One can stop biting the dust!

Most US sports have so many games in a season, that its pretty near impossible for a team, however bad (and there are a few awful baseball teams this year) to go a whole season without winning a single game. Even in the NFL, with only 16 games in a season, a team (well, other than Cleveland of late, 1-31 in last 2 years) has to do very badly not to win a game. However, over here…

At the lowest level of the Rugby League system over here, there is a 3rd division, confusingly called League 1. No, dont ask! We have Super league, Championship, then League 1! Mind, in soccer, we have Premier league, Championship, then Leagues 1 and 2, so maybe its a British thing. Anyway…

So, after 11 weeks, in this league (though 1 team has only played 10, due to a weather postponement) there are 2 teams who havent won a game yet. One other team, Coventry, have won just one! But next week, those 2 winless teams, Hemel, and West Wales meet, so in theory at least, one of them has to win? It could be a draw, but its not easy to do in Rugby, but yes, then both would get a point, as there is no sudden death overtime with this!

Hemel, to this point, have lost all 11 games they have played, by an average of 8-52. West Wales have lost all 10, by an average of 6-87! Question probably will be, which team wants to lose the least! No, unlike the NBA, where teams seem to regularly not try, to improve their draft chances, there is no draft here, so no incentive to play badly, they are just awful.

Thankfully, it wont be on TV, though I guess it might make for road crash TV, I guess?

So, yes, fans of all those poor ‘Big 4’ sports teams in the US, just be grateful you’re not a supporter of these 2 teams!

Right, video time. It is the Queen song you’re expecting, but its not Queen. I found Leo Moracchioli by sheer chance on You Tube. His metal covers of Sultans of Swing, and Africa are quite something, but dont really work for this. This isnt in that league, but yes, the song works!