The dream home of a robot?

Now, to be fair, I’m not sure if this place is really designed for a robot, or for aliens, but its just so cute, and so futuristic, and fine, I love it, and would love to live in one of these.

Yes, fine, I think that actually, it is more like an alien spacecraft design, but anyway…I’d love to give it a try, and I guess, even if it was an alien space craft, and flew away, I wouldnt object too strongly? 😉

Oh, and on top of all that, its environmentally friendly too. Though whether that is just on Earth, or further afield too, I have no idea? And yes, it would make a pretty apt home for a robot too, especially as given the size of it, a recharging pod might be more applicable than a bed, anyway!

Fine, I cant afford it, even if it is far cheaper than any house nowadays. It equates to about £60,000 (just under $90,000), if anyone was interested in knowing, and buying one for me. Yes, if I win the lottery tonight, I could afford it, but at present, thats about the only way I would. And if I did that, I’d probably want a piece of 30’s heaven to live in, anyway. I guess I could put it in the garden, for my robot moments, mind?

But if someone else wins a fortune tonight, just think of me, and buy me this, and I could live as a happy robot for the rest of my life!

Yes, I’d love to go to Bratislava, and try out the prototype, but thats as unlikely as owning one at present, sadly.

OK, the video. Well I guess computers are needed by both robots, and aliens, and anyway, all things quirky tend to lead to Kraftwerk, so…