team leaders involved, so no issue to me, either way.

Beyond that, a change of desks, which will mean having to do all the desk suitability checks again, but nothing much more exciting than that. In truth, I suppose it was fair to assume that working in a department, with 5 separate teams, that I wasnt likely to stay in the same team until retirement, but wasnt expecting the shift so soon. One day, if I get ambitious, or maybe I’m made to be ambitious, I might be getting my own team, as a team leader, but hey, I’ve only got 7 years to go to retirement age, but it might happen?

I know, its far from the first time its happened to me, at one time I was a relief manager, so getting any affection for any single shop was out of the question back then. And yes, in my last 2 places of work prior to this one, changes of team were nothing new.

But fine, if at my age, I get feisty about changing teams, would they like to convince me using one of these methods, or something similar? Oh, I only wish! Fine, I’ll have to go quietly, but this would be a lot more fun!

OK, video time. I love the whole 80’s feel, and look to this, and naturally I love the silver outfits, and fine, those space suits look fun too! No, I have no idea what they do to her, or how they do it, but if someone wants to show me how it was done…? 😉

Talking loud and clear?

I’ll be quite honest, I owe the inspiration for this blog to a memory that was suggested on my Facebook timeline, combined with something that will be happening at work next month, and not my holiday!

As is the way with so many things in life, you just get used to the system you use at work, then someone decides it needs to be changed, and you have to start all over again. In truth, what I can see of it, its not that different to the one we’re currently using, but even so, any kind of change, at my age…fine, I’ll survive! 😛

The snag will be, that we actually did the training for the new system early in March, and we dont start using it until early in May! Yes, I’m not as young as I used to be, and I’m blonde! So actually remembering that, when the time comes around to change over to the new system, hmm? I know we will have assistance on the day, and some paperwork we can refer to, but fine, me, and getting used to change? Lets face it, I cant stand the modern smart phones, so…I know, old dinosaur, and all that, lol!

Snag for me, is I’ll just start getting used to it, then not be there for 2 weeks, and forget it all! Yes, I will be using it for a whole week, then disappearing for just over 2 weeks, given bank holidays, day off, and the like when I get back. Yes, I planned for that, just wasnt planning on having to use a new phone system around that period!

Oh right, you’re probably wondering what made me think of my training for the new system, arent you? I suppose you expect me to let you see it, right? Oh fine, might see this being used as a way to remember how to use the new system as a bit dramatic, but fine, I’d love it far too much.

No, I have no idea why I used that picture on Facebook 2 years ago, but the less said on that, probably the better!

The video, some live OMD, which in truth is a better version than the original video. One of their few songs that really works better with an orchestra, in truth.

Who me, evil mind controller?

Yes, that title is full of sarcasm, before anyone starts panicking or anything, though I did wonder last night, but besides all that…

Yesterday was my first day back at work after my holiday (I know, one day back, then a day off, but its just the way it plans out), and all went fine. Pleasant enough, not too crazy day at work, with a finish at my standard time, 7 in the evening. Oh fine, I got teased gently for using my flirting skills on a client to placate him, but if you heard the difference in his tone from when he called, to when I finished the call, yes, it works! Not that I’m ever going to meet any of them, so it really doesnt matter, and I doubt he saw me as a 59 year old spinster type down the line anyway!

Well, I walk down to the bus station, and head up to the bay where the bus to Huddersfield goes from, and I could see through the window that my favorite seat was taken. Its the last row of the main front facing seats on the bus, and they’re raised above the rest, so you get a better view. Worse, I looked across, and the one opposite, behind the driver was also taken. Fine, then I got on the bus, and I forgave one of them at least.

No, I dont know why I have a crush on her, she is exceedingly slim, and I prefer my women to have a bit of curve to them. She doesnt make up for it with stunning looks, though she’s certainly not hard on the eyes, all the same. She’s cute though, just saying. Yes, not that much younger than me (40’s, probably?), but sadly, I’m pretty sure she’s got a wedding ring, but that doesnt stop me crushing, at least.

So fine, I was not going upstairs, and missing out on her, even though there were limited seats available downstairs. No, I didnt go and sit next to her, though fine, it might have been tempting. Instead I sat in the middle of the long seat at the back of the bus, but fine, I cant see her face from there. There were 2 people sat in seats where I could have done, so secretly I willed them to get off the bus, and let me change seats. One woman took no notice of me (actually got off at same stop in Huddersfield), but after a few stops, the guy in the seat opposite her got up, and got off the bus! Yes, I changed seats pretty quickly! Sadly, all too soon, the bus got to Bailiff Bridge, and the crush of my life got off the bus, but I knew that was going to happen!

But fine, I hope the only reason that guy got off the bus was because it was his stop, and not because some wicked woman controlled his mind to do so! I know, cant be done, but I was so surprised when he got off so quickly, that…I hope neither he, or she actually read this, lol!

The video. Well, in truth, until I did a search on You Tube, I had no idea there was a live version of this, but lo and behold, with a title apt for that cute blonde…

The call center challenge!

One of the issues with working in a call center, any call center, is the less than pleasant calls, generally from angry, or just plain rude customers, or staff. Yes, been there, done that, multiple times, lets just say that Glasgow betting shop staff are probably the rudest I’ve had the ‘delight’ of dealing with, and leave it at that!

