Just looking (for a part of) New England

Just a quick posting, so that you dont think I’m ignoring you. I’m not, its just that work is hell at present, and blogging comes well down the list of priorities, funnily enough. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I might get chance to blog from New England, instead of ‘Old’ England, but dont quote me on that, I have no idea, quite literally as to what is planned for my trip. Kate knows, James might know some of the details, but me, beyond landing at Logan Airport, not a clue!

I know I need the break, and some sleep, and lets leave it at that for now. Looking forward to escaping the insanity of work, and only regret will be the coming back afterwards, assuming I do lol! I know, I wish, but…

Ah, but just when you assume this is the umpteenth blog in the build up to my holiday, I’ll prove you wrong. How good is your memory? A few weeks back, I mentioned a writer going by the name of Big Daddy Five, and how good his stories were. Well suffice to say, many of those stories have vanished from the EMCSA for a good reason, he’s writing professionally. Oh, and in a story writer sense, he’s changed gender too, now going by the name of Teri Chetwood. But the gender change (as far as I know) is as fictional as the fabulous Cornwall sisters, Thea and Lacy, and all their friends. Thankfully I’m still reading all his/her stuff, I’d kill him/her if I couldnt lol!

Oh, and they’ve set up ‘in opposition’ with their own blog, probably far more entertaining than mine. You can find it at


If nothing else, its quite funny. And that leads me to the tenuous connection to this video, guess where the sisters originate from? Yes, Bangor, Maine, though given they are fictional, and now live most of the time in L.A, I wouldnt go hunting them down. I doubt I will get as far north as Bangor, but nothing would surprise me. Technically I shall pass right over the top of it, at about 30,000 feet, on the way into Boston.

Please note, Bangor is warmer at this time of year, as opposed to the video lol!