Making contact with people

Given that nothing terribly exciting for the readers has happened the last 2 days, lets look at a fun issue thats happened this holiday, putting voices to words (and in some case faces), and indeed, in one case, meeting someone I knew through Facebook, but now know her a lot better.

This is all on top of meeting up with Kate again, speaking to James again, before you ask. Both of these wonderful people are very special to me, and I appreciate all they do for me, or will do for me in a couple of months time.

And yes, I’ve already mentioned that wonderful lady in Cherryvale, so lets focus on those not mentioned before.

Already this week, I’ve spoken on the phone to 3 people I’d never spoken to before. All of them I’ve had a long written contact with, read their work (and all 3 are very good authors, in their style), and in 2 cases at least, seen photos of them. But to hear them speak, one to one, a wonderful thing.

No, I’m not going to mention names, though 2 of them have been mentioned on here before. But at least now, I can put voices to the words/names, if nothing else.

OK, a brief round up of events. Yesterday was a quiet day, though we ended up at 5 Guys, a really good burger restaurant, and ‘Jean’ decided to try fluttering her eyelashes at the 1 guy she got to meet. No deal, no discount, ah well…lol!

Today, after saying goodbye to Kate, I headed towards Kansas City, on the bus, to see what I could find. I got as far as the Country Club Plaza, though I plan to go right into town tomorrow. Posh shops = expensive prices = no purchases lol! I only wish I had a Jean Harlow type budget lol! Ah well…

But yes, one of the delights of this holiday has been getting to know people better, which gives me the excuse to include this blast from the past in the video, that should have been a bigger hit