A little bit of discipline needed…Who, me?

Well, fine, I might enjoy a little bit of disciplining way too much, but thats not the true issue here, unless someone is offering? And then… 😉 more of that later, maybe?

No, what I’m talking about here, is highly paid professional sportsmen, who cant keep their behaviour under control when they need to. For those in cricket following countries (not many here, from past experience), I just have to mention the awful behavior of Chris Gayle, a highly paid, professional cricketer from the West Indies, while being interviewed by a pretty woman after an innings in the Big Bash League (The Australian 20 over cricket tournament), and proceeding to not answer her questions, but to chat her up, and ask for a date instead. Supposedly, he has since been fined heavily, and its been made clear that he wont be welcomed back next year, but fame talks, so I wouldnt bank on the latter happening somehow. Sadly, too many Aussie men were busily defending him, and saying the woman should be ready for this sort of thing. Yes, that wonderfully misogynistic behavior we can come to love…not!

But the lack of discipline I’m talking about now, comes from the US, and it didnt just hurt the players, it hit their team too, though I wonder nowadays how many sportsmen are only concerned with themselves, and not their team? Judging by some soccer players over here, they are the more important, but anyway…

On Saturday night, in the NFL play offs, Cincinnati were beating Pittsburgh, and when the Pittsburgh QB threw an interception, that should have been it, they should have won. As history shows, they didnt. To be fair (of sorts), the running back who fumbled the ball, handing possession back to Pittsburgh was at fault, but even so, it neednt prove critical. But just as the last Pittsburgh opportunity was failing, a catch was missed, but a defensive player decided to take him out with his helmet all the same. 15 yard penalty, just about putting them in field goal range, but still very missable. Then while the Pittsburgh sideline were trying to check on their knocked out player, another Cincinnati defender couldnt stay out of the way, and threw abuse, a punch, or both. This led to another 15 yard penalty, and now the kick is an easy one. Pittsburgh make it, and win the game.

If those 2 (or 3) players had kept their heads, Cincinnati would have won the game! Seriously, these players are paid millions of dollars a year, and they cant act intelligently. Really? I know, its a very macho game, but even so…

For that much money, in a situation like that, you play by the rules!

Oh, fine, lastly, I havent misbehaved, but if a Master, or Mistress wants to discipline me a little…? 😉 Full time submissive somewhere, wouldnt say no!

The video, a song related to discipline, of another kind. No, not Britney, but a Latvian Britney lookalike, having fun!