Fine, given the nature of my current job, emotions can run high at times. Both because we are dealing with estates of the deceased, and because some people have unrealistic expectations of how quickly bureaucratic checks can be done. Not that I’m saying the situation is currently perfect, but if you believed some people…

Anyway, this week, I get to go on what work describes as a ‘challenging call’ course. All day Tuesday, part of Wednesday, its being held. Yes, some people have been challenging to deal with, but compared to some Glasgow betting shop staff, nothing I couldnt survive.

For me, and my less than stunning technological skills, the fact that I have to learn the new phone call system on Wednesday, after the other course is over, is far more scary! I know, I suspect its quite similar, but something new, just when you’ve got used to the old system, ah well…

Oh, and even more scary, next week I reach 59. Not that many years ago, I’d be 1 year away from retirement. Now, it will be just over 7 years, assuming they dont change the rules again in the interim! Mind, I suppose it means the pension payout will be better, so…?

Right, video time. Something that people ringing a call center are never likely to be doing!

Have I the right?

No, I’m not demanding too much, just the right to survive until 2017! Seriously, 2016 seems to have been a terrible year for famous people dying, but I’m sure that if you were to look back at previous years, the numbers really arent that much more significant than before, or even more of the same. The facts are though, that through social media, we have more people grieving in public nowadays than before, and also, just maybe its more noticeable for people of my age, because its my generation that is starting to die off at this rate.

Yes, I havent had as wild a life as some of these celebrities, nor the stress of fame they have to put up with, but yes, I still suspect that maybe my time is a bit more limited than would be ideal. Fine, there are times when I might be glad when it is all over, but for now at least, I have a few things I’d like to do, and a few places I’d like to see, but if my time is nearly up, not a lot I can do!

I’m not going to mention a whole list of names, because someone will object to someone I name, or someone I leave out, so…Oh fine, I’m going to mention Carrie Fisher, not because of Star Wars, but because she was one of few famous people prepared to come out and admit to having ECT treatments, and doing so in a positive way. Yes, she admits there are issues, but at the same time, she calls it a positive thing. Yes, I know, my book was my own humble attempt to get people to think about it, though judging by sales, success was limited. Oh fine, part of me definitely regrets not being able to do personal research on the matter, though equally, maybe a little less than standard might have been wise, but I guess its not going to happen now, regardless. Yes, part of me says shame to that!

Beyond all that, 2016 has been a funny year for me. First year in a long time that I havent left the UK, even longer since I havent even left England. I believe the former is 1995, the latter is 1967, or 1968! Yes, I know, I’ll try and make up for it next year. More of that on Saturday, when I do the forward looking stuff.

The other big event this year was the marvelous moment when I got offered a job, after about 15 months of trying. The biggest irony was being offered a short term job the day before that, but in truth, it was no contest as to which one I took. Yes, I definitely did the right thing, has to be said, and its going to take quite an offer to get me to move on from here, willingly.

Fine, if I get offered a nice acting run in a theater, or in a movie, or more jokingly (I think?) someone offers to turn me into a robot type being, then I might reconsider, but otherwise… Yes, I wish on the latter, but hardly likely to happen, shame! Or someone will crazily fall in love with me, or wish to turn me into their submissive… Oh fine, the robot concept is as likely!

Yes, fine, can somebody give me the right to live, and work in the US for a while, if not longer, pretty please!

The video, an absolute golden oldie, but I wanted to use it, so…

It only takes 30 minutes, girl

…to get home 45 minutes earlier. And today at work (much kudos), it only took a minute to change my working hours on a Friday, wow!

To be honest, quite honestly, when working 12-8, the last couple of hours can go quite slowly, phone call wise. Its fine, we get to do other admin work that needs doing, which is good, and suits me fine. And yes, on a Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday shift, it doesnt worry me, because the late start the next day, or in the case of Monday, a day off the next day, so battling home on the 8.12 bus doesnt bother me. Thing is, on a Saturday, we work between 9 and 4. Which means a late night on Friday, and an early one on a Saturday, not a good combination.

So last night, when we got very quiet, I asked if I could use some of the flexi time I’d built up, and go home half an hour early, given my shift this morning. Fine, I was allowed to do so, and because of the split, and things, not only did I get home 30 minutes earlier, I got home 45 minutes earlier! Wow!

Fine, I jokingly mentioned to the team leader on today, that if I could do 11.30 to 7.30 on a Friday only, it would be better for me, sleep wise, before Saturday morning. Next thing I know, she’s off to see her boss, and about a minute later, she’s back with a smile on her face, and the comment, sorted!

Yes, I know, I’ll lose that 30 minutes sleep on Friday morning, but yes, losing it spread over 2 nights has to be better, right?

Yes, has to be said, until the theaters, or Hollywood come calling (stop laughing, I know!), I think I’m in the right workplace! Quite amazing, took me so long to find anything, then I really fell on my feet like this!

You might be expecting Tavares, or Take That, but you’d be wrong on both counts! Its One Hundred Tons, and a Feather. Oh, fine, its Jonathan King, under one of his numerous identities, almost as many as Tony Burrows!