Take me back to the ball park

Yes, its early April, and that means the Baseball season gets back into serious business tonight. I know, like many sports, there have been so many pre season matches that its unreal, but tonight, the ‘messing about’ stops, and we get down to the serious stuff.

And what better place (other than maybe Fenway Park?) to start the season than historic Wrigley Field, in Chicago, now 101 years young! Though the Cubs have only been playing there for 99 years, but who’s counting? Their opponents tonight, the St Louis Cardinals.

Well, I’m told the Cubs are going to look a whole new team this year, and supposedly they are talking about making the World Series. The fact that they havent won one, since 1908 is besides the point, and they’ve looked awful in recent times. But the team has had a major overhaul, so who knows, but I cant see it, sorry.

No, I wont be watching tonight, given it starts at 1.00 am our time, even if I’m not working at present, I need some beauty sleep. I’m sure it will be shown again on ESPN tomorrow, and then there is plenty of baseball tomorrow evening my time, so…

As to live baseball, well, I’ve got one game in mind. Last September, I watched a game in Kansas City, and in a couple of weeks, I’ll see a game just down the road from Hollywood. Of course, neither team was there in Jean’s time, but… I might also try to get to Anaheim, and see the Angels, but it might get complex for a non driver, so dont quote me on that! Also, I might find more than enough to do around L.A that I simply dont get the time to consider it! Still, Dodgers and Rockies is a definite fix for me, unless I break the SoCal drought!

I’m told my Seattle Mariners will be a contender this year, but I’ll believe it when I see it! Other than that, I’ll be rooting for the Royals, and Red Sox, and booing the Yankees, some things never change!

I might get another game in September, but that depends on a lot of things (including finding a job, probably), so we will see.

But one thing is for sure, if ESPN are showing baseball, at a reasonable hour, I’ll be watching it!

The video, well its the obvious baseball song. Wrigley Field too, where the season will start tonight


162 games, and you still cant get a decision!

Yes, I’m talking baseball here. And yes, tonight is the end of the regular season. Unsurprisingly the Mariners were eliminated from the playoffs a while back, Kansas (for the Brooksie side of me) fell by the wayside recently, and the Red Sox managed the turnaround of all time, not only making the playoffs, but the No 1 seed in the American League!

But no, none of this concerns any of them. The introduction of a second wild card team in each league, was meant to increase the excitement. Didnt work with the NL this year, but in the American League.

Its not impossible tonight, we could have a 3 way tie for the 2 wild card places, after 162 games! Of course, if Cleveland win, and one of Tampa Bay, or Texas lose, all straightforward. Well, if both of the latter lose (or if all 3 win), we have a shoot out between them, but…

Personally, I dont mind them knocking 6 bells out of each other, as the eventual winners of all this are the opponents for the Red Sox, and hopefully that will improve their chances, if they’ve been battling through multiple games before meeting them.

But seriously, 162 games, and we still get a tie, possibly a 3 way one…!

The video, apt, I feel. This is actually a US rip off of a UK TV series called ‘Man About The House’ from way back when.

Puts on her Red Sox cheerleaders outfit, and shakes her pom-poms lol! If someone gets me one, I’ll post a picture, hows that?

Its got to be perfect!

As many who know me from the Forums know at least, I’m a fan of baseball. Please, dont ask me why, I’ve no idea? Unless its because I played rounders when younger, and there is some similarity I guess? Though as far as I remember, pitches are a lot more gentle in rounders lol! Oh, and for my pain, and to make it worse, I’m a Seattle Mariners fan. Why, probably because its the first US city I fell in love with.

Most Americans already know, they arent going to win the World Series anytime soon. To be honest, they arent even likely to make the playoffs anytime soon either. So hey, when something good happens for the Mariners, I’m going to mention it. In all honesty, they probably have one star, a pitcher named Felix Hernandez, though to most Mariners fans, he’s just called King Felix. And this week, he threw what they call the perfect game, only the 23rd in Baseball history, and thats going back some time! Some might call it justice as the Mariners lost to a perfect game at home earlier this season. Oh, the victims of Felix, Tampa Bay.

No, I didnt see it until tonight, and then all I’ve seen is the most important 27 pitches, the one on the video here. I heard mention of the end of it, was watching  a game on ESPN America opposite it (Think it was Dodgers @ Giants?) and they picked up on it through the last couple of innings. Oh, and mlb.com helps too, with their gameday thing.

Alright, they are going to finish bottom of their division, almost certainly have a losing record and all that, but for one night, the Mariners hit the headlines. Well alright, you might say a 6 pitcher combo ‘no hitter’ earlier this season also made the highlights, but this is kind of special. Thanks Felix, for giving me a special moment

Yes, you’ve worked out the video lol


(All) Star

Seriously, we’re halfway through the baseball season already? Hard to believe, though less surprised to see the Seattle Mariners at the bottom of their division somehow. There have been surprises, Pittsburgh on the plus side, Philly on the minus, to name just 2. But hey, there is still a long way to go, swings and roundabouts and all that, though I’m not expecting the Mariners to improve dramatically all the same.

Its quite possible that this will be the first year for many that I wont get to an MLB game live, thanks to the wonders of American Airlines earlier this year. Just unlucky that Seattle only had 1 home game the week I was there, and it was the Sunday, and started about an hour or so after I landed (finally) at Seatac Airport, in an event to be forgotten. Fortunately I’ve seen plenty on TV, thanks to ESPN America, as in fact I’m doing as I type this. The game, Pirates seemingly romping to victory over the Giants.

But yes, alright, thats not why I’m doing this baseball based posting, OK? Nope, its because its the All Star Game on Tuesday, and its in Kansas! Alright, so despite that, its not in the state of Kansas, but hey, its as close as its going to get! And no, I wont see that live, because it will be the early hours of Wednesday morning my time, and someone is on an early shift that day!

No, I’m not saying a word about salaries they earn, other than to say its a lot more than me lol! They sound crazy, they are crazy, but anyway…Just wish I could earn in a lifetime what the stars earn in one season!

Oh, but more important to me, and a bit closer to home now. Ireland start a 4 day game against Afghanistan at cricket tomorrow, and I will be following that closely. Fingers crossed we can win, despite being shorn of most of our biggest stars due to county cricket commitments. Will I be wearing green at some point over the next 4 days, just maybe? 😉

Video, I suspect this song will be new to most of my readers, but its a real blast from my past. A hit for a Yorkshire ‘lass’ named Kiki Dee (no, not her real name!) back in the early 80’s that just seems so apt.


Shocking happenings

No, not me getting a large voltage jolt through my body, but if the offer is there lol… No, this is far more stunning than that.

For those who follow me, and my baseball addiction, you’ll know I’m a Mariners fan, for my pains. No other reason than they are a Seattle team, a city I like a lot, but anyway… The first baseball field I ever saw was this one, on my first bus ride into Seattle nearly 10 years ago now. Didnt mean much at the time, but anyway…ironically, because of the long delay with American Airlines this April, I still havent seen them live, but maybe one day, that will happen.

Anyway, thats not the point of this posting. As any general follower of baseball will know, the Mariners are no world beaters. Indeed in 2 of the last 3 years, they have been more of a basement dweller than anything else. But I love them, all the same. But it has to be said, that when they go into Texas, to play the mighty Rangers, you dont expect good results. Yes, the last 2 games, I sort of nervously peered at the mlb.com website, hoping the defeats werent too painful.

Err, either they didnt get the message, or the Rangers just thought they were going to get a stroll in the park, because when I looked on the 30th, at the previous nights result, the Mariners had won 10-3. Not only was the win a shock, the Mariners reaching double figures was even more so. So alright, the next morning, I was expecting the dragon to have spurted flames, and taken their revenge.

Err, wrong again. This time the scoreline was even more amazing, 21-8 to the Mariners! I didnt think they acored 21 in a week, let alone 1 game, especially against the Rangers! But yes, it was true. They had a night off last night, probably to get over the shock. Seriously, it was so they could move on to their next series, starting tonight against the Chicago White Sox, but they might have needed the shock recovery too!

It wont last, it cant possibly last, but I wanted to enjoy this one moment while I could.

The video is probably what the Mariners management might have said to the fans after those games, it so rings true, anyway


The video, for anyone of a nervous disposition, is from the New Romantics era, just to warn you lol.

And here’s what I’m doing tomorrow!

Well I am, unless the weather forecasters get it truly wrong, big time! Principally, its a weather thing, its forecast to be lovely again tomorrow here in Seattle, but go downhill to some degree after that! So as its one of those things that truly needs a good view, tomorrow is the perfect day to go up the Space Needle, and view Seattle.

Yes, I’ve done it once before, the last time I was over here, but the visibilty was overcast, and it was windy enough that you werent allowed on the gantry outside. Both things should be fine on that front tomorrow, but dont quote me on that! Oh, and I get to try the light rail for the first time tomorrow, but you’ve heard about that already!

Whats that you say, didnt she plan on doing that today? Well yes, I did, but unfortunately various events with American Airlines, and punctuality, meant that I didnt actually get to Seattle until midday today, instead of yesterday evening.  And no, unless you already do, you really dont want to know! I would say something about not travelling with them again this year, but I wasnt planning to anyway, lol! 😛

So yes, I’m jinxed not to see the Mariners play live, yet again! They lost (again), but all the same, its annoying when that was one of the big aims of the week, and that was the only home game this week as well! Thats life and all that, but glad I didnt buy the ticket in advance!

So, the video tonight is what can be seen from the Space Needle, or at least could be seen in 1992. Yes, that big domed sports stadium you see a couple of times, King Dome, demolished in 2000. In its place, both the Mariners, and the Seahawks have their own stadiums. Sonics, who also played there for a while, well they moved out of town a few years ago.

Irony is, its been in the 70’s here today, and will be again tomorrow, whereas where I will be next April (all things permitting) is forecast to get 5-8 inches of snow! Crazy, or what?

So yes, this is what the Space Needle is like


One big change

No, I havent suddenly developed cleavage that would make a basketball seem tiny or anything, thank goodness lol! Actually I’m talking about Seattle, where I will be flying to on Saturday.

I suspect in fact that there are probably a lot more changes than that, since I was last there, the Sonics scooting out of town for Oklahoma being one obvious one! And the local WHL Ice Hockey team has also scooted out of town, though only to Kent, and still calling themselves Seattle anyway! I suspect a few shops will have disappeared, new ones arrived, and all that, though still plenty of coffee shops I suspect lol!

I remember from my first visit, a massage place in the Pike Place Market which was still there the last time I was in town about 4 years ago, I wonder if its still there? That was my first ever massage, and my back has been grateful for it ever since lol!

But no, the change I’m talking about is my daily route from the hotel (I always stay near the airport, habit, plus the fact they are cheaper than downtown) into central Seattle. Since my last trip, the light railway has been completed, and I’m really looking forward to trying it out. Judging by the film I’ve found, its nothing exciting, just something new for me. And alright, by the end of the week, I’ll probably be longing for the old bus route again lol!

I’m looking forward to seeing the city again, though I suspect it will be a while this time before I go back again after this, as I find it harder year by year to do really long flights, and the West Coast is about 50% or more again as opposed to East Coast destinations, and the body really is beginning to object to matters like that. Add on the flight boredom, and the extra jet lag involved, and you get my drift. Mind, as I can make a case for Wichita, Kansas being East Coast…on the grounds its only an hour or so extra from Chicago, well…thats not until September 2013 anyway lol!

So granted, this film of the light railway will have you saying, been there, done that, and indeed so have I, many times. But it will be a first in Seattle, thats for sure. First journey on it, heading to see the Mariners play, that will be nice. During the rest of the week, downtown, thats for sure.