The need for enhancement

Oh fine, the updates on my personal health that not many will worry about, but hey, you have to be told, I guess, from time to time? OK, I’ve included some ‘more interesting’ stuff, for those so inclined as well.

To keep the details brief, the results of the scan have shown that my bone density reading is low, though I havent been told how low, but judging by the issues I’ve been having, I doubt its anywhere close to good! End result of that, I’ve got to go up the hospital on Tuesday, where they’re going to try and find some blood they can take for testing, pretty much every standard test going, judging by the list on the packages!

Of course, hopefully, this is just their secret plan, and they are just checking my suitability for a full cybernetic/robot upgrade? đŸ˜‰ Oh fine, I wish, but not likely to happen! Would I accept if it was, you bet I would! đŸ˜€

Oh fine, something equally unrealistic to actually happen, but which I would love to have done, is the neural transfer of information. Just imagine, if only for a short while, I could be made to think just like Clara Johnson, it would be fascinating to see life through her eyes, and think like her. And yes, I’d love it if it was all done like this. Unbelievable to think this was from nearly 50 years ago, when I was a young child lol. But yes, Harlean 90, oh please!

Tampering with mind and body

Every so often, I use a fellow author at the EMCSA as inspiration for a blog, and tonight is one of those occasions. His author name is ‘In Leaves’, though his email address suggests his name is Vince, I wouldnt necessarily put good money on it. After all, mine suggests I’m a robot, and as far as I know, I’m not…at present. Neither is my first name Merry (or Meredith), Harlean, or Jean, so that doesnt always follow. But anyway… this guy writes good stories, in an interesting way, so…he’s worth reading.

Tonights blog relates to 2 of his stories, this one being the current one

Fair to say its inspired by Dollhouse, and I love it for that.

Though as far as I know, this is a bit beyond current technology, its something that in the not too distant future, could well happen. Strictly, this plucked an idea from a TV series from my childhood, called Joe 90, but anyway… It comes down to creating a new, temporary, or otherwise persona in the human mind, and using it for ‘other purposes’.

So fine, yes, it would be interesting if Jean Harlow could be implanted in my mind, in such a way that I really thought I was her. And I mean literally, believe I was her! I know, Jean-bot exists in my sub concious mind, and I do let her loose from time to time, its great fun. But in a sense, in terms of modern day life, she works through my memories, so that she doesnt freak out at all this modern gadgetry. Also, most importantly, I’m in control of when I switch back to me, and she cant stop me…yet!

But suppose someone had control over all that, and when they switched me to Jean Harlow, only they could switch me back? And they could do both, just when they felt like it! Yes, maybe its for the best that only other 1 guy could do that to me, and I suspect, knowing him as I do, he would only do it if he had my permission in advance to do so. But I guess, given I would quite enjoy it, even with mere hypnosis, he could probably take me to a whole deeper level of being Jean, with some effort. Or could he? Given that my sub concious already has a Jean-bot package, and I would love being Jean Harlow, I would assume that with time, the answer would be yes, or would my persona always resist that last step of erasure?

Of course, if Dollhouse type programming was reality, it wouldnt even be a contest, now wouldnt that be fun? Even if it was only for short periods, living life, literally as Jean Harlow, hmm…? đŸ˜‰ Mind, if I do end up back in New England, in September, he might just prove to me just how much I’m in control, and how much Jean really is!

The other story from this author that holds relevance to my forthcoming holiday, is this one

Now that would really be a crazy welcome to Hollywood! Hey, with this, not only would I end up thinking like Jean, I’d probably look like her ‘twin sister’ too! Oh, and much to my disappointment at the time, I discovered the author is not actually from L.A, he just uses Google Maps as reference, as I do from time to time!

But yes, I cant deny, walking into that party, 3 weeks on Saturday, looking just like Jean, thinking exactly like Jean would be an incredible feeling. Sadly, unless I run across a ‘mad scientist’ in L.A, its not likely to happen! I might add, I am planning on going for the look, have found a couple of places near my hotel where I should be able to get my hair done up 30’s style, and my make up as well, with luck. And who knows, I will probably let Jean-bot enjoy at least some of the party too! Though, in theory at least, I will still be in control? Though if anyone can arrange otherwise, so I have to be Jean, all night…please do! Changing me back, after that night, optional? đŸ˜‰

The video, one of the classic California songs of all time, complete with guitar solos. I think I will be able to check out of the Quality Inn, just fine, but if I find myself in one of Jean’s old homes, and meet her ghost, it might be a different story lol!

If You Could Read My Mind

Lets just say that some of us have stressful jobs, but dont have to be overwhelmingly clever to do it. You could say I fit that bill. Yes, the idiots in the shops can frustrate, annoy, and a few other things to me, but in the end, a good knowledge is more than enough to keep them under control. I do qualify on that front, probably more than so, but compared to some, my job isnt that challenging.

Kate, who I am on holiday with, whole different scene. No, I dont know the full details of her job (and even if I did, I wouldnt tell you), but what I do know, is that she has to be very clever to do it. By the sound of it, she also needs as much patience with her group of ‘idiots’ as I do with my respective bunch, but enough of that.

James has a marvellous, and worthy job, which he does with great diligence and devotion, and I admire him both for what he does, and how he does it. Andyes, you guessed it, again, no more details than that.

So after all those details, why am I writing this, I can hear you ask. Simple, and for tbose of you who come here because of mind control related sites, you should enjoy this concept. Well, its because if I had her knowledge of Kate’s role, I could stand a chance of getting a job over here, and wouldnt that be great? But lets just leave it at saying that I havent.

If you are old enough, or nowadays, if you check it out on Wiki, or You Tube, who remembers a series called Joe 90? Not many I suspect, it was made in the 60’s, and even then, I’m not sure if it crossed the Atlantic, or was just shown in the UK. But basically the plot each week came down to Joe going into a spinning chamber, and ‘learning’ how to do something, to help him solve his mission, or whatever. I cant remember the exact details, other than that his glasses played a part in downloading the details into his mind. And yes, wouldnt it be great if I could ‘learn’ her job this way, in more senses than one.

If anyone says it can be done, let me know before Saturday lol!

The music video, well, this song is nearly as old as the Joe 90 series! 40 years ago, this was a hit, and one I remembered even today.