Was I brainwashed, and just never knew it?

Alright, the title is a little cynical, maybe, but given the way I feel at the moment, I’m beginning to wonder!

Yes, more delights in the battle with the passport office, if you were wondering.

Today, I got a letter from them, telling me that in fact I did have a driving licence, and have had one since 1983. Thing is, apart from a brief period of holding a provisional licence in the late 1970’s, I’ve never had one…that I know of! Believe me if I say that, considering the qualities of my driving skills, that I remember, I would never have passed a driving test, in my lifetime. A lot of it was co-ordination issues related to changing gears, and pushing pedals at the same time, which was needed with manual cars, in the UK back then. Irony is, if I was in the US, where nearly all cars are automatics, I might have been able to drive, but anyway…

Or was I really a good driver, and just made to forget it, by…”someone”? No, I dont really believe that, but anyway…I’m guessing that someone of the same name (I had an issue with this matter when applying for a mortgage in 1987) did get a driving licence that year, and because of a lack of addresses back then, they think its me! Stolen identity? Nowadays, maybe I would think that, but not in 1983! And besides, if it was some secret government department that brainwashed me back then, I dont think another government department would be telling me about it now!

Anyway, I rang the passport office back this morning, and let them know. They said they would get an examiner to ring me on the matter as quickly as possible, but nothing was heard all day. I will ring them back Monday afternoon if I havent heard anything. Of course, if they’ve checked, and found out I’m not meant to know about events back then…No, I dont believe that, honestly.

But yes, this is all getting very frustrating now, as I need a passport for ID when applying for jobs, and things. And because they are delaying things (its already 5 weeks, when should be dealt with in 4), its causing me problems at a time when money is running short, and I need to change that soon. I couldnt even request benefits at present, because yes, you’ve guessed it, you need ID, and they wont release it! As things stand, I have about 6 weeks before my money runs out completely, and yes, I’m panicking badly over this! So if anyone has any to spare, or some other country wants to trustingly issue me with a passport, I’d appreciate it. Yes, ideally, US, I’m looking at you, but just at the moment… I’m trying to avoid doing anything silly to myself, but the stress is just getting to me totally at the moment.


Right, the video. Was everything erased from my mind in 1983, or is it just someone else with the same name who requested a driving licence back then? I wonder